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Sixteen Year Old Miranda Merchant Is Great At Scienced Not So Great With Boys After Major Drama With Her Boyfriend And Now Ex Best Friend, She S Happy To Spend The Summer On Small, Mysterious Selkie Island, Helping Her Mother Sort Out Her Late Grandmother S EstateThere, Miranda Finds New Friends And An Island With A Mysterious, Mystical History, Presenting Her With Facts Her Logical, Scientific Mind Can T Make Sense Of She Also Meets Leo, Who Challenges Everything She Thought She Knew About Boys, Friendshipd Reality Is Leo Hiding Something Or Is He Something That She Never Could Have Imagined

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    The best thing about this book is the cover.I really wanted to like the story, it s a great premise but it never really took off, there was too much else in it, maybe it s the start of a series, I m not sure but it didn t work for me.Miranda s grandmother has died, leaving her mother a house on Selkie Island, a Georgia coastal island with legends of the merpeople Why it s called Selkie Island when selkies are supposed to be seals that shed their skins and walk among humans, I don t know I would think Mermaid Island would have made sense.Miranda meets Leo, who may or may not be a merboy This question is never answered During the course of the book, questions about Miranda s mother s paternity arise, could Miranda be a descendent of merpeople All of this happens near the end of the book, like there was a race to wrap it all up, except that it doesn t.And Miranda doesn t seem very smart, even though she tells us over and over that she s brilliant at science, she s also very immature.She suddenly out of the blue decides she can t trust Leo, calls him a liar and leaves in a huff.A few days later, she decides she ll make out with another boy to stop thinking about Leo, although she doesn t but it is her plan And we are supposed to believe that what she has found with Leo is true love but she s willing to toss is aside because she thinks maybe he s a merboy This whole back and forth between the boys seemed contrived, just to create some tension.The conflict between Miranda and her mother seems forced and there s no reason for it The summer people, with their wealth, don t seem like bad people, maybe somewhat superficial but not mean Miranda is warned to stay away from the other side of the island where the townies live the merpeople because it s dangerous and yet, nothing happens there either So the warnings seem forced, to make it scary when it isn t.All in all, not a terrible read but too many things left unfinished If it s the start of a series, then okay and I d read the next one but otherwise, it isn t a great read.

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    Sea Change was enchanting And I m not just saying that because we share a certain aspect of mythology Sea Change is a novel shrouded in mystery My initial interest in this story began even before I read the synopsis, I was mesmerized by the beautiful cover I m a cover whore I can t help it And the story is just as magical as the cover depicts.Friedman s depiction of Miranda was outstanding Her love of logic and feelings of solitude, made her a very easy character to relate to And Leo only added to the mysterious appeal of the entire novel The secondary characters where very stereotypical, but I don t think that in this instance that took away from the overall story.Friedman takes her readers on a journey of suspense and excitement I can see how the ending can be upsetting to some, but I loved that it left endless possibilities Although the mystery surrounding the island is never truly revealed, I think that makes the story enjoyable.Sea Change is an excellent read for a day on the beach or curled up on your couch.

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    I haven t read it yet I am so excited to read this Everything is drawing me in, from the cover to the page layout to the excerpt Ok, now I have read it I truly loved this story It was simply beautiful I was expecting it to have a thrilling adventurous plot, but it didn t It didn t need one Friedman really expressed the pure beauty of love.I want to know what happens with Miranda and Leo There was no epilogue and I m not sure if this is the begining of a series I didn t get the impression that it was, but Friedman could go very far with it I d like to see of the rules to her mermaids mermen, Selkie Island and discovery of Miranda The underwater scene was elegant.The story was about effortless first love It was only the beginning of their relationship I d love to see , but Friedman left me content aswell.

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    After a rocky start, this ended up being an enjoyably pretty, almost fairy tale like story I did not enjoy the first half of this novel, however I feel like I keep complaining about the same problems in YA books over and over lately, so here are a few quotes that allow the book to speak for itself I simply found works of fiction toofictitious MC You have my full blessing I lose interest in boys the minute I have sex with them It s like magic We do it, and poof They become boring to me She smiled placidly. After a boy says 5 sentences of introduction My throat tightened as I looked into Leo s sincere, light filled eyes He s brilliant, I realized His was a brilliance that transcended grades or SAT scores He was unlike any boy I had ever known. MC I also disliked the society type teen names T.J Illingworth, Macon, Lyndon , the brand name dropping, the new cartoony friends that Miranda makes on the island, and I wasn t all too sure I cared one way or the next about Miranda herself Who says snotty stuff like I find fiction too fictitious, anyway Someone who needs a good shaking, that s who I kept going because I really do love the idea of stories that involve sea people and I have yet to find a really good YA one plus this was recommended to me by the lovely Lora I m glad I kept reading, because the second half of the book is much better The story finally got off the ground, and I ended up liking Leo quite a bit and the relationship between him and Miranda became sort of cute and dreamy I liked the way the paranormal stuff was handled here very lightly and mysteriously and ambiguously but I do wish of it had been introduced sooner There is an underwater sequence that is pretty cool, too.I m not really sure if there will be a sequel or not, but I d check it out if there was one But I hope that it is better edited than the first half of this book was, however, most of which could have been chucked right out the window AlsoSelkie Island view spoiler If you say the word selkie to me, there had better be a seal showing up somewhere, somehow hide spoiler

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    I was thoroughly disappointed in this one Let me give you my version of what happens..she goes to the island, doesn t do much, reads a book, then meets a guy they make out She reads the book some , meets up with the guy again makes out, reads the book again, then meets up with the guy and they make out, then she leaves the island..the end I found it boring and I almost couldn t finish the book Things I did like, it didn t take place at a high school, as much as I enjoy books that do take place in high school, I always find it refreshing when they take place somewhere else Selkie Island sounds beautiful and was described well There was a character in the book named Macon..not a main character but I had never seen this name before, I am not sure if its pronounced like bacon but with a M or is the c like an s and pronounced like Mason..maybe this is a common name in the south but I have never heard of it..it annoyed me a little.I don t like how Miranda s mother goes through such drastic changes, it s from first person point of view so the reader sees Miranda s thoughts on her mother and it seems like she is a totally different person than Miranda has know for her whole life, Miranda doesn t seem to question this outright and I think that her character should have.Miranda is described as being logical and scientific, but it s really her own thoughts that convince her that Leo is something other than human, when Miranda has absolutely no proof of this and it s never concretely revealed weather or not he is anything other than human Why would someone think this at all if they believed in hard scientific facts Lastly the relationship between Miranda and Leo is described by Miranda as being intense I didn t feel this at all, I thought their relationship felt awkward and forced most of the time I hope I didn t give too much away for those who want to read this still, but I just had so many problems with this book I had to voice some of them.

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    a little bit too much on the cheesy side miranda and leo fell in love much too quickly BUT the mood the author created was okay, so that again balanced the book nicely leo was too good to be true are there even guys like this scratches head ah, well whatever.i must admit i expected so much if suspense is what you are looking for, go look elsewhere, because i can promise you, you will most definitely not find it here be warned as the story progresses you ll probably guess all the so called twists turns beforehand ending leaves space for a sequel.

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    3.5 starsOcean of Secrets has something magnetic and alluring about it I m a person who quickly gets weak at the knees for a gorgeous cover and Ocean of secrets in my opinion has one of the best around Ever since I have received a copy I haven t been able to stop staring at it Everything just seems to fit together for the cover the colour, the picture and the title it just gives off a totally mesmeric feel I was initially a little let down by the title change it was previously known as Sea Change But once I finished the book, thinking it over this new title matched the book perfectly as the marine Miranda goes to is full with several secrets.Miranda is forced to spend time with her mother at the mysterious Selkie Island After her grandmother passed away, she left her house to Miranda s mother Miranda s felt that she has not seen much of her mother since her parent s separation, so decides to spend the summer with her Before she even reaches the Island, a strange man on her boat starts putting odd stories in her head about the myths surrounding Selkie Island and how it s supposed to have creatures that live in the waters Miranda know he s just pulling her leg, there s a young boy on the boat too, so she thinks he s making up this story for show But when Miranda finally gets up on the Island, she starts to notice strange things she stumbles across a book in the house which hints at exactly what that strange man on the boat was hinting at too And then there s the mysterious Leo, Miranda hasn t had much luck with guys recently, so she s not sure what Leo s real intentions are, he seems too good to be true tall, tanned with blonde hair, a smile that could make you melt and strong muscular arms The thing is that he loves the water too Miranda only ever seems to bump into him at the beach or in his grotto and always in the evening Could these ideas that have been put in Miranda s head actually be true Could these creatures exist Or is it part of her imagination What I loved about Ocean of Secrets was that it was chocker block full of secrets and no one really ever confirms or denies anything Some people may find this hugely frustrating But I had a lot of fun with this because you re kind of led to make your own assumptions Anything was possible as there wasn t really ever hard evidence that these creatures ever existed If you re thinking what these creatures are I m sure the title, colours of the cover and oh so subtle hints dropped by the strange man on the boat would give you the biggest clues.Miranda was an easy character to relate to, she d not had the best time in New York and so wanted to break from it all I liked how she was honest most of the time and up front with what she did and didn t like, when Cee Cee, who I did find obnoxious at times and even her mum kept trying to force her to be with T.J because he was totally the one for her She put her foot down she knew why they wanted her to be with him, because he was well off Whereas Leo the genuine sweetheart they didn t like which I really didn t get I found myself eagerly anticipating her scenes with Leo, as they were thoroughly swoon worthy Also Leo definitely became my favourite when he admitted he enjoyed reading How can you resist a guy that loves reading too Neat endings seem to bore me as of late, so I like how things were left in Ocean of Secrets, with very little answered, there s still so many things we re unsure of I m hoping that this was left this way on purpose with the hope of a sequel.This review and can be found on The Readers Den

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    I m torn between two and three stars, and I m also feeling generous, so

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    I ve been wanting to do this ever since I saw you yesterday afternoon That s how quick their romance blossoms It s over and done in a matter of days Bish, bash, bosh, kiss here, grope there, add in a little conflict between the Mum and bam you ve got yourself a modern day teen version of romance and development How do you feel Sick Bored Thankful for the convenience of it being fast paced Loving the absence of character and plot so you can place yourself within the empty vessel that is Miranda The protagonist, Miranda, is the same old same old cliche lead Super smart, super boring, super normal, super I m not pretty but get my popular friends to dress me and I beat all of them in the beauty department.Nothing wrong with this, but come one, HOW many books are the same Sure, readers of a certain genre love consistency, but even twins can never be exactly the same Basically, nothing happens in this story Miranda goes to this island, finds a book and chest about mermaid things, falls in love with a boy as soon as she arrives and goes home It s never revealed what Leo is I have a hard time believing Miranda, this scientific boffin, would succumb to the idea that mermaids are real She believes it far too quickly That s not even the problem She s not even shocked Obviously no one can know what they d be like if they found out a mythical being is real, but myths plus science does not mix well If a scientist saw God in the sky, would they immediately be converted No, they d try and form a scientific reason as to what they saw That s not even it Miranda never saw anything that concreted her belief Sure she saw red and gold things swimming around in the ocean wtf is up with mermaids loving red and gold Explanation never given but she never actually saw a tail apart from when she was partly unconscious due to nearly drowning Okay, maybe it could have worked on someone who doesn t love and breathe science so much There was evidence like Leo s reluctance to go into the water at night and other things , but nothing that would make you jump to conclusions Or rather, in Miranda s case, walk to a conclusion, since not one heart beat was raised at her findings It is famously said that without conflict there is no story The only conflict I read in this book was Miranda having a little spat with her mother, which took up a scene or two out of the whole story.When I picked up this book, I was hoping for an alluring story that would have a lot thought and care behind the writing Instead, I was presented with the normal because the main characters are young you must dumb down your writing I don t mean dumbed down by not adding in big words I mean dumbing it down in a way that left huge gaps between every line metaphorically speaking Empty writing, I d call it I must admit, I get a feeling that even the writer thinks her own story is crap, or at least not worthy of continuation So, what s the future for Miranda and Leo, do you think Author replied Well, in many ways that s up to the reader to imagine what happens, but do keep in mind Leo tells Miranda that they will get their happy ending I do have some ideas for a sequel floating around, pun intended but I m not sure if one will actually happen down the road I encourage fans to let me know what they d like to see happen between Leo and Miranda

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    Reviewed by coollibrarianchick for TeensReadToo.comMost people think that mermaids and mermen, aka Merfolk, are creatures of myth and legend and that they don t exist But what if they do exist We rooted for Ariel and her prince to live happily ever after, so with that in mind allow the fantastical aspect in your brain to take over for a moment and you have Aimee Friedman s newest book, SEA CHANGE With an air of mystery and some romance, this book will suck you in with the cover alone It s just gorgeous, foreshadowing things to come.Miranda is spending the summer on Selkie Island, a small island off the Georgia Coast She is helping her mom pack up the house her grandmother left to her mother when she died You ask anyone who lives around there about Selkie Island and they can tell you all sorts of interesting local legends and lore.The most interesting one is about the Merfolk According to the legend, Captain McCloud fell in love with a mermaid, married her, and they lived on an island he named Selkie, which is the Scottish word for a creature than can turn from a seal into a human They had several children, who took after their mother and were Merfolk human on land and fish like in the sea Many of their descendants are still living on the Island today.But Miranda is a girl of science who needs proof and knowledge to proceed forward Did I mention she is headstrong and stubborn, as well She is not one of the those girls that swoons at the sight of a gorgeous guy But then she meets LeoThere is something about Leo He is not like the people that flock to the Island over the summer Leo is a local he lives on the Island year round Miranda is instantly drawn to him, but remember, she is a girl of science, and this so goes against her logical nature There is just something about Leo, and no matter how attracted she is to him, it s just not sitting right with her.Just go for it, girl I know many girls who would love to have a guy like that But could Leo possibly be hiding something, or is there really something to the stories Miranda has come across To put it simply, I liked this story because I really enjoyed Miranda and Leo and the realm of possibilities It was the magical possibilities that drew me in I would have been very happy leaving the other characters out and just reading about Leo and Miranda It was implied what Leo was, but never said outright, and this just made the story all the enjoyable Friedman leaves you hanging at the end, too I would like to see a second book that delves deeper into Miranda and Leo s relationship.All in all, this book is absolutely a great summer read.