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Theo Waitley has lived all her young life on Delgado a Safe World that is home to one of the galaxy's premier institutions of higher learning Both Theo's mother Kamele and Kamele's onagrata Jen Sar Kiladi are professors at the university and they all live comfortably together just like they have for all of Theo's life in Jen Sar's house at the outskirts of town Suddenly though Theo's life changes Kamele leaves Jen Sar and moves herself and Theo back into faculty housing which is not what Theo is used to Once settled back inside the Wall Kamele becomes embroiled in faculty politics and is appointed sub chair of her department Meanwhile Theo who has a notation in her file indicating that she is physically challenged has a series of misadventures including pulling her best friend down on the belt ride to class and hurting a teammate during a scavage game With notes piling up in her file Theo only wants to go home to the house in the suburbs and have everything just like it used to be Then Kamele uncovers evidence of possible dishonest scholarship inside of her department In order to clear the department she and a team of senior professord must go off world to perform a forensic document search Theo hopes this will mean that she'll be left in the care of the man she calls Father Professor Kiladi and is horrified to learn that Kamele means to bring Theo with her

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    Fledgling is a coming of age story set in Lee’s and Miller’s Liaden universe It follows Theo Waitley a clumsy awkward teenager raised in a strict academic setting who learns it is her destiny to become a starship pilotDespite boasting an adolescent protagonist Fledgling does not follow the usual tropes of today’s YA novels and can hardly be considered such Much of the novel’s business involves Theo’s parents investigating a conspiracy in the university to commit academic fraud and Theo herself spends most of the novel just trying to negotiate a world of adult motives and behaviors torn between what the world expects of her and what she wants herselfThis novel is my second entry point into the Liaden books as recommended by a friend after I mentioned that I read but didn’t care for the earliest Liaden novel Agent of Change I found Fledgling and its heroine likeable and particularly appreciated the well wrought character work and lived in feel But the pace was a little too relaxed; there was only an occasional sense of danger usually too uickly and easily resolved – and there was very little doubt that the obstacles in Theo’s way couldn’t be overcomeI will give this novel’s direct seuel – Saltation a try though Perhaps it will deliver a complete experience

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    45; 4 stars; A This is a review of the audiobook I enjoyed Fledgling much this time than when I read the paperback I think Theo and Kamele's characters came across clearly Kamele was a sympathetic character to me than the first time met her This book is not critical to the Agent of Change arc but Theo shows up at the end of that story arc so its good to get to know her The Theo Waitey story arc starts here and is follwed by Saltation Theo Waitley #2 Ghost Ship Theo Waitley #3 and Dragon Ship Theo Waitley #4 This time I read the four books one after another and got a lot out of the story and characters The story arc intersects with the main Liaden Universe stories in several locations and the character of Bechimo is one to look out for along with Win TonThis book was Narrated by Eileen Stevens who did a good job

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    45; 4 stars; A I enjoyed meeting Daav's daughter Theo and Coyster the cat I didn't enjoy her mother Kamele or many other characters from DelgadoThis book has a different feel from the last ones I read Its a step back from the conflict between Clan Korval and the Department of the Interior For the overall story to go on the book is necessary so the reader can get to know and understand Theo her background her motivators her inhibitors etc It lays the groundwork the the next books in the series and her integration into the whole Theo's journey on Vashtara and her introduction to Win Ton and the other pilots was fun I know that the authors have introduced the Delgado culture as somewhat different that we're used to but it didn't stop me from feeling pretty hostile toward Theo's mother for her crappy parenting and poor communication

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    Fledgling is the first in a loveable series of coming of age spinoff novels set in Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's Liaden Universe I've never read any of the earlier Liaden novels but I adored Theo and her parents and their cats Character driven non military space opera is hard to find Even rarer is their mix of adolescent and adult perspectives all with different strengths and blind spots Lee and Miller are also masters of the walk on glimpses of characters and culture that skim into the story without too much explanation It gives the impression that their universe is teeming with people going about their own lives There's lots to enjoy about Delgado the city that's academic to the extreme and the fascist behavioral control of a Safe World make a comic and chilling mix My only complaint with Delgado is a common issue in SF that one city was treated like the whole planet If characters are going to claim that interfering with one major university could crash the economy of the whole planet I'd prefer explanation as to why that's true economy geographysomething There's also a whiff of plot convenience here and there but not so much to detract from the fun Recommended for fans of Elizabeth Moon and Anne McCaffrey

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    Excellent free book and a fine entry point into the Liaden universeI've had very mixed luck with my previous tries in this long running series but seem to have finally hit one to my taste Aside from the story itself a charming coming of age for Theo Waitley I like the sense of the larger Liaden Universe beneath the surface There are cats in Theo's life the Liaden Professor who may be her father has hidden depths her mother is a harried academic who is dealing with an academic misconduct scandalThe conceit of Delgado University wears a little thin but the academic politics are well drawn Delgado itself has hidden unpleasant depths and an interesting female dominant cultureNote that this is a free ebook download from the Baen Free Library or from

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    This is the background story of Theo Waitley who has a walk on at the end of I DARE It's kind of a YA though we also get the ongoing mystery from the POVs of her parents It's also half a story; the second half will come in SALTATION Theo lives on a very restrictive world and is in constant trouble at school until her mother takes her on an investigative cruise then her life drastically changesSlightly spoilery belowI adore Liaden always have Miller and Lee know how to do space opera their Liads are just a bit prettier and smarter and move better than humans which works so well in sf adventure that has a mannered swashbuckling and romantic overlayI suspect that new readers might think Theo a touch of a Mary Sue especially as she's presented as clumsy like a certain other well known book but it turns out she's graceful than anybody else and without much effort but those of us who know Liaden know why it fits perfectly into the worldI thoroughly enjoyed it as I'm always thrilled when a new Liaden novel comes out

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    This book served as my official introduction to all things Liaden To my enjoyment and edification It is a story of soaring 42416 re read Just as good each time I read itThe ebook version is available for free in the Baen free library

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    If one is advertent one will sample this book FREE on Baen Books Online and almost free thru Kindle The audiobook is also nearly free if you get the kindle e book companion This is a coming of age book for Theo Waitley approaching 15 years — adulthood — marked by a Gigneri ceremony She must deal with her clumsiness a seriously protective safety board and her mother's inexplicable breakup with her onagrata Theo's father Professsor Jen Sar Kiladi The Gallowglass Chair aka Daav Meanwhile her mother Professor Kamele Waitley is leading an investigation into false scholarship at the highest levels of academia Conducting the academic investigation Kamele her colleagues and Theo journey across space to distant Malchiza During the long flight Theo meets friendly norbears and Liaden Scouts Binjali Meanwhile on Delgado campus Jen Sar engages to investigate a conspiracy involving The Serpent AIIf anything had happened to Theo on ugly Malchiza how could Kamele live with herself? A loving mother would put her child's safety first Also sexual induction — as part of a societal rite of passage — at age 15 is somewhat discordant in an advanced society Glad it didn't occur in this book But I expect it will play out in the seuel Saltation The setting is interesting contrasting Jen Sar's comfortable country home and garden with the university's sterile and insular campus surrounded by THE WALL watched by THE EYES etc Theo must make a home for herself despite her colorless new uarters with ivory walls and floors of slippery ceramicSo I was hasty Fledgling isn't as bad as it seemed the first time I picked it up and admittedly skimmed speed reading I was annoyed wanting Daav with Val Con not this interloper family Maybe the audio helps Or maybe it helps that this time around I know Kamele and Theo from Ghost Ship Dragon Ship Dragon in Exile Alliance of Euals and The Gathering Edge And here we meet a young scout Win Ton yo'ValaIt's not wonderfully exciting and there is little real tension but I enjoyed it in a relaxed frame of mind The pace is absurdly slow but not uite boring As one reader wrote about the mystery plot It was like drinking flat coke It should have been fizzing and popping but it just wasn't So I guess flat coke can be okay occasionally

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    I waited so long for this book and I was somewhat disappointed I am used to enjoying every word on every page of a Liaden novel The first 180 pages or so of this one was just miserable stuff I had to slog through to get to the better half of the story It was just to show that Theo was a misfit and came from a big brother type planet It could have been done in much fewer pages Also the entire story about the bad scholarship was just plain boring Didn't care a bit only interested in Theo and pilots Jen SarDaav was a bit of an ass here His character seemed odd compared to how it was in the other books I never did understand the whole go off and leave your five year old son to achieve balance by teaching cultural diversity to humans thing anyway Also how does that work? Having a mistresslover while your true lovelifemate is sharing your head? The part of the story with the Simples and the plot to destroy the university seemed contrived But again I wasn't interested and the authors didn't make me interested It just seemed to take time away from Theo Hoping the next one will be focused I want pilots and Korval

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    Theo Waitley is considered physically challenged on her overprotective highly academic world of Delgado When her mother starts investigating some academic shenanigans and moves out of her lover's house Theo's life changes in some previously unimaginable ways I really enjoyed this it was almost like a YA as we see Theo coming of age and into her own Some familiar characters are also here from the other Liaden books in incognito