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Will Knows He Is Meant To Be A Pilot But Instead He Finds Himself With A Bunch Of Kids In Wood Shop, In A School That S Known As Hopeless High Will Doesn T Know What He S Doing There Or Mabye He Just Doesn T Want To Admit The Truth Once Upon A Time He Made Beautiful Things Like Gnomes, Whirligigs, And Furniture Now He S Driven To Create Strange Wooden Totems And He Doesn T Know WhyNo One Knows Why Local Teens Are Committing Suicide, Either, One After The Other The Deaths All Have One Thing In Common Beautifully Carved Wooden Tributes That Appear Just After Or Just Before The Bodies Are Found Will S Afraid He Knows Who S Responsible For The Deaths And Lurking Just Behind That Knowledge Is Another Secret, One So Explosive That He Might Not Be Able To Face It And SurvivePart Thriller, Part Mystery, Chris Lynch S Newest Book Is A Rollercoaster Ride Through A Passionate Young Man S Psyche And An Unforgettable Emotional Journey Through Grief, Guilt, And Hope From A Writer At The Height Of His PowersAbout The Author Chris Lynch Is The Author Of Many Highly Acclaimed Books For Young Adults, Including Iceman, Shadow Boxer, And Slot Machine, All ALA Best Books For Young Adults And ALA Recommended Books For Young Readers He Is Also The Author Of Extreme Elvin, The Sequel To Slot Machine Whitechurch And Most Recently, Gold Dust

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    Freewill won a Printz Honor award I understand why, as it is a fine example of what YA writers are trying to do in the genre of fiction for teens It is written in second person POV The double meaning of the title, Will the main character needs to be free and the concept that he Will is not controlling the fate of the people in the novel, they have free will as well But we in the MFAC writing program cohorts have been talking a lot about plot this book has a very scant one at that and is much under developed and hole riddled , about timelines and cohesiveness, esp for teens this book by and large was one of the most difficult books I have ever read.Lynch really made me feel like the brain addled character in the novel interesting to ponder in itself My lovely wife and I have started discussing how reader response is a extremely valid point of criticism, and we always talk about literary value and personal value enjoyment, understanding etc so this book was difficult to rate for me, because I d say it has very high literary value, and relatively low personal value I finished the book unsatisfied, confused, and annoyed Not the way one wants to feel after reading a YA fiction novel I would say this book was an honor book because of how it appealed to adults on a literary level Overall, I gave it a medium rating of three stars Anyone in a writing program should definitely take a look at Freewill but I think is would get a very lukewarm reception from my students Most teens on Goodreads talk about how they were confused and or didn t get it.

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    What honestly was this book More importantly, how did this book win ANY kind of award These are questions that I found myself asking after I finished this 150 page booklet I picked this up on my summer vacation to the beach and i was like eh why not Mainly the Pintz Award and the cover art sold the book to me I knew that John Green had won a Pintz Award for Finding Alaska, but SOMEHOW not for The Fault in our stars WTF So I picked this baby up Note to self READ PART OF THE BOOK IN BOOK STORE The grammar verbiage in this book is SO WEIRD This is written in SECOND person What Who does that Apparently Chris Lynch Does that Why WHY Why doesn t EVERYONE just write in third person I can t stand First person Well now, guess what, there s something, worse SECOND PERSON YOU, as in, I, as in Will, is the lead character, is me What Who was the narrator Who isWE You ll never find out EVERRR Further , we don t ever get a setting Never What I thought this was dystopian for a while, nope I think its just every day, normal vocational school setting by just a beach Kids are dying from Suicide SPOILER ALERT We NEVER FIND OUT WHY What WHAT Everything is just like ok in the end because I think Chris Lynch was just done writing Here s what I get I get that, I, Will, was suffering from depression and he, me, was a little bit crazy I get that he was also the subject of school pranks The person in charge of those pranks We never find out NO RESOLUTION EVER I also get that he was grieving over his father s death and his mothers death I did like Angela as a character She was straight up I liked that she wasn t white, though, why do all black characters have to be sporty Why couldn t she be an artist or be a baker Why did she have to be a track star She was like me, as in positive no nonsense but no, I was Will cause this was in WEIRD second person writing style Angela was great and made this 2 stars verses one star Look I expect books to have basic things like the followingBackstorySetting Characters Character development and or arch that goes with a reason behind it Clear dialogue Clear writing and grammar Freewill like did not have a lot of the basic things Because of that, I was soooo confused so I didn t get the POINT of the book I feel like the POINT could have been so impactful, but I was being a dummy and confused about who was talking, and where we were, and what the back story was I couldn t keep up I didn t get it You know why CAUSE IT S WRITTEN IN CONFUSING AS HELL SECOND PERSON I just didn t get this book Unfortunately Now, I m really going to question this, The Michael L Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature from now on

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    The book Freewill by Chris Lynch was about this teenage boy who seems to be a loner with a somewhat traumatic background He lives with his grandparents and goes this school for certain kinds of people Lynch is very vague throughout the book Although that characteristic makes you want to read on, it gets slightly aggrivating because there are so many blanks and question marks throughout the book Anyway, we go through the thoughts of this kid Will and his desire to be a pilot, even though he s in woodshop His works have this odd significance in deaths suicides still unclear to me He ends up being worshipped as a goth angel of death.Overall this book was okay It was really confusing I think mainly because it was in second person and the author kept trying to keep what was going on a mystery Even after finishing the book I still don t know what exactly happened or understand what happened It was a very interesting style but I think it didn t exactly fit the character The 2nd person style made me think that Will was maybe schizophernic or something like other books I ve read but it seems that he isn t It may be just me, but this book was very difficult to understand There s a lot of internal thinking, character action mainly things that describe body language but it never really defined exactly what was going on throughout the book It may of been to allow room for interpretation, but I feel that it was just loosely written.

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    This is exactly the type of book I would expect to win awards Printz Honor 2002 and have a 2.86 rating on Goodreads Brilliant use of language and the second person A deep dive into grief and mental illness and some of the ways our current system fails in those situations Deep, but brief, and thus so, so intense It is also never completely clear plot is foggy, setting is foggy except for one or two that are eerily focused This is a character driven book, but the character is unreliable and confused and struggling himself Brilliant But I didn t enjoy it a bit This was not an easy read, or a fun read, or a clear read I read it quickly, but I m not altogether sure whether I was engaged, or afraid of what might happen, or just wanted to be done.

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    I wanted to read this book because I was intrigued by its cover.Yup.There were several things about it that I enjoyed, though not enough to outweigh the incredibly heavy feeling of hopelessness that its narrator injects into every sentence and was left clinging to me like a co dependent teenage girl It left me screaming, what the heck was the point I hesitate to buy into the thought that this was the author s intent, but if it wasgenius.I enjoyed the voice a great deal, though not the tone it was too Poey for my taste The use of second person does seem a bit preachy at times but it s fresh enough to keep the reader engaged, a task made easier by its thankfully short length I think towards the middle I felt bad enough for the narrator, expecting that he suffered from some sort of anxiety or autism or other socio psychological disorder, to hope that he would change for the better But by the end of the novel, I hated him Thank goodness for Angela, whose final appearance in the book summed up my frustrations nicely and granted me at least a small cathartic respite The book was saved from a one star fate by its brief adventure into the moral ground of choice and accountability, which was by far my favorite part It is a wonderful, albeit much to short, meander into the question of personal agency will we act or be acted upon In this, I felt a fleeting moment of synergy with the author.That said, the book is well written and the author s skill at exploring the psyche of his narrator is evident I d recommend this to anyone looking to experiment with new narrative perspectives or who just gets a jolly kick out of the hopelessly macabre.Warning Language Thanks for reminding me Lots of f bombs Seemed unnecessary Bugged me.Sex some vague references not really.Drugs again, references No abuse.Rock n Roll I don t remember I was too depressed Violence A few death scenes after the fact, and a semi strangling.

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    I did not get this story I read the whole thing and was not impressed at all I didn t like how the story progressed, and I also thought that it was a little dark The story was told in a really different format, and I thought it was confusing and hard to get used to I almost couldn t wrap my mind around it There was some language in it as well, which was annoying I am really not liking the pattern that is developing around the Printz books I have been reading latelyI don t think that I ve read one that I ve liked yet Needless to say, I would not recommend this book Taken from my book reviews blog

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    This is a short book that can be read in a single sitting, but it can also be pretty emotionally draining I was a little put off at first by the odd style of writing the narrative is done in second person, but I got used to it after a while, and it does well with exhibiting the protagonist s implied schizophrenia It was unlike any book I have ever read in the way the narrative was presented, the plot is never really explained, the entire narrative takes place in a very surreal way inside the protagonist s head, it s simply put there for you to figure out with a very unique semi conscious and typically philosophical writing style.

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    This was boring and confusing This is the plot as far as I can tell view spoiler 1 Will is crazy His dad drove off the road with his stepmother in the car They both died It was probably suicide consequently murder in the case of his stepmother He lives with his grandparents now They are into bocci ball and his Grandfather is put out that the kid is crazy than his grandmother, who is nice.2 He is in a woodworking class He makes beautiful wooden furniture and says that they aren t his , but he doesn t belong there because he s meant to be a pilot whatever that means symbolizes This pilot obsession is never explained I don t get it He also makes strange wooden trinkets that look like penises He is commissioned to make a knome for his instructor s mom For some reason This is a big deal because anything that he makes in the class is school property So the instructor is a hypocrite.3 He befriends a strange girl with an inch thick orange afro name Angela Well not befriends he stalks her for a while and she is constantly like what are you doing stalking me you re crazy She later sort of gets used to him sort of 4 All while this, teens are committing suicide and the Will s penis looking wood carvings are showing up at the scene again this is a big deal because the wood works are not allowed to leave the building because they are school property Some reporter tracks him down and accuses him of starting some sort of cult, Just tell me the truth before others mangle it you sick crazy fuck 5 He gets calls from strange people saying Will is an Angel who places the statues and thus people die They want to know where to place them next, for they follow him Will tells them to go to hell.6 Angela shows up at the door with a statue in her hand saying is this a sick joke Will knows nothing about this 7 Cult crazy calls She should have been dead by now man Are you not for real Will is like meet me at the beach.8 Will makes the Cult guy bury the statue s base in the sand and then drags him out to the water As if to commit suicide and take the Cult guy with.9 The Cult guy escapes I think Will doesn t actually drown himself I think , and he goes back to his grandparents house THE END hide spoiler

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    2.5 Freewill is a Printz honor and one of those books that you appreciate what the book is trying to do than enjoy the execution.Told in the second person, in a sparse and almost repetitive cadence, the story is about Will, who is disconnected from life and whose only outlet seems to be strange woodwork projects that he doesn t even particularly enjoy When the wood totems show up in a series of suicides, unwanted attention is drawn to him and he must decide if he should speak up or let himself become part of the nothing he feels he has to live for.I think Lynch made a lot of smart choices in framing While many people would find the you off putting, it helps reinforce the reader s own questions However, Will is still so much a nonentity and passive character that he is neither a proper cypher for the reader to insert their own desires into nor interesting enough to carry the story s odd and morbid tone the way the narrators of Silver Linings Playbook or Perks of Being a Wallflower manage.The other characters don t work as complex or lively characters either, partially from the remoteness of Will s relationship with them This leaves most of their discussions feeling like talking points of the plot, anti suicide PSAs rather than their own motivations This novel is not without compelling moments While the choice to make the prose simple and sparse, Lynch has passages that are vivid One example that made me take notice was when Will was taking a shower after forgetting clean himself for three days and remarks on the wonderful feeling of scrubbing skin, reminding himself to remember it because it s a nice small pleasure that is easily forgotten.Unfortunately, the sparseness and the vagueness work against the story than help it The mystery of the totems and the suicides are left unresolved or even commented it on, as the story winds off into a palatable non ending where Will finally makes a choice not to be so passive I do like an open endedness to my stories, but there s not enough to structure to make the suggestion of possibilities On the bright side, the story is a brisk novella than anything else and there are some passages that create a thoughtful starting point for the weighty topic.And perhaps that is all that Freewill wanted to do, was to present the reader with a choice to do so

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    Not good Not even close.The author sets up a really eerie mystery with an amnesiac schizophrenic teenage loser stuck in the middle, yet fails to provide any sort of conclusion to said mystery I m fairly certain he just couldn t figure out how to tie all the increasingly bizarre plot points together, so he just had the main character go swimming in the ocean, come to some realization about the meaning of life, and then, bam, the book ends The narration is very obnoxious, with the main character having a near continuous dialogue with the voice in his head I swear, half the sentences in this book were questions which became very annoying to read The premise is certainly eerie, but it s so ill defined that I couldn t be bothered to feel I felt nothing for any of these characters not the grandparents, not Angela, not the dead teenagers, and certainly not the main character, Will, who reads like the poster child for the emo movement He is lazy, whiny, and drives away anyone who tries to get close to him Most damning of all, though, he is boring Reading about this jerk was exhausting, and I did not like him at all I m totally fine with reading about characters I disagree with or would not be friends with in real life, but this was almost painful.Lastly, this book elicited not a single emotion from me except anger that I wasted my time The story was so lifeless and never amounted to anything except bunches of words on a page.Sorry I didn t like your book, Mr Lynch Maybe next time, try to wrap up your story before ending on a big middle finger to your audience, and create some characters that talk and act like actual people And, please, no question marks.