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Set in London at the turn of the last century Falling Angels is a masterful moving and beautifully written novel from the author The Orlando Sentinel called as attentive to the details of daily living as Jane Austen and Edith Wharton ever wereA fashionable London cemetery January 1901 Two graves stand side by side one decorated with an oversize classical urn the other with a sentimental marble angel Two families visiting their respective graves on the day after Queen Victoria's death teeter on the brink of a new era The Colemans and the Waterhouses are divided by social class as well as taste They would certainly not have become acquainted had not their two girls meeting behind the tombstones become best friends And even unsuitably become involved with the gravedigger's muddy sonAs the girls grow up as the new king changes social customs as a new forward thinking era takes wing the lives and fortunes of the two families become and closely intertwined neighbors in life as well as deathAgainst a gas lit backdrop of social and political history Tracy Chevalier explores the prejudices and flaws of a changing time A novel that is at once elegant daring original and compelling Falling Angeles is a splendid follow up to the book The New York Times called marvelously evocative and The Wall Street Journal deemed triumphant

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    Gaslit England during the turn of the century The story starts during the funeral of Queen Victoria 1837 1901 and ends during the funeral of King Edward VII 1901 1910 On their visit to the cemetery to pay respect to their beloved queen two families meet the Colemans and the Waterhouses and their relationships are started by the friendship between their two 5 yo daughters Maude Coleman and Lavinia Waterhouse They meet when they are 5 years old and the story ends when they are in the brink of adulthood at the age of 15One noteworthy aspect of this novel narrated in first person by each of the major characters without losing the story’s focus and the delivery of its message that women are not the weaker sexThe plot is thin and the prose is easy yet mesmerizing in its beauty The frequent reference to cemeteries and death seems to be a reminder to its readers that we are all mortals and all of us will die sooner or later So it is but proper that we do what is right and contribute in our own ways to leave this world a better place just like what Kitty Coleman and her support to suffragettes’ dream of having women vote during elections It also teaches us that we are all human being and we commit mistakes like Jenny Whitby’s pregnancy and Kitty’s affair with Richard and the abortion of their baby It also shows us that time changes no matter what we do like how the Waterhouses try to hold on to their conventional beliefs compared to the openness of the Colemans to changeThe title comes from the angel in the grave of the Waterhouses that falls and breaks into parts in one of the scene In another it is Lavinia’s belief being a imaginative child that the falling stars are actually falling angels that are falling because they are going to earth to deliver some messages The practical minded Maude insists that they are meteorites and not angels These are 5 year old girls in England in 1901 and this is an example of how Chevalier provides the contrast between the two girlsOkay those really are not new The novel is cute though Smooth reading and Chevalier’s attention to details and making use of those details to make her story worth reading is something that I appreciated There are still nice novels that do not need to have huge political impact endorse some earth shaking philosophy or use big words for me to enjoy Sometimes surprises come in small package and this novel for me definitely falls in that category Not a 1001 Not a 501 No awards from Pulitzer Booker etc No one of my friends here in Goodreads recommended this but definitely a joy although there are two deaths towards the end to read