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I started this book at 11 15 last night I went to bed at 5 45 this morning I don t think I ve ever done that before It was a great read Coming of age, but dark Very good. Syrah Chen is the daughter of Ethan and Betty Chen and the family is very wealthy Syrah really enjoys snowboarding but after a run in the back country, Syrah damaged her knee and had to have pins put in Syrah s friend is Age who is dating Natalia even though Syrah would like him for herself Syrah dreams of getting sponsors and becoming a snowboarding star Syrah finds a friend in Lillian who she travels with to the hospital and helps her with a party she is having for the children Lillian has a sister Amanda who has leukemia Syrah comes up with the idea for having a snowboarding benefit to raise money for the children in the hospital She finds an ally in her half sister Grace whom she thought hated her but Grace turns out to be OK She also confronts Jared, the boy who broke her heart and she realizes she doesn t need him any The book takes a long time to start I had a lot of trouble getting into it and it wasn t until after page 100 that the book started to pick up It is hard to feel sorry for Syrah because she is so wealthy but she is a strong female character The relationship with Age doesn t seem to go anywhere, he disappears for the entire middle of the book and comes back right at the end and it sort of falls flat The book is a little long and maybe it could have done without the part about the Cultural Revolution and the Leung family Syrah s mothers family although interesting it adds another layer to an already convoluted story. Girl Overboard stars a very unhappy girl, Syrah, who is frustrated with practically everything in her life she s unhappy with how her knee is healing after a bad snowboarding accident unhappy that there seems to be a mental emotional block preventing her from moving on in her life after a disappointing first taste of love lust unhappy that her very best friend, Adrian Age , has a girlfriend who won t allow him to see her unhappy that her parents ignore her except for when they re bossing her around how her mom is always onto her about her weight, how they both rarely take her seriously and how both want to keep her from ever snowboarding again angry with her two half siblings, Wayne and Grace, both much older than herself disappointed that her only real friend in the house her nanny if you will Bao mu is going to be leaving the family to go care for her own granddaughter and super super angry that her parents have told her that they re all moving to Hong Kong next year Syrah has an oh so terrible life because her parents are oh so wealthy But it has its advantages in a way too when Syrah decides she wants to be a part of her family and use everything to get what she wants And what Syrah ends up wanting than anything is to help someone else to save a life.It s a coming of age novel heavy on the whine in the opening chapters The first fifty pages didn t hook me But I kept going, I kept reading and sure enough by the end I was enjoying it While all the characters seemed a bit flat and stereotypical in the beginning, by the end, they were beginning at least if not to become fully fleshed characters with heart and soul Her developing relationship with her family her mother, Betty her half sister, Grace her mother s family whom she meets for the first time her aunts and cousins, etc add depth to this story I liked how Syrah changed through the course of the book, how she came to be someone I could like, someone I could respect Becky Laney of Becky s Book Reviews I bought Girl Overboard because I really enjoyed Headley s latest book, North of Beautiful The whole snowboarding premise seemed really interesting to me because I tried snowboarding once and I fell about a million times I m much better at skiing.I was a little disappointed, however For about the first 100 pages or so, I felt like I d been thrown headlong into Syrah s life without any explanation, even though there definitely was I didn t really feel a strong connection to her love interest, Age, because he was in about three scenes and most of them involved him telling Syrah that he couldn t see her because he had a girlfriend now The snowboarding thing also wasn t as big of a plot point as I thought it would be Syrah goes snowboarding twice in the entire book I was expecting scenes and scenes of her flying down the mountain or something.Another problem I had was that the narrative was a little bogged down by all of these ridiculous similes and metaphors I recognize that is Headley s writing style, because she did it in North of Beautiful, but it seemed a bit much For instance, And just like that, the sky goes blank with blackness, mirroring the what I m thinking, how I m feeling Or, A rocket blazes a shrieking path, reaching higher than any of the other fireworks before it explodes, burning a hole in the night just as Jared did through my head and heart There was also the fact that not that much really happened until about page 250 or so, so I was a little bored The writing is pretty beautiful, but that can only buoy me for so long When things did start happening, I almost didn t care any because I d been waiting for them to happen for so long.One thing I did like, however, was Syrah s nanny, Bao Mu She was the best character in the whole novel, I felt In the beginning, I thought that she was going to be annoying, because Syrah did often feel a little annoyed with her, but as the story progressed, she wormed her way into my heart Same with her mother s family they were so sweet and family like that I kind of wished I had something like that Mentions of all the Chinese food made me want to try some of this stuff, or at least make dumplings like they did maybe I ll ask my boss to make me some tonight.Overall, I tried to enjoy Girl Overboard, but there was some major flaws that I found with it. After reading Justina Chen Headley s debut novel, Nothing But the Truth and a few white lies , I was anxiously waiting for Girl Overboard, expecting great things from a Chinese American writer I shouldn t have Five chapters into the book and I already felt the enthusiasm slipping away, replaced by a blank expression as I wondered why I d been so eager to check this out at the library It s the story of a billionaire s daughter who, despite what everyone else thinks, isn t exactly leading the most blessed life She has her own set of problems, whether it is with her family or her friends It s a story of finding yourself, what you want, and what you can accomplish, with or without the money To start off on a positive note, it s always interesting to read about brand new characters Syrah, named after a brand of wine, has elements that don t jump off in the Young Adult shelves nowadays, particularly her love for both manga and snowboarding This athletic interest gives Syrah a American edge to it, while the other hobby gives the reader a glimpse into Chinese related topics Most authors like to play with the same characters whether they d be the damsel in distress, a witty girl heroine, or a cynical bad boy reformed and create stories that don t spark any originality But Ms Headley has once again put life into a girl that possesses some unique qualities that will also be relatable to most teenagers Aside from delightful supporting characters in addition to Syrah, there are lessons to be learned It is the typical uncomfortable and pressuring family members that bring out the issues about relationships and just how high expectations can be Considering all these things, it brings out a sense of realness to the story As overused as the rich girl idea is, the author simply tells us that no one can lead a golden life, but much in a way that doesn t result in considerate groaning on my part However well the book might have been in the start, the same expectation does not flow towards the middle of the book Whether it is books or television, I ve come across enough of dramatic storylines to voice my opinion about the dragginess and overall unnecessary points of information included In TV, some shows can be finished without needing the extra two or episodes, and that s the case with this book I remember liking how, in the beginning, each chapter ends in a meaningful way that makes you ponder, but midway, I start to notice all these side stories that unbalance the first portion Not only does Syrah have to juggle her family, her crush, her newest friend and her sister, but she finds out her mother was adopted and Syrah has a whole other family she doesn t know about Just trying to summarize all these different characters makes my head ache Is it really necessary to incorporate so many characters, stories and messages in one novel I ve learned that for every book an author writes, there is a purpose But when I look at this book, I just see a battle of messy ideas that tries too hard to overlap each other It s like watching a group of children rush for the vacant swing, pushing another out of the way And through that fuzzy mess, you just can t be sure who the lucky winner is I can t be sure what message I m walking away with Although Girl Overboard doesn t reflect Ms Headley s best work, it has some good passages that pull me in otherwise While I will not recommend this, simply because of the soap opera like dramatics and the many loose endings that really need to be tied together, I will suggest readers to read her debut novel However, if you like little irrelevant stories, hundreds of side messages, and a non existent relationship between one of the most important figures in her life her best friend Age , you know the way to the nearest bookstore This is also my Writing Arts Review. I was afraid this was gonna be a poor little rich girl story, and I don t know enough about snowboarding to care about it, but Syrah turned out to be a character easy to sympathize with I didn t need to know about snowboarding to believe that Syrah loved it I love character driven stories, and Syrah changes a lot, forming friendships and finding family far and close In particular, Grace and Syrah seem so odd Grace is old enough to be her mother yet so perfect as sisters Truly wonderful read. I would rate the book Girl Overboard 5 stars This book is really touching and inspiring The book is about this girl Syrah whose father is a mega millionaire but she is only known as a rich spoiled girl not who she wants to be when she grows up In this book the author Justina really describes the emotions of Syrah and how she feels that she is not known as someone who she truly wants to be Also she uses a ton of sensory imagery to describe what Syrah looks like and how her physical traits are linked to her emotions and create an idea as who she wants to be recognized as and what her true identity is In this book Syrah faces multiple challenges and problems and this is what I like about Justina s writing because she creates one problem after another for Syrah and that relates to the domino effect because if you knock one domino it affect all the others Basically what Justina is doing is that she creates little problems that soon relate to the climax or the major problem In my opinion this book teaches me a life lesson that through determination and willpower you can create your own identity that shows your true self not the untrue version of your self This book does involve snowboarding so if any one likes this sport read this book The genre of this book would be realistic fiction because since there are rich people and it could be one of those kids who are rich are only recognized by their parent s wealth not by what they can do on their Believe me this story is going to blow your minds off, and make you realize that everything is in your power and you have the right to create your own identity. Do you want to read a book about a teenage girl who has everything Well, I know a good book that you would really love, its called Girl Overboard by Justina Chen Headley Girl Overboard is full of surprises Syrah the main character loves snowboarding One day she gets into a very horrifying accident while hitting the slopes and that event changes many things in her life With her father being a billionaire it also changes the way people think of her Syrah s parents are not very supportive of her Even her favorite sport is also leading her into emotional ruin Her boyfriend, a fop who only tries hard to impress Syrah s parents instead of her and breaks her heart Overall, Syrah has mostly everything a teenager could ever wish for except that her family doesn t care or even support her But in the end something happen that changes everything the way Syrah really wanted it to be in the first place I would recommend Girl Overboard to any young adult who enjoys reading books A book full of excitement, drama, and secrets Just like young people, full of drama, secrets and of course full of excitements. Everybody Thinks Syrah Is The Golden Girl After All, Her Father Is Ethan Cheng, Billionaire, And She Has Everything Any Kid Could Possibly Desire A Waterfront Mansion, Jet Plane, And Custom Designed Snowboards But Most Of What Glitters In Her Life Is Fool S Gold Her Half Siblings Hate Her, Her Best Friend S Girlfriend Is Ruining Their Friendship, And Her Own So Called Boyfriend Is Only After Her For Her Father S Name When Her Broken Heart Results In A Snowboarding Accident That Exiles Her From The Mountains The One Place Where She Feels Free And Accepted For Who She Is, Not What She Has Can Syrah Rehab Both Her Busted Up Knee, And Her Broken Heart Justina Chen Headley Writes With An Engaging Wit And A Powerful, Distinct Voice Her First Novel, Nothing But The Truth And A Few White Lies Was A Border S Original Voices Nominee, A Book Sense Pick, And Received A Starred Review From Publisher S Weekly Headley Makes An Impressive Debut With This Witty, Intimate Novel If you are looking for a book that is about a Rich girl and her perfect life don t read this book If you want to read about a rich girl who has everything perfect her and she wants that to change then you should read this book This book is about a girl who struggles to keep being rich out of living a normal life She wants to be able to do things regular people do She is tried of being different and doesn t want to be the Rich bratty girl, but the girl who is just like me I can make a text to self connection with this book because in my school I am different because I practice my religion than anyone else Since I am very strong in my religion I am looked at differently and I don t fit in as well I just want to be like everyone else but somethings cant change You cant change and give up on what you have so somethings will remain the same forever I rate this book a 4 because I can relate to it and it made me think about similar situation I went through On somethings I saw how she solved her problems with the mistakes she made taught me not to do it This book help me grow and realize that I wasn t the only one that feels out of place sometimes.