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A littlesleep can not hurt me Celebrate The Power Of Friendship In These Five Adventurous Stories Starring Frog And Toad A Caldecott Honor Book From Writing Letters To Going Swimming, Telling Stories To Finding Lost Buttons, Frog And Toad Are Always There For Each Other Just As Best Friends Should Be Frog And Toad Are Friends Is A Level Two I Can Read Book, Geared For Kids Who Read On Their Own But Still Need A Little HelpThe Classic Frog And Toad Stories By Arnold Lobel Have Won Numerous Awards And Honors, Including A Newbery Honor Frog And Toad Together , A Caldecott Honor Frog And Toad Are Friends , ALA Notable Children S Book, Fanfare Honor List The Horn Book , School Library Journal Best Children S Book, And Library Of Congress Children S Book I simply adore the supremely and sweetly cute and delightful accompanying illustrations They are tenderly caressing and evocative, and in my opinion, actually tell the story of frog and toad s friendship in a way that the rather simplistic narrative just does not and cannot I know that Frog and Toad Are Friends is a classic of American children s literature and that for many, the book likely holds very fond and nostalgic childhood memories However, I have always found Arnold Lobel s presented text rather annoyingly dragging both when I first read Frog and Toad Are Friends as a child, and when I recently reread the book for a group discussion in the Children s Literature Group s Picture Book Club Therefore, and personally, I think that while the narrative does manage tothan adequately show the deep friendship between frog and toad, the accompanying illustrations are actually so muchevocative and expressive of that comradeship and certainly considerablyfun and engaging I was actually gettingthan a bit annoyed at the many textual repetitions and at times really just wanted the stories to be over and done with That being said, I would still and strongly recommend Frog and Toad Are Friends as both a read aloud and for independent first reading activities, but I honestly and very much personally cannot see all that much in the narrative that is magical or all that exciting and in fact, I think for me, Frog and Toad Are Friends would actually work much better as a wordless picture book.I do have one small but likely revealing and important confession to make The very first time I read Frog and Toad Are Friends was in 1976 I was ten years old, and we had just immigrated to Canada from Germany It was given to me as an in class reading assignment, and I felt annoyed and embarrassed that I, a grade four student, who had been reading rather lengthy German children s books forthan two years since grade two , was suddenly placed in a position of having to read books originally conceived for much younger children due to my lack of English I have always wondered if that feeling of childhood embarrassment might have contributed to my rather lukewarm reaction to Frog and Toad Are Friends, however, even now, as an adult, I simply cannot get myself to really, really enjoy Arnold Lobel s writing, his text of course, I now no longer feel that sense of embarrassment and I truly am able to appreciate the marvellous, wonderful illustrations, but the narrative of Frog and Toad Are Friends continues to feel at best a trifle ho hum and monotonous to me. I miss quiet cheerfulness like Frog and Toad I enjoyed very much the whole 15 minutes it took me to read the 5 stories in here.I couldn t read it to the kids at my job the story is geared toward much younger children than those who would understand the book as esl learners , which is a shame That said, it merits repeated reading as an adult It cheered me up darned well.Yes, it s cowardly to give a Caldecott Honor book five stars It was fun I wish I had a friend like this It s been a good 14 years or so. Frog and Toad are my spirit animals I love them Sometimes, I m Frog, who seems to be the suaver, gentler one of the pair Mostly here though, I m Toad, who is electrically charged and loud, can be sad for small reasons, throws occasional tantrums, and loses things Lobel crafted this amphibian duo with love and care, which is apparent from beginning to end The illustrations are comforting and classic the greens, browns, ochres, dijon mustards of the palette are perfect for this world The plots are small and beautiful, but far from simple each story contains a kernel of psychological truth, and even occasionally a bite Kids will certainly understand Toad s unnecessary temper tantrum and his shyness when it comes to revealing an unflattering bathing suit or Frog s jumping and joyfulness at the beginning when all Toad wants to do is just stay in bed I imagine parents reading this with their kids will probably see something of their kids in each and every Frog and Toad story But I think Lobel s gentle genius is that we can see our grown up selves, not always flatteringly, in these stories too A must read if you have not yet read a Frog and Toad story, go forth and do so. THE WHOLE WORLD IS COVERED IN BUTTONS AND NOT ONE OF THEM IS MINE Haha, oh, gosh, I can SO relate to that sometimes And to poor Toad, looking all over for his missing button, finding many others but not his But, the nice thing is, he has his best friend Frog to help him look And when he finds out he has caused Frog a big inconvenience, Toad does something very nice for his friend This beautiful give and take of friendship is so masterfully captured in Arnold Lobel s charming classic I loved Frog and Toad when I was little, and I love them now I can so relate to both their personalities and how they compliment one another so well They remind me a bit of Bert and Ernie, from Sesame Street , whom my childhood self also love for the same reasons I wanted to give poor old Toad a big hug and tell him to stop being such a grump, and I wanted to invite Frog over to bring some of his cheery spirit to my day Yet, beneath the grumbly exterior, Toad has a good heart and always looks out for his friend My favorite chapters were the aforementioned The Lost Button as well as the final chapter, The Letter since I love getting letters, I so sympathized with poor Toad though I also have a few good friends who do send me letters, thank goodness It was so sweet and poignant I really marvel at children s book authors, who can convey so much with so few words The illustrations are also utterly charming The only chapter I wasn t a huge fan of was A Swim because, while I could see the humor and understand that sometimes it is very hard to resist laughing at something absurd and the little moral of the story that Toad brought the attention on himself by being so concerned about how he looked, I m not sure I liked that Frog did laugh at him All in all, highly recommended and a great book about friendship 5 This was so funny I want to talk about the funny parts, but I don t want to spoil it.pdf This is a beginning reader classic book Funny, I have never read this, but I have seen this everywhere and most other people have seemed to have read this book It is a story about a great friendship between Toad and Frog Frog is like the sunshine and Toad needs that sunshine Toad likes to sleep while Frog likes to bring joy I have a close friend and she is like Frog and I m am like Toad I m always tired and want to sleep and she gets me out to do things The artwork is a picture on half a page This is a lotwords The kids enjoyed this book There is a story where Frog and Toad go swimming and Frog takes off his clothes while Toad puts on a bathing suit which embarrasses him The kids laughed at Frog, who got naked and they didn t think Toad was funny They wondered why Frog wanted to get naked The niece thought this was a great story She gave this 4 stars while the nephew thought this was an ok story and he gave this 3 stars. A delightful collection of stories that Neo could take the lead in reading and enjoying Frog and Toad are great friends, even if they are not always on the same page where it comes to things As Arnold Lobel explores in these five stories, they are able to help one another and find the best in any situation, without getting too troubled about anyone else Neo quite liked the pictures and some of the funny aspects of the stories, but also found them easy to read and the plot seemed to make sense Wonderful for the newly liberated reader, just poking their head out to try some solo efforts.