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Getting ready for sleep is tons of fun in this special anniversary edition of a Sandra Boynton classicThe sun has set not long ago Now everybody goes belowto take a bath in one big tubwith soap all over—SCRUB SCRUB SCRUBThis classic bedtime story is just right for winding down the day as a joyful silly group of animals scrub scrub scrub in the tub brush and brush and brush their teeth and finally rock and rock and rock to sleepThis anniversary edition has an enlarged trim size and metallic ink on the cover making this Boynton classic even special

10 thoughts on “The Going to Bed Book

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    I don’t generally add the books I read to Owen as part of my challenge but I think I’ve read this at least 50 times this year so on it goes Plus he loves it

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    Getting a nap in the morning is adventurous than going to bed in the night

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    I should pass these along to another parent but I am hopeful I will have a chance to read them to another generation of children

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    I could not relate to the characters' motivations to exercise just before bed in their pajamas

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    I love the silliness of this book Maybe it's the French literature major in me recalling Ionesco and the theater of the absurdI love that the animals are on a boat As random as it seems it kind of makes me think of Noah's ark even though they aren't in pairs I love that when you think they're going upstairs to bed they're really going up to exercise Just something about the fact that you assume you know what's coming only to turn the page and see something completely different I can see that being the sort of thing that would send small children into fits of gigglesAt the same time the rhyming and the rhythmic repetition of rock and rock and rock to sleep at the end set it up as a nice bedtime story for small children I love rocking my son in my arms to the rhythm of the rocking boat when we read that last page

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    My two year old son and I have settled into a bedtime routine where we read Goodnight Moon and then we read this book He loves when the animals brush and brush and brush their teeth and he loves when the boat rocks and rocks and rocks the animals to sleep but his favorite part is when they all go upto exercise That page never fails to get a belly laugh out of him

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    We can't get enough of Sandra Boynton's illustrations Just so cute with the different animals that my kids like to guess and the rhyming is fun too A little silly with the animals doing things like exercising before bed but it just adds to the allure My 5 yr old is a little past it but enjoyed it immensely when he was younger and now enjoys reading it to his younger brothers A must have for any Boynton fan

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    And when the moon is on the risethey all go up to exerciseReally fun bedtime book I love the funny illustrations and rhyming text My favorite illustrations are the exercising ones although like many others I wonder why they are exercising right before bed; I think it makes the book even funnier though This is definitely one that is worth being read again and againFirst read 82415

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    I'd like to think I was sleep deprived when I read this that's the only reason I laughed so hard when I read the exercise bit It's fun book to read and the absurdity should also entertain the older reader long enough for the little one to calm down and sleep Unless they're like my nephew and get up to join the animals in exercise It's sweatier book than I first thought and any kid would love it

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    A must for every new parent Our family has it memorized We love this book