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Newbery Medalist Creech Walk Two Moons Masterfully Weaves This Story, Told In Free Verse, About A Young Girl Finding Her Identity And Learning How It Fits Within The Many Rhythms Of Life Run Run RunThat S What Twelve Year Old Annie Loves To Do When She S Barefoot And Running, She Can Hear Her Heart Beating Thump THUMP, Thump THUMP It S A Rhythm That Makes Sense In A Year When Everything S Shifting Her Mother Is Pregnant, Her Grandfather Is Forgetful, And Her Best Friend, Max, Is Always Moody Everything Changes Over Time, Just Like The Apple Annie S Been Assigned To Draw But As She Watches And Listens, Annie Begins To Understand The Many Rhythms Of Life, And How She Fits Within ThemTwelve Year Old Annie Ponders The Many Rhythms Of Life The Year That Her Mother Becomes Pregnant, Her Grandfather Begins Faltering, And Her Best Friend And Running Partner Becomes Distant

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    Sharon Creech is one of my favorite authors for young adults, and although I enjoy all of her books, this is one of her best The entire book is written in poetic free verse like Love That Dog , and I love that form of storytelling it is extraordinarily expressive with just a few words If you want to see what I mean, you should read a chapter on the author s website As always, she delivers an insightful story about growing up and finding one s place in the world amongst the everyday drama of life.

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    This is one of the best books I ve ever read that is written in verse.

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    When a girl finds the people around her changing before her very eyes, especially her best friend Max, she isn t sure what to do any Will she change with them, and will it turn out bad or good Heartbeat is a poetry styled story about growing up, maturity, and accepting the things you can t change in life At times it s a little slow but the characters were likable and interesting, and the plot was easy to relate to.

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    This book is simple but powerful It s about a 12 year old girl who faces many trials in her life, but it s also inspiring, despite the fact that she always has a positive attitude towards her future This book is written in free verse, which makes it easy to read but also shares complex emotion I think that this book is great because the author, Sharon Creech didn t put a lot of details , but enough desire to make you turning pages The reason why I enjoyed this book is because it was a short story about a tween who notices the changes around her and is left puzzled and confused about love, family and friendship.

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    Love I adored this book It reminds me of one of my favorite books called Out of the Dust It s short and interesting and I love the way it s laid out Just a simple, quick and laid back read

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    A simple but powerful book dealing with the many facets of life as a middle school girl, Heartbeat gives us a glimpse into the life of 12 year old Annie This book would be ideal for an early middle school girl dealing with the many facets of life I like how the book encompasses birth, death, athletics, art, and family relationships all in one In this way I think that it could appeal to many different types of kids This book would be a great text for teaching punctuation and different types of phrases The book is written in a very free poetry like manner, with each sentence chopped up into four or five different lines It would be a great tool to discuss why the author chose to divide the sentences up in the way he did, and the different effects that it makes The separation of sentences also visually breaks many kinds of phrases up, which makes it easy to talk about what those phrases are and how they function in a sentence The book is also a great teaching tool because it talks about new concepts the girl is learning in English class, such as how to use footnotes, which she humorously uses throughout the rest of the book She also talks about the Thesaurus and what to use it for, and throughout the rest of the book she lists 10 or 15 different words to describe how she is feeling at a given time This would be a great book to use as part of a unit on the slightly different meanings of similar words I would definitely recommend this book.

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    Annie loves to run Annie loves to draw These are constants in her life when so many other things seem to be changing Her mother s having a new baby Her grandfather is losing his memory and sometimes doesn t recognize himself And everyone keeps asking Annie about her friendship with Max Are they just friends Or are they something This quiet novel in verse documents a year in Annie s life and how she deals with it She realizes that everything changes and she might have to change, too This one s been pretty popular with girls at our library and I liked it okay It s a story about a girl going through life, dealing with things that girls deal with all the time And I think that s where the appeal lies.Readalike suggestions For older girls 5th grade I d suggest Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff another novel in verse about a young girl dealing with change although with heavier issues Another suggestion would be the Anastasia series by Lois Lowry or the Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, both of which are about girls dealing with everyday life issues.

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    Heartbeat was a really good book i enjoyed it a lot.It was so emotional and funny at some times I loved the characters that were in the book It was a book that makes you think about life I really liked heartbeat it was an amazing book.

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    Am I supposed to do something important It doesn t seem enough to merely take up space on this planet in this country in this state in this town in this family Annie, Heartbeat, P 28 All of life comes down to the heartbeat, doesn t it For the very old and the newborn babe, the extravagantly wealthy and the dirt poor, the deliriously happy and those in the midst of despair, the heartbeat is the sign that life goes on, that the body is functional and still capable of keeping itself going even if nothing seems right in one s world For Annie, the heartbeat can be felt in the pulsing rhythm of running barefoot, an instinctive pastime for her that reaffirms with each pounding footfall the life that courses within her body, the hope and joy and expectation for her future as it grows and branches out in so many surprising ways After waiting so long for the birth of her new baby brother or sister, an impossibly fragile new life form that will enter this world as every other child before it has done, on a whisper and a hope that all will go as planned and the baby will pass from the darkness of the womb into the brightness of the world with all the fullness of life pumping through its veins, Annie experiences the gift of connectedness that a healthy heartbeat can be in whatever form one s awareness of it takes, a promise of the presence of life and the potential of that life for as long as the heartbeat continues Though a runner by nature, Annie has no visions of stardom on the track, no thoughts of blazing along at top speed alongside other gifted runners in hopes of crossing the finish line just before them Running is a lot visceral than that to Annie, a personal venture of movement and athletic consistency that reaches beyond the acclaim available from outside watchers and touches the core of her spirit Running is about running for Annie it s not about winning or competing or setting goals or proving anything, it s about running Annie and her friend Max go running by themselves all the time, with no words necessary at the start, finish or along the way, just the rhythmic cadence of their breathing in time and the shared focus of getting somewhere, not always even certain where that is when they first take off on a run Max isn t sure that the quiet synchronicity of running along with Annie is all that he wants any, though He wants to join the track team at school, and he d like Annie to join with him Annie s grandfather was once a good runner, a genuine track star, and it seems to her that he was never happier than when he stepped away from the track and decided that he d had enough of competition Annie feels sure that running is all she needs, even as Max continues to urge her to consider joining the team The girl s track coach also takes the time to tell Annie that she thinks she has real talent as a runner, and it would be a shame to let that talent go to waste by not finding out what she might be capable of doing as part of a team Still, nothing has changed for Annie All she wants from running is to run, and her single mindedness begins to put some strain on her friendship with Max And what did I think when I was small and why did I forget And what else will I forget when I grow older And if you forget is it as if it never happened Will none of the things you saw or thought or dreamed matter Annie, PP 43 44 While Annie rebuffs the attempts of the track coach to get her on the team, expectations at home start to grow with the exciting news that Annie s mother will be having a baby Even as the weeks and then months pass and the baby grows larger inside of Annie s mother, though, her grandfather shows signs that he is at the other end of the life cycle He has a hard time remembering things, and his reactions to simple parts of everyday life can be unexpected and disconcerting The track star he once was has undeniably faded, and Annie isn t sure what to think about her grandfather s inevitable continued decline She remembers the wise, funny person he once was, on top of things physically and mentally, and it s hard to see him losing, a little bit at a time, those qualities that had made him so special Of all the experiences she has during the nine months in which her mother is pregnant, it s the assignment at school of drawing an apple once a day for a hundred days that teaches Annie the most As the apple undergoes physical changes and spots appear on its skin, the outside grows softer and changes color, and eventually a certain someone from her family takes an unapproved bite out of it, Annie has time to reflect on the nature of the apple, filled with seeds that all hold the potential to grow into apple trees of their own One might not be sure how many of the seeds would really ever spring up into a tree, or what the tree would grow to look like or how long it might live or how its apples would taste, but all the basic elements of that possible future tree are right there in those seeds inside of the apple Annie perceives that a baby human is just like that we can t be sure how it will grow or if it s going to be healthy or how its personality will develop or a thousand different things that matter to us and we really want to know as we await its arrival and then observe it as a newborn, but those are seeds that won t blossom until their time has come Like the apple, we can watch and wait to see who the baby will become and marvel at how something which at one time was nothing but a miniscule cluster of cells could grow to be a living, breathing, unique human being, a fully functional child complete with its own heartbeat that reminds us of the similarities of every living creature, and what a miracle it is every time one enters the world Does Annie have much to learn as we read Heartbeat Yes, I suppose she does, but no than any other person in the world As I see it, most of what she learns flows from the contemplative, rhythmic way she observes the life built around her, her personal thoughts providing far better insight into it than any outside interpreter could have given Annie views her world with fresh eyes every day, willing to see anew the people in it and their situations and understand better how everything fits together Annie is a very I know I shouldn t be using that word, it s on the forbidden list natural person, content to live within her own expectations and not rely on others for affirmation On page fourteen, she acknowledges that people might think she and Max are crazy for running barefoot all the time, even in the mud and rain and snow, but it doesn t feel crazy to us It feels like what we do What simpler explanation could exist for why one does something, than that it s just what one does Annie takes this thought process in all matters, especially in regard to her desire to continue running apart from any formal practice squad or school team If she had wanted to be part of the team then she would have tried out for it, so she clearly doesn t want to be part of it That s enough for her and she expects it to be enough for others, even as Max continues to be perplexed by Annie s decision to remain a solo runner I love how deeply Annie invests herself in the school assignment of describing what she loves and what she fears When she hears the other kids talking about the assignment, she realizes that all of them have chosen superficial things to love , such as candy and television and weekends What does Annie think about this I like these things but I do not love them and I wonder if I am supposed to love them and I wonder if I have done the assignment wrong Annie wonders if perhaps she took the project too seriously, if her teacher really only wanted to hear about superficial likes, but I m of the mind that Annie s thoughtfulness about what she truly loves is much what her teacher was hoping to get out of the assignment from her students The fears side of the project runs along the same lines, as Annie s classmates choose things like tests and reports, while Annie delves deep to honestly express I am afraid of dying and of my family dying of disappearing and not knowing that you have disappeared or being left alone with no one to love you While all of Annie s classmates may share her fears, Annie is the one with the courage to write them down and the emotional honesty to express them, to name her fears even when she would rather not think about them This honesty, I think, is why we love being inside her head, experiencing the story from her unique perspective as we come to know her as a friend It s because we re coming to know her so well, then, that we understand the rhythms of her speech and what she means to say when she describes her feelings in ways that might not make sense to most other people After drawing the apple for many, many weeks, taking care to keep it in as good of condition as possible even as all of the other kids have had to replace their original apples with new ones, Annie realizes that drawing the exact same apple for a hundred days straight doesn t become easier with familiarity the task grows difficult, because even though it s the same apple it is always changing, developing new flecks and spots and nuances of color that it didn t have at first The apple continues to change even as it grows soft and begins to decay, and that s part of what makes the project interesting Trying to describe what it s like, Annie thinks When I was running today and thinking about the apple I felt as if I was full of that apple and I knew the apple Annie admits that the thought sounds peculiar, but I think I get what she means Though most people may never form quite that kind of attachment to an apple, when one deeply ponders something or someone for a long while, becoming familiar with that thing or person by memory, it feels as if something special has occurred, a rare connection made that only makes sense internally When one s mind continually drifts to that thing or person and just resting on them for a little while provokes a smile, that s a nice place to be Even if it doesn t last for very long, and eventually one no longer has that level of familiarity with the thing or person, it really is nice while it lasts As Annie nears the end of her apple project and the due date for the birth of her baby sibling draws near, what happens down the stretch will continue to shape the way she views the world Whether or not she ever decides to try being on a team, or the full meaning of her drawing project is appreciated by her teacher, the events of Annie s life do affect and change her in their own subtle way The birth of a new child, though, always seems to have the biggest impact of all, and in the rush of nervous excitement and unrestrained energy as the baby begins to come and everyone hurries to prepare for the delivery, Annie sees that no matter how the birth turns out, her life will never be the same Wonderfully, inspirationally wise, luminescently funny and always, always, always emotionally resonant, Sharon Creech has created a lead character and story in Heartbeat that easily could have brought her another Newbery Honor She is a fabulous author, consistent than all but a select few and capable of the most extraordinary mixtures of profoundly compelling emotion and fresh comedic energy I certainly recommend Heartbeat to anyone who has loved the writing of Sharon Creech, is partial to novels in verse or simply appreciates excellent literature Any way one looks at it, Heartbeat is definitely a keeper.

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    I really liked this book It s very simple, yet it covers topics such as change, growing up, and finding your place in the world If you re looking for a short read this one s perfect, it took me only about an hour or so to finish and i m not even much of a reader.