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From The Television Event Of The Year, Steven Spielberg S SeaQuest The Year Is , And The World S Oceans Are The Last Frontiers On Earth The Last Hope For Peace Is The Largest, Most Powerful Submarine Ever Built, The SeaQuest An Undersea Research Ship But There Are Unknown Dangers On The Ocean Floor

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    Loved this book it was good to read the novelization of the pilot episode as I am rewatching season 1 on DVD it was good to see some scenes that weren t in the finished episode

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    Really enjoyed this used to love the TV show

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    I loved this show as a kid I never knew there were books until I came across them in a thrift store a couple months ago.This particular book was a retelling of the pilot episode It was interesting getting close 3rd person POV on the characters from both sides of the fight.The book wasn t the most amazing work of fiction, but I still enjoyed it, I think mostly b c I m a sucker for SeaQuest I ll be reading the other 2 books in the future.I highly recommend this for any other millennials who loved to watch SeaQuest in the 90s.

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    A decent novelization of the pilot episode of seaQuest DSV There s a few important scenes missing, notably when Bridger arrives at the seaQuest and meets the crew the first time It almost felt like a few pages were missing, but that s just the way it was written A bit disappointing for that, but otherwise it was pretty faithful Good book, good TV show.

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    Decent novelization of a show I had almost forgotten if you were a fan this might well rate a 4 or even a 5

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    Book Review SeaQuest DSV by Diane Duane Peter MorwoodI always loved the series of SeaQuest DSV when it first appeared on TV I had also forgotten how much I enjoyed this book even with the Jaws joke that is in this book The captain of the SeaQuest is played by Roy Scheider who gives the line we re going to need a bigger boat in Jaws In this book he says that he needs a smaller boat I am looking forward to reading the other 2 books in this series once they arrive 5

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    Several names and details were different from the show It seemed like it was poorly edited, as we saw scenes with characters that hadn t been introduced to us our first glimpse of Lucas is something like, Lucas was now wearing a jacket over his flannel shirt Anyone who hadn t already seen the show would be confused.

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    It has been so long since I ve seen SeaQuest i m not sure if this is an adaptation or an original story Either way it s a fun adventure, fun than my faint memories of the show I d recommend it for a quick read.

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    I read this book after watching the first season of the television show There are some differences between the book and the series premiere, but I feel the book is a lot better The reader will learn much about the characters.

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    Seaquest was and still is one of my favorite shows I still random marathons It still holds up This book was great and I wish they had continued the series.