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No Christmas?There's trouble in Fairyland again Jack Frost is up to his old tricks This time he has stolen Santa's sleigh There were three special gifts onboard Without them Christmas could be ruinedWill this holly jolly holiday be changed forever? Or can Rachel and Kirsty save the day with a little help from Holly the Christmas Fairy?

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    Couldn’t sleep so I read this timeless masterpiece ; I’m in a reading slump rn so I wanted to read something fun and fluffy that wouldn’t take any effort Good times very nostalgic

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    A lovely book for young readers at Christmas If you are a fan of Rainbow Magic Fairy books this is a must

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    I loved this as a child Yes I know I am a boy and this should appeal to girls only but fairies kind and beautiful on the outside dark on the inside always fascinated me I was a strange kid

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    Mmmm not sure I will always love the christmas spirit but these books could be better

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    Great book loved it

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    I can't believe that naughty Jack Frost took Santa's sleigh

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    When they found out that Jack Frost had taken Santa's sleigh and 3 special presents because he had been so naughty that Santa wasn't giving him any presents this year I was curious to see if the girls and Holly were going to get them back When they found the first present and Rachel's dog led them to the goblins who had it they tricked them into thinking that there were cookies by sprinkling fairy dust on the top layer of the barn Then they got the present and Holly sent it back to the king and ueen of fairyland When the second present was found Jack Frost was pretending to be Santa in the sleigh A little girl came out crying and said The reindeer were all furry and nice but Santa wasn't very nice He won't give me a present even though he had so many and he was all cold and spiky The girls and Holly heard this and they knew it wasn't the real Santa So would have I Jack Frost and his sleigh got away but they got another present back The next day the girls and Holly went to Jack Frost's ice castle and one of the girls got wrapping paper and ribbon on a crown that would send Jack Frost back to fairyland in front of the King and ueen and said won't you take pity on us? We only came here to get this one special present for the fairy king Jack Frost put the crown on his head once he opened it and dropped the other present that they needed Then she grabbed the present and they were out of there They got the sleigh back to santa and went home The fairy ueen told them that the three special presents were so special because they were for them Joy got a new wand and the 2 girls got a fairy for the top of their Christmas trees Every year the fairy would give them an extra present from the fairies It was a magical and wonderful book

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    Holly the Christmas FairySCHOLASTIC INCTime 60 min7 word summary two girls Christmas fairy magic goblin helpDiscussion uestionDo you believe that fairy exist? I don't believe that fairy exist but it will be fun if they really existI like the book so far It's good story and the pictures are cute tooI hope it will end happilyJuly 15 Page 64106Time 60 min7 word summary girls help fairy find three presents crownDiscussion uestionDo you help people? I think I help people if someone needs helpI enjoyed reading this bookThe story of helping fairy is very cuteI'm looking forward for what will happen nextJuly 22 Page107158Time 60 min7 word summary girls fairy find Santa sleigh special ChristmasDiscussion uestionWhat is your best memory of Christnas? My best memory of Christmas is getting Christmas presentI used to get presents from my parent so I was really looking forward to itI finished reading the book The story was interesting so I could read all of the bookAlso it was easy to read too

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    1218 72min Kirsty Rachel Christmas fairy presents goblins back Tow girls decorated their Christmas tree Do you always display Christmas tree on the Christmas Day? Or what do you do the day?I always display a small Christmas tree And I always spend the day with my friends Tow goblins scrambled for a present They both didn't hand over that Have you ever experienced such a situation?Yes When I was child I always scrambled for something with my older sister p

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    I read this one to my daughter and particularly liked it since they dealt with Jack Frost directly rather than just goblins Also I started reading it three days before Christmas exactly the same time as the book so I only read the part for that day and read the next two sections over the following two days