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A shy hippo makes a big impact in this Sandra Boynton classicSerious silliness for all ages Artist Sandra Boynton is back and better than ever with completely redrawn versions of her multi million selling board books These whimsical and hilarious books featuring nontraditional texts and her famous animal characters have been printed on thick board pages and are sure to educate and entertain children of all ages

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    A tragic story of exclusion bigotry and prejudice while ultimately celebrating redemption A satisfying read but one I feel is let down by the lack of any attempt to explore the motives of the characters Why were the moose and the goose together having juice without the hippopotamus? We do not find out Without wanting to post spoilers I will also add that the denouement contains a twist worthy of M Night Shyamalan

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    Parents are faced with all sort sorts of difficult uestions Are feature length Disney films too scary for kids? Will taking away the toy gun that your child carved from a bar of soap inhibit her creative spirit? Is it okay to spank your children after they punch you in the stomach? And will the aforementioned spanking only teach them to try to run away uickly the next time they assault you? For those of you without kids the answer to each uestion is yesOn each rereading of this beloved children's book I am bothered by the isolation of the hippopotamus and later the armadillo Who hasn't hidden behind a tree wondering why they are being excluded? However it's obvious why the hog and the frog and the cat and the rats and the moose and the goose and the bear and the hare are so reticent Hippopotamuses are widely acknowledged to be among the most dangerous animals in Africa And armadillos carry leprosyAnd now parents face a new difficult uestion Are young children ready to learn the truth about hippos and dillos? After reading But Not the Hippopotamus to my children for six of the longest years of my life I strongly believe that this book is far harmful to the adult who reads it than the child who hears it Children god bless them are resilient

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    This hippopotamus was so cute I'm reading this again

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    This is a great poem about the trials of being a non standard person in a world where everyone else rhymes I think kids can get a lot out of this little board book and think Sandra Boynton is a genius when it comes to short and pointed poems and her drawings accompany the story nicely despite their simple cartoony styleMy Daughter and I still feel sorry for the armadillo though

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    The book is well written and illustrated but it's a horrible plot It was a great book until the very last page Spoiler alert the Hippo is excluded the whole book but then is included in the end But then they exclude the Armadillo instead This could have been a 5 star book about including everyone if the author had simply left out the last page but instead became about excluding the less fortunate I've decided to cover up the last page and create an alternate ending so that I don't hate this story

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    I personally love this book and I'm an adult It's a cute story about what other animals do but not the hippo who doesn't seem to be allowed to do anything except at the end she does do something She kills all the other animals because they were mean to her No no she doesn't I'm joking The story is very amusing My daughter loved this book when she was younger Boynton's books aren't very babyish She uses words like cavort bog which you typically don't see in toddler and preschool books and I like that It's good for expanding a child's vocabulary

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    Why is this five stars you ask? Well if I could have one wish it would be for peace on earth But if I could have two wishes it would be peace on earth and a recording of Small Change era Tom Waits reading this It totally fits as a song of his At least it did when I tried to do the voice

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    What I learned anthropomorphized animals are not as exclusionary and mean as they may sometimes seem at first Also animals are cute And goose and moose rhyme with juice

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    Easy read Finished it in one day

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    The classic tale of the shy person feeling awkward and 'on the fringe' of the social circle This book nevertheless tells the tale in an engaging manner We are called to empathise with the heroine of the story as she watches the cool kids around her engaging in various activitiesAs is common with extremely shy people it's not immediately apparent that she wishes to join in so it's understandable that perhaps the others initially mistook her lack of participation as disinterestThankfully the others collectively figure out what's really going on and they seek to remedy the situationMy parents gave a copy of this book to my daughter who was but a toddler at the timeWhile I had long been familiar with Ms Boynton's illustrations this was the first book of hers I read and is thus the benchmark against which all others are compared Her other books are truly wonderful in their own right but I think this will always be my favouriteI'm fairly certain I had it memorised within a week as both she and her brother asked me to read it Again That was nearly twenty years ago but I can still recite it by heart and with Dramatic Flair As is most appropriateMs Boynton being a particularly astute writer has not ascribed any restrictive gender roles to any of her characters in this remarkable book The Hippo was merely referred to as she in our home because my daughter declared it I suspect because the character was so well depicted that she could relate to her on a personal level