Lover Avenged Black Dagger Brotherhood 7 eBook ✓

Rehvenge has always kept his distance from the Brotherhood—even though his sister is married to a member for he harbors a deadly secret that could make him a huge liability in their war against the lessers As plots within and outside of the Brotherhood threaten to reveal the truth about Rehvenge he turns to the only source of light in his darkening world Ehlena a vampire untouched by the corruption that has its hold on him—and the only thing standing between him and eternal destruction

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    “It’s simple I don’t think you should date anyone” Rehv moved in even closer until he could see the flecks of gold in her eyes “But I’m not just anyone” Wow I think I've found my new favorite BDB book Besides Z's he will ALWAYS be 1My first read was great I loved it but it didn't stand out from the others On my second read Amazing One of my favorite books EVER not just the BDB It's totally surprising considering Rehv and the nasty business with his blackmailer but I SOOO loved him I loved the whole book All the side characters were amazing except Lash stupid moronic idiot who needs to DIE ASAPAnyway D Loved it The storyWith most of the glymera dead or hidden there is a fight for power in the vampire world between those who are left behind and their main obstacle is their king WrathOnly four Brothers are left that are able to fight which forces Wrath to get back on the streets and do some fighting on his own even though it's forbidden because he is KingRehvenge is approached by a council member who wants to eliminate WrathHe has to deal with his club his monthly visit to his blackmailer his illness that needs and treatments and now he has to decide where his loyalties lieOne night at the clinic waiting for his dopamine shots he talks with his nurse Ehlena She isn't afraid of Rehv like all the others are and is intrigued by him but she knows that they are from two totally different worlds so she refuses him when his flirtations get too highWhen Rehv's past and double life threaten the people he loves he will be forced to make a difficult decision All I know is life is too short not to come back here and be with you like this again Life is just too short and I like being with you too much for me to give a crap about anything other than having another moment like this”Rehvenge’s chest swelled as he stared at her “Ehlena?”“Yeah?”“Don’t take this the wrong way”She drew in a deep breath and he saw her bare shoulders tighten “Okay I’ll try not to”“You keep showing up here? Being who you are?” There was a pause “I’m going to fall in love with you” The story Loved it It was dark it was f ed up emotional and full of surprises with some action as well Just fantastic The Brotherhood was forced to make some changes as well as Wrath We get to see into Rehv's universe how it all works and what he must do to protect his ownThe battle in the end was great left with a little cliffie for the next bookThe characters Even though this is Rehv's book this one is focused on two couples WrathBeth and JohnXhex They don't get THAT much page time but they're there and we see their relationships progressing some forward some backwards WrathBeth Wrath has been going out fighting alone without anyone's knowledge and that's something that will drive them apart when Beth finds out He is dealing with headaches and view spoilerloss of vision hide spoiler