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A Life No One Will Remember A Story You Will Never ForgetFrance, In A Moment Of Desperation, A Young Woman Makes A Faustian Bargain To Live Forever And Is Cursed To Be Forgotten By Everyone She MeetsThus Begins The Extraordinary Life Of Addie LaRue, And A Dazzling Adventure That Will Play Out Across Centuries And Continents, Across History And Art, As A Young Woman Learns How Far She Will Go To Leave Her Mark On The WorldBut Everything Changes When, After Nearly Years, Addie Stumbles Across A Young Man In A Hidden Bookstore And He Remembers Her Name

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    As I do my final read through on this book, a story nearly 10 years in the making, all I can think is that I ve put my heart and soul, my teeth and blood and bones into this one I hope you love it.

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    All I m saying is there are 10 unreleased Schwab books on my to read list.8 of them do not have a cover.5 of them do not have a title.1 thirsty fanboy is not sure if he should laugh or cry.

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    Victoria Schwab thinks she can just come back into my life and write a book about a French girl who falls in love with the devil and expect me to be okay with it You re damn right I ll be at the front row Take All My Money.

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    Love story between a French girl and the devil over 300 years SOLD

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    This woman comes up with the coolest ideas ever.

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    me sees the words V.E Schwab my brain stops everything it was doing added.

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    August 2nd 17 So Schwab briefly discussed this book at the authors event AND MY GOD ARE WE IN FOR A RIDE OF A STORY She mentioned that this story is the closest she ll come to writing a love story And just the concept of a girl falling in love with the devil HOOOOW DOES SHE COME UP WITH THESE IDEAS Now, it s the agonising thing we have to do called waiting till fuckin 2019 I better be alive Initial reaction That title though

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    A book about a girl who sells her soul to the devil Are you sure this isn t about me Because I ve sold my soul to Victoria Schwab.

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    For some reason I and apparently a lot of people on twitter thought this was going to be YA but it s an adult standalone and

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    ME rosy with bourbon, surrounded by my plush truefriends this book is BIG