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I would recommend this book to someone who appreciates a good Young Adult novel The main character, Courtney, is honest and hilarious I found myself not being able to put the book down and wanting to find out what happened next. I had hoped for something funnier Wurst Case Scenario is narrated through the journal of Courtney, who is starting to study at an out of state college Perhaps I would have liked her better if I had read the previous book, Truth or Dairy, but as it was, I found her extremely irritating She was several things I can t stand, and probably a very realistic character because of that Her hypocrisy, martyr mentality, immaturity, and poor choice of friends remind me of phases I have gone through and people I ve known She makes a huge deal about being a vegetarian because she believe in animal rights or something, but at the same time admits to a preference for leather She is rude and unappreciative toward her roommate, but sees the girl down the hall whose stories are getting thinner and thinner as her only ally She s so selfish I spent the whole book waiting for the crisis that would bring her down to earth and force her to look beyond her own issues I was slightly disappointed when it did come it didn t knock her on track quite the way I hoped, and she was able to continue her selfish tendecies as she started to put things back together In the end, she did grow up But it just took longer than I really wanted. More reviews and book ish content Club Book Mobile Andrea RBKWurst Case Scenario by Catherine Clark was a book I read one summer when I was in college It s really fascinating to go back and read about college way back when now Particularly given how technology has advanced, there are aspects of plots from the early 2000s and before that just wouldn t happen today I mean, it all makes sense to me given I was there and lived that life, but man, this stuff is dated Remember when chat rooms were a thing And how we didn t have cell phones And how that meant we could only get in touch with people on landlines in one location Anyway This book revolves around Courtney Von Dragen Smith who is off to college in rural Wisconsin This means she s now in a long distance relationship with Grant Superior who is back closer to home at Colorado State Told entirely through her journal, Courtney navigates life as a freshman with common challenges roommate conflict, finding friends, getting involved, finding a job, homesickness, and becoming excited for a cause It was a light read that was just okay I enjoyed the nostalgia I suppose. Character is like every other flighty, insincere, ridiculous girl I had the unfortunate opportunity to observe in college Hard to root for an idiot. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.comCourtney arrives at college 1,000 miles away from her home, her best friend, and her boyfriend She meets her meat loving science nerd roommate and immediately her vegan self thinks this isn t going to work out She struggles meeting new people, making friends, balancing her job and schoolwork, and surviving a long distance relationship With all her stress and worrying, Courtney wonders how she ll survive four years on her own Catherine Clark takes a long look at college relationships and how they can make you crazy, scared, cry, and laugh. This one was okay Glad I finished it I thought it was going to be an adult ish read, at least in the writing style, I didn t expect it to be a eye opening, riviting read The author wrote from the perspective of a diary writing, eighteen year old college girl And it was not what I was in the mood for I don t know if I d ever be in the mood for it There wasn t a lot of background, no insight, nothing Just diary thoughts, you know It was an extremely quick read since most of the pages weren t even filled I d suggest this for someone looking for something to read on a plane or a car ride or something As far as the story itself The girl is trying for the whole book to stay in a LDR with this great guy back home he even drives like 700 miles to see her when she got mad at him and then drove her back to school after break and all this, and then she dumps him right before he leaves Didn t seem fair to him, nor realistic She dumped him out of no where, just because she was stressed Ugh Teenagers. 2004 Once again we meet Courtney Von Dragen Smith, who s all grown up and entering collegein Wisconsin Courtney is a likable character, and is shows in this diary of her first semester However, I read Truth or Dairy the prequel earlier this year, and even I couldn t remember who some of the characters were she constantly mentions It would have been nice if the author had woven in a quick explanation of who Jane and Beth were just to refresh our memories I felt like this book could have been MUCH better, but instead, the characters are so thinly drawn that you never care much about them. Found Courtney even annoying and whinny then she was in the first book She is way too much for my liking can t say I would recommend it at all It was pretty painful to read because she annoyed me so much. I sadly really really disliked this book The one star actually is for the cute cover I hate that I didn t like it because the synopsis made it sound soooo good and the cover is really cute but hence this is why one does not supposed to judge a book by it s cover.One of my biggest pet peeves is the book has NO chapters but instead is divided up into long diary entrieslong boring whiny diary entries that I grew sick of before I got into the book 50 pages but still I trudged on and listened to Courtney moan and groan about going away to college, hating her roomate, and sulking because Grant her boyfriend was having a wonderful time at his college without her Heck I bet he sang Hallelujah on the day she left Courtney Von Dragen Smith Has Done The Unthinkable In A Burst Of Self Improving Zeal And Some Unexpected Trouble With Local Options , She Has Left Home For College Out Of State What Seemed Like A Good Idea In Spring Feels Like A Calamity In Fall Culture In Rural Wisconsin Seems To Be A Formal Bratwurst Roast Not To Mention Grant Best Bf Ever Is , Miles Away, There S A Six Foot Ear Of Corn Making Unwanted Advances, And Being Vegan In America S Dairyland Is Regarded As Highly Suspicious At Best And So Courtney, So On The Fringe, Begins Her Chronicle Of What Truly Is A Wurst Case Scenario