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This book makes my makes my month after a series of bore me brainless, I ve read you before reads WHALE TALK is most definitely a favorite It s sweet and deep smart and funny and then ends on this ache y note I love love love so many things in it First,that it s all about the underdog, because those There were many here Most of them have a sadness to share, but despite that because of that there s this bond that s built up slowly so, I found that a sweet progression Second, that the Tao who else loves his name gets called out on being arrogant, because he could get pretty arrogant, is small plus, because this is about him seeing those who get the short end of the stick and not getting why that s the case Then that he struggles with why little is done about so many things It s a struggle that gets harder when dealt with a couple of harsh truths like not being able to help those unwilling to help themselves and there being a reason why people are the way they are But, mainly I love the idea of people finding their place with othersI believed the Magnificent Seven consisted of one swimmer of color, a representative from each extreme of the educational spectrum, a muscle man, a giant, a chameleon and psychopath when in fact we have one swimmer of color, a representative from each extreme of the educational spectrum, a muscle man, a giant, a chameleon and a one legged psychopath What a great book about the power of friendship and the human spirit It is rare to find smart and honest YA books out there about real everyday issues that are often overlooked or not talked about I loved the mix of humor and truth in this book and found myself really rooting for this rag tag group of young men TJ is an awesome protagonist and his father is quite possibly one of the best YA fathers I have ever met view spoiler I am super sad about TJ s dad dying and wonder if that was 100% necessary to the story I know, I know it was supposed to be redemption but wasn t he already redeemed and I am also not so sure about the whole lost son ending but the rest of the book was so wonderful these things did not stop me from loving this one hide spoiler There S Bad News And Good News About The Cutter High School Swim Team The Bad News Is That They Don T Have A Pool The Good News Is That Only One Of Them Can Swim Anyway A Group Of Misfits Brought Together By T J Jones The J Is Redundant , The Cutter All Night Mermen Struggle To Find Their Places In A School That Has No Place For Them TJ Is Convinced That A Varsity Letter Jacket Exclusive, Revered, The Symbol As Far As TJ Is Concerned Of All That Is Screwed Up At Cutter High Will Also Be An Effective Tool He S Right He S Also Wrong Still, It S Always The Quest That Counts And The Bus On Which The Mermen Travel To Swim Meets Soon Becomes The Space Where They Gradually Allow Themselves To Talk, To Fit, To Grow Together They Ll Fight For Dignity In A World Where Tragedy And Comedy Dance Side By Side, Where A Moment S Inattention Can Bring Lifelong Heartache, And Where True Acceptance Is The Only Prescription For What Ails Us While this book includes great issues that no doubt need to be addressed in young adult literature, I felt it lacked something important a believable and relatable main character We felt that TJ was painted as an aloof but successful and sometimes over zealous youth but came off like a pretentious snob What he did for the lesser characters in the novel was generous but his motives were a little off putting and he spoke too highly of himself frequently The rest of the characters seemed genuine but we also felt that there was a little too much trauma happening The Coughlin brothers, his mother, his father, Icko, Andy Mott, Alisha, Heidi, and even TJ himself all suffered pretty traumatic events at some point or another Overall, we thought the events were a bit over dramatic and took away from the main point of the novel We do feel that this book would be well received in a high school English classroom, however It has just enough controversy to keep students interested but also delivers a hard to miss moral. Finished Some language, lots of dialogue by the author that clearly belies that he s a therapist In fact the whole story is mostly a tale of an abusive, racist man harassing his ex and her kids and the family that protects them against the backdrop of a sports story The sports aspect of the story is fairly original In order to help out a mentally challenged kid being bullied for wearing his dead brother s letter jacket, the protagonist, an athletic multiracial adopted boy these details are important, as this part of American Northwest is described as teeming with neo nazi types helps start a school swimming team that is comprised of various misfits, including said kid, a rash, one legged swimmer, a geek, etc The idea is that they will all letter, which will stick it to the haughty football players Along the way, they end up sharing the bond many high school sports teams build Both stories build up to a climax, one triumphant, one tragic The main weakness for me was that at times it felt too much like Crutcher was talking to me, not the characters Make no mistake, this book is about as subtle as a sledgehammer most of the time Also, if you ve read previous Crutcher sports books, you ll likely recognize much of the formula, but if you liked his other books, that can be a positive Liberal use of strong language and intense subjects like child abuse mean this is for mature teens. General response reaction This novel blew me away I could not imagine a group of guys who have had tragedy happen in their lives Each guy in this book had struggles they had to deal with and sometimes readers forget that men have problems too It is easier to read stories about women and their emotional issues because women are vocal about it The men in this novel are so proud and strong to vocalize their struggles every day Crutcher does a wonderful job exploring the wide range of emotions felt by each individual character in this novel He focuses on the male emotions and struggles, and composes those issues perfectly I truly enjoyed reading this different perspective.Subjects, Themes, and Big Ideas Domestic violence Identity Acceptance Sports Rage Ignorance Discrimination Emotional healing Growth DevelopmentCharacters T.J main character, narrator of the novel, natural athlete, has a lot of rage problems but can control them, captain of the swim team Chris a mentally challenged student who is a natural swimmer Mr Simet swim team coach Mr Benson football coach, feels that T.J wasted his talent all four years by not going out for a real sports team Barbour football team captain hates T.J Mr Jones T.J s adopted father teaches T.J about whale talkPlot summary T.J is an adopted son trying to fit in at a school that prides itself of Athletics Although T.J is a natural athlete, he never participates in sports When Mr Simet asks T.J to help him start a swim team, T.J gets the most unlikely group of guys together T.J s goal for the team is to gain the most coveted prize of Cutter High The letter jacket Since T.J is not best friends with most of the Athletic Department, he believes that this group of unlikely mermen could embarrass the department by gaining those letters.However, as the group trains and goes to competitions, each boy grows into a man Each boy sheds his tough shell to reveal his softer side The group bonds and soon this motley crew of swimmers become the closest of friends.While the team is not the best, they continue to work hard and beat their personal best Unfortunately, the personal life is not better T.J must deal with vindictive football players and the coaches , domestic dispute problems, and living with his personal struggle of his mixed race.Through all the difficulties, T.J seems to make it through He grows to care about his team than himself and learns to channel his rage into other outlets like helping children and swimming He is able to help instill confidence in his fellow team members which leads Chris to beating Barbour in a swimming competition.After the swim season is over, the group continues together to play basketball While the game was clean, Marshall and Barbour do not take losing as well Marshall goes crazy with the idea that he is losing his wife and kids and targets T.J s family At the end of the basketball game, Marshall gets his rifle and points it at his own daughter T.J s dad takes the bullet to save the girl.By the end of the novel, T.J learns how to control his rage and make real friends He learns to accept his place in society and grows into a man.Strengths including reviews and awards The book is raw and real There is no holding back on any of the situations which makes the book harsher and real Crutcher doesn t decorate his work he tells it like it is.Drawbacks or other cautions Language, violence, traumatic experiences The teacher may want to caution students about these experiences so that everyone in the class is comfortable There is no way of knowing if there is a student who has experienced some of these situations before.Teaching ideas Whenever I read for this class, I think of teaching this book to high school kids Here are my ideas Journals How bad is your family o This could be a pre reading exercise All the journals will remain confidential, but if anyone wants to volunteer to read theirs, it will be welcome Some people won t like their families because of curfew or other not so serious reasons Hopefully, they will share these reasons and then as they read the book, realize how wonderful their life is Explore each scenarioo There are so many different problems in this book Maybe the class can be divided up to research each problem For the domestic disputes, they can look up statistics and resources A class project could be a supply drive to donate to shelters Another group could study gangrene, mental illnesses, and other issues that arise in this story Journals againo Re visit the first journal Talk about what how the book ended. T.J is a natural born athlete but due to his background has a problem with authority and refuses to play team sports at his sports crazed high school That is, until he hatches a plan to start a swim team of rejects and to get the whole team varsity letter jackets Showing the jock centered power structure of the school what it really means to be sportsmen This is another of Chris Crutcher s fast paced well written sports centered novels that skillfully melds sporting endeavors with serious social issues Crutcher s books are full of characters that you wish you knew in real life Even the heavies have their facets and one can often glean what makes the villain the villain Given that these are written about high school aged protagonists who are active in sports, they re naturals for engaging the interest of reluctant teen male readers And the material that they cover makes them well worth reading for people of any age At moments this book is laugh out loud funny and there are other moments that make even a jaded old stoic a bit misty eyed By all means, check it out for yourself. When you start reading Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher, you might take the wonderful humor and cynicism of the main character, T.J., as a sign that this is going to be the usual coming of age, snarky teen protagonist tale common in YAL The guy is named The Tao Jones for Pete s sake the jokes practically write themselves However, some readers might glance over the very heavy and heart wrenching back story of T.J because of his humor, but his tragedy is a better foreshadowing of the themes of this novel than anything else This is a very dark book Every character has some sort of harsh history or situation that definitely adds depth but also makes them all the depressing Not to say that makes the novel unreadable As mentioned earlier, the humor is the real saving grace of this work without it the depth and hard hitting issues would leave every reader reaching for the razorblades after the last page Yet, it was not the darkness that I had problems with but my own personal preferences Crutcher assimilates and uses sports very heavily as a metaphor and way of connection the various elements of the story As a person who never participated in school sports, these references were both foreign and tedious to me and worked to push me out of the narrative I appreciate Crutcher s techniques and understand why he employed them I also understand how and why many male readers would easily identify with this story If a teacher were looking for a book that might attract teen male students into reading, this would be very effective Is it teachable I m not so sure It could definitely be used for its school settings and its themes of bullying, being an outcast and teen pressures but the way those themes are handled may be too real for any students younger than a 12th grader.Is this a objectively good book Yes Do I subjectively like this book No Would I recommend this as a good read.Eh. Wonderful 4.5 stars Maybe it s the person inside me who hates athletics, but loves inspiring athletic movies I mean, who doesn t get weepy when watching Remember the Titans, or who isn t a shameless Varsity Blues fan Rudy Radio MIGHTY DUCKS Bad News Bears I could go on and on, I love them so much I love them almost as much as dance movies Bring on the Not another Sports Movie parody I ll be there, because I ve just about seen em all I mean, they re so much fun and they feel so good So this book was a win for me TJ, The Tao Jones, goes on a mission to take a group of ragtag kids and get them letterman s jackets in a school where athletes are EVERYTHING TJ Well, he could have had a jacket long ago He s got a natural athleticism and loves to get out there and mix it up with other people, playing Hoopster and flag football OUTside of school IN school, he refuses to buy into the bullshit of the athletic department He s the thorn in their side, all that untapped talent and he just continues and continues to refuse Then one day his favorite teacher approaches him about starting a swim team, which in the beginning TJ isn t so sure about That is until he walks through the hall and sees one of the football players with the worst attitude jacking up a mentally challenged student for daring to wear his dead brother s letterman jacket to school TJ, for his own personal reasons and history, takes serious offense to this and sticks up for Chris Because of Chris, TJ launches into this plan of forcing Cutters brightest and best to watch Cutters gutter kids walking around in those prized jackets But that s not it This book touches on child abuse, racism, bullying, domestic violence, accidental death sure it all sounds like perhaps too much, but I m telling you it really comes together well Simply gold I loved TJ He had a strong smart voice I loved how quick he was with a come back, and damn if I didn t agree with him every time But it wasn t just TJ, because every single one of the characters in this book has a purpose and a reason for being included Every single one will touch you Even the bad guys in this book are there for an important part of the story Everyone is essential I had 2 favorite characters in the book Chris, whom I touched on a bit, but I ll elaborate Chris was mentally challenged, and as such, was bullied horrendously not only by students but even by teachers Despite that, he was just really sweet and hopeful The relationship that blossomed between the swim team as a whole really was amazing to read but especially the relationship that blossomed between Chris and his teammates The reality of the world is that high school is hard for those who don t fit a certain mold, and through the swim team Chris was able to enjoy his Senior year at Cutter belonging All of the members felt this way, but since we start out with Chris, he really sticks out My other favorite character was TJ s dad Anyone who follows any of my reviews should know by now that I m partial to really well written great Dads TJ s Dad was amazing and wonderful and everything I would want in a father In fact, I was jealous I want a dad that looks like a biker but has a heart that tender The way he was with TJ, but especially the way he was with Heidi.I have only one complaint, which is what brings my rating down that half star Sometimes it s easy in these books or in any book really, to get so carried away that you take it just that one or two steps too far This book did that For those of you who ve read it, view spoiler I was really sort of put off at the surprise son that TJ s father had It was unnecessary He could have visited the grave and heard how sad the widow s life became by a neighbor or another family member without getting that gratuitous hide spoiler Interesting story, but way too much happening in it There is than one book included in this one book While it intrigued me and kept me reading, I felt like the author was tackling too much within the pages of this one book I couldn t decide what the major theme was because there were so many from which to choose Very strong language was included throughout the book In addition, difficult topics were addressed including domestic violence, child abuse, racism, intense bullying, sexual references, and ultimately murder Young adults would benefit from adult guidance to navigate the plethora of social issues presented in this book.