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Harry Attacked His Commanding Officer And Is Suspended Indefinitely, Pending A Psychiatric Evaluation At First He Resists The LAPD Shrink, But Finally Recognizes That Something Is Troubling Him And Has For A Long Time In , When Harry Was Twelve, His Mother, A Prostitute, Was Brutally Murdered, And No One Has Ever Been Accused Of The CrimeWith The Spare Time A Suspension Brings, Harry Opens Up The Thirty Year Old File On The Case And Is Irresistibly Drawn Into A Past He Has Always Avoided It S Clear That The Case Was Fumbled And The Smell Of A Cover Up Is Unmistakable Someone Powerful Was Able To Divert Justice And Harry Vows To Uncover The Truth As He Relentlessly Follows The Broken Pieces Of The Case, The Stirred Interest Causes New Murders And Pushes Harry To The Edge Of His Job And His Life When I started, I was not sure I would enjoy this book as much as the previous ones I was wrong This is a far intimate and poignant look into Harry Bosch, and the abused child inside him His investigation into the murder of his mother, than 30 years before, shows the Harry we know insightful, creative, persistent, abrasive and the Harry we know only a little from previous volumes.Being torn from his mother who loved him dearly, placed into a borstal where the law of the jungle ruled, and then a series of exploitative or unsuitable foster parents, created a young man on the edge of crime or greatness We learned something of his Viet Nam experiences in The Black Echo, and some bits of his past in The Black Ice and The Concrete Blonde, but in this book we journey much deeper into his soul.There are the usual side players, well drawn mostly, with often hidden motives, and the love interest Jazz wonderful and conflicted I noted in this book, again, that Harry loves the smell of his loves as they embrace, the mystery and physicality, the deep primal connection something he and I have in common, and with Connelly, too, I suspect.Wonderful stuff Poignant, painful, wonderful, and complex, and as usual, the whodunit not always as you might guess.The I read, the I love Harry. The fourth Harry Bosch novel finds the L.A.P.D homicide detective depressed and in a world of trouble In a fit of anger, he pushed his boss s head through a window and has been suspended from the force His badge and gun are gone and he s forced to undergo counseling if he has any hope of getting his job back To make matters worse, the woman he s been involved with recently has left him, and his house has been badly damaged in an earthquake The building inspector has condemned the house.Angry and depressed on several fronts, Harry is using some of his free time to try to make repairs to the house and save it from destruction He also decides to investigate a very cold case the murder years earlier of his own mother, who was working as a prostitute Her death was the turning point of Harry s life He knew his mother loved him but had never met his father As a young boy, he was thus condemned to a life in an orphanage and a series of foster homes until he could finally escape into the Army.Harry goes to the department archives and pulls the material relating to his mother s case In and around his visits to the police psychologist who is assigned to work with him, he begins digging into the case and before long has stirred up a veritable hornets nest.This is another gripping story in the Bosch saga, one that goes a long way in explaining how Harry turned in to the man he has become One would think that a thirty year old case would be too cold ever to clear, and it s fun to watch the inventive approaches that Bosch takes as he attempts to solve the crime.If I have a complaint about this book and about the character, it is that Bosh sometimes seems to go deliberately out of his way to insult or anger people when there s no good reason to do so Sometimes these are people who are actually trying to help him, but Harry treats them like crap, which is pretty much the same way he treats everyone I understand that Connelly is trying to create a hard, dark character here a loner with a chip on his shoulder who is reminiscent of the last coyote but he may overdo it just a bit Sometimes Harry reacts in a way that takes the reader, or at least this one, right out of the story, wondering why in the hell Harry would act that way when there was simply no cause to do so It s always fun to watch Bosch give some jerk exactly what he s got coming to him, but it s mystifying when he turns around and does it to someone who clearly doesn t deserve it Still, this is a relatively small complaint and on the whole, I really enjoyed reading this book again. Those fans of the great series Bosch who are not yet readers of Connelly s books could pick a worse place to start reading than The Last Coyote, which contains much of the plot of the second season Even better, though, would be The Concrete Blonde Harry Bosch 3 which contains much of the plot of the first Suspended for shoving his supervisor through a glass office panel, Detective Bosch decides to spend his enforced leave time investigating the murder which drives his angry heart the strangulation of his mother, an LA call girl killed than thirty years before This is a first class entertainment, with all the action and twists and turns a mystery story fan could hope for, plus enough darkness and depth in the characters to give it weight T Exceptional.Best book of the series so far Connelly is so much than a great thriller writer, he s simply a great writer and Bosch is such a great character, you can t help but pull for him at every step throughout this amazing story Best crime thriller series out there I honestly believe Connelly could write about anything I d put him up there with Stephen King and Brandon Sanderson in that regard he s honestly that good.