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Count and bark with a fun pack of pups in this Sandra Boynton classicSerious silliness for all ages Artist Sandra Boynton is back and better than ever with completely redrawn versions of her multi million selling board books These whimsical and hilarious books featuring nontraditional texts and her famous animal characters have been printed on thick board pages and are sure to educate and entertain children of all ages

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    It might seem odd to review a book that has 10 pages and less than 20 words in it But when you're dealing with books for very little kids that's the landscape you're dealing with Barely 15 minutes ago my littlest boy brought this book up to me and said Read daddy ReadThat's the baby version of a 5 star review What really makes this book good is that it's one of the very first books you can read to your kid It will catch and hold their attention long before they can follow anything with plot or words This just has dogs making different barking noises Both my boys loved this book and Cutie went through a period where there was nothing in the world funnier than one of the dogs going Yip yip yip He would laugh and laugh whenever I said that Huge helpless baby chortles Why? Who knows And who cares really? We were having a great time reading a book together And that's what really matters

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    My son loves this book We usually read it before bedtime After 5 minutes of barking Arf Arf Arf Aroof Aroof and howling Awoooooooooooooooh and laughing at each other Mommy comes in and tells us to settle down because it's time for bed This usually results in crying by me the occasional tantrum guilty again and lots of pouting you guessed it

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    I read this book before to my older son but reading it tonight to my younger son I forgot how much fun it is to read Plus my younger son was very engaged and mimicked all the dogs barking which my older son never really did However the other night I heard my older son 'read' it to his little brother which was cute funny and heartwarming

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    Fun More when The Lil Dude can enjoy books Right now books are objects for tummy time and practice for mom being silly especially this one Gotta work on my barks

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    My kids love it but it stresses me out to read it

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    Very cute and simple learning book that children love even as early as 6 months old Wonderful illustrations and lots of opportunities to laugh and bond with your child while they are learning My son loved and now my grandsons do too

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    I reiterate my first review Cute and short learning book First reviewMy family has had this book for as long as I can remember in fact our version was published in 1984 and since I'm the youngest and the biggest dog connoisseur it fell into my custody so I figured it should have a rating from me It's cute short and obviously I have fond memories

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    Simple cute illustrations lots of opportunities to make funny noises that will make your baby giggle Holds my 6 month old's attention wonderfully well

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    With barely enough words to fill a 5 minute conversation this book does than other kids books do in an entire series My nephew absolutely adores this book and he's a surprisingly picky reader After him shoving it in my face for the umpteenth time I gave it the standard once over and found it surprisingly well written and drawn Excellent art style and lovingly drawn visuals make it a pleasure to read I find it sweat and honestly I like it

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    Note this is not my review but the review of my daughter who can't have her own goodreads but does love herself a book Therefore I will be writing them for her She is currently 6 months old Enjoyed this book tremendously possibly because mom is very good at making various dog noises a skill she didn't even realize she had Would read again maybe 400 times