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A New York Times bestseller with over a half million copies in print CHOCOLATE continues to delight chocoholics everywhere Packed with Boynton's famous hippos bunnies pigs and other animals this gift perfect book is a whimsical commentary on the individual's relationship to chocolate its varieties and its sources From the several sorts of chocolate connoisseur including the gourmoo who eats only milk chocolate to the several shapes of chocolate itself bunny kiss glove compartment bar Boynton's apologia for chocolate misses nothing Myths are debunked chocolate is not fattening she argues especially when the caloric expenditure of carrying it home from the store and hiding it from company is factored in Directions are supplied to remove stains lick them Plus how to grow chocolate at home a foolproof method for determining if chocolate is in season does the name of the month contain the letter A E or U? and a recipe for Hippo Pot de Mousse Fourteen out of ten people like chocolate says the artist This is the only guide for people who like chocolate the way they like to breathe Vanilla people keep out Selection of the Literary Guild

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    Lovely book Boynton for grown ups I wonder if she would do a volume on single malt scotch

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    Lighthearted overview of chocolate Wonderful sense of humor If you like the two pages below you'll like this book

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    I have been an avid chocoholic and bookaholic for an awful long time now and yet somehow no one told me about this book It wasn't until I was introduced to Sandra Boynton's cute series of board books as a parent that I somehow stumbled upon this book from her past Apparently those cows and hippos have been around for uite a while nowOf course it was written before I was born so I understand that most people probably aren't stumbling across it as much any but I'm glad I did Chocolate is fairly timeless so the dated nature of it doesn't really detract from anything though I do wonder how she would comically handle all the % cacao labels nowadays which weren't really a thing back thenThis book uses comical cows hippos pigs and other animals for illustrative purposes as well as a dry sense of humor that doesn't take itself too seriously to provide a brief overview of just about every aspect of chocolate from the different kinds and forms it comes in to where to purchase it and even how to make it It humorously dispels all kinds of ridiculous myths about chocolate such as it's fattening bad for your complexion etc things that those of us who are addicted to passionate about chocolate already know but certainly don't mind the extra solidarity onIt had me giggling fairly often and while there were a few sections that weren't as funny as others it was overall uite enjoyable it's a uick read especially since the illustrations take up room than the text I had intended to savor it over several days but ended up devouring most of it all in one sitting which couldn't possibly be a metaphor for anything else

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    This book combined my three most favorite things books chocolate and sarcasmI like chocolate In the way as Sandra Boynton so elegantly says that I like breathing I probably have than 10 kinds of chocolate in my house currently I believe this was Ms Boynton’s first book It is not necessarily geared towards kids at all although I was about 10 when it was given to me But I was very familiar with her from her greeting cards Even though I hadn’t even opened the book in 15 25 years I could still uote one line from the book Regarding carob it is considered to be a good substitute for chocolate because it is roughly the same color and texture “However the same arguments can as persuasively be made in favor of dirt” Which was precisely my experience in my one unpleasant encounter with carobThe writing is hilarious even the footnotes and dedication the illustrations are even better and she does actually have legitimate research I particularly liked the chapter on Your Body and Chocolate The biorhythm chart was particularly amusing As for salvaging failed desserts I really have used failed brownies as an ice cream topping And a friend swears by the brownie recipe in here I do disagree with her about how inferior chocolate ice cream is she apparently is a fan of vanilla whereas I do not see the point of vanilla This book is a great funny gift book for all ages for everyone except those of jellybean sensibilities Sadly it is out of print Workman should bring this back to life

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    A very humorous mix of fact and silliness with Boynton's signature cartoons of hippos pigs cats and other animals

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    The ever delightful Sandra Boynton offers up an adorably illustrated revision of her 1982 Chocolate The Consuming Passion which if you've ever longed to see chocoholic hippopotomi plant cacao trees is just the book for youBoynton's tongue in cheek tone gives the text a silly breezy air that matches her trademark illustrations but it can occasionally make it difficult to discern what's meant to be a fact and what's pure tomfoolery I'd actually been hoping for something a little informational and while I found Chocolate amusing it uickly became clear that this is intended to be of a simple gift book than an actual primer of any kindAs a person who serves chocolate for others' benefit than her own I'm far from the target audience of this cheeky little volume but I'd strongly recommend it as a present for the chocoholic in your life

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    Such a sweet little bookCovers about everything you want to know about your favorite sin Many nice illustrations starring chocolate loving Hippos De gustibus non est disputandum This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License

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    I had this book as a kid in the '80s and literally read it so many times that it fell apart It is such a humorous detailed look at chocolate and at those of us who have a genuine love for all things chocolate I'm a self described chocoholic have been since I was VERY young; my mother once knew I was deathly ill at 18mos old because I refused to eat my chocolate pudding and she was right I had a bad case of pneumonia and had to be hospitalized I do enjoy flavors other than chocolate but I can't say there's any that I love and need in my life than chocolate Reading this book again really took me down memory lane I think I'll go find a piece of chocolate to eat now 😁

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    I love Sandra Boynton I think her children's books with illustrations are witty and fun I didn't love this book though It was good don't get me wrong And I think her following will probably boost sales for it But I didn't think it was that great I enjoyed all the illustrations as I always do I will probably try some of the chocolate recipes that were in the last chapter

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    I still the original version of this which Mom gave me when it was published in the early 80s I asked her for this new edition for Christmas 2015 It's still utterly delightful I'm glad she didn't need to update the chocolate chip cookie recipe It is customary at this point to sample the batterRe read in 2018