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Boynton's Greatest HitsThe ultimate set for Boynton fans here are four of her seriously silly bestselling board books in their own sturdy boxed set Full color illustrations

10 thoughts on “Boynton's Greatest Hits: Volume 1 (Boynton, Sandra. Boynton Board Books.)

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    Delightful for a read with the little ones We especially like Moo Baa La La La and Barnyard Dance

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    How does she do it? Sandra Boynton creates humor with simpler vocabulary than anyone since Dr Seuss and indeed rivals the master A bit of a surprise ending is freuently worked into even the simplest Boynton book and Blue Hat Green Hat features one of my favorites SPOILER ALERT the turkey never does uit being sillyAlso a warning on Doggies Doggies is the only Boynton book which you may tire of reading before your children tire of hearing it Thank heavens for Six uiet Dogs your mid book break from the necessity of barking

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    Sandra Boynton's stories are delightfully silly at any age and I've loved them from toddlerhood on up

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    I read these books to all three of my children now ages 16 21 and 26 We loved these books read them over and over so many times These are classics that need to be in every childs library for reading out loud to from birth to age 4 or 5 or older in my childrens case

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    Newborn babies won't be particularly engaged but great books for the babbling baby to pre schooler The books are clever which is nice for the reader Sandra Boynton's catalog is voluminous and nearly all are uite good I actually don't care for the A to Z in in this set

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    The packaging of 4 board books together is a great idea The stories are all pretty short so I can usually read all 4 books to my 1 year old son in 1 sitting He loves when I make all the animal sounds

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    Another I love to read with Forrest They are written so I have them all memorized We love Moo Baa La La La the best Forrest knows all the sound effects

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    I love Sandra Boynton and so do my kids

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    Excellent little collections All the basic Boynton books Excellent baby gifts The beast got them for her baby shower

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    My daughter is obsessed with these books They are her clear favorites out of her entire collection Short enough to keep her attention and she loves the pictures