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I loved this book It is about a girl Maya, and her two younger siblings called Simon and Penny She lives on a boat with them and her parents A storm washes them overboard and they find themselves on an amazing island called Tamarind, which is in the middle of a civil war Maya and her siblings have one main goal Find their Parents But tamarind is a big place, and dangerous for many reasons Pirates, Soldiers, A child napper who rides a jaguar, and many other dangers The book is about Maya, Simon, and Penny trying to find their parents and growing up on the way. It was awesome. I found this adventure a very pleasant viney green escape from the fierce winter weather outside There were some gaps in description and faint plot points which needled me a bit or broke my suspension of disbelief the main character s blisters are pointed out often, but I had no picture of what kind of shoes or socks she is even wearing, if anyand where was her backpack all this time Why the pan but I found the overall story is imaginative and satisfyingly rich in adventure. Maya is the oldest of three children who live with their parents on the ship the Pamela Jane, but has reached the age where she desperately wants a normal life on shore, maybe living with her Grandmother in Bermuda In a storm, their parents are washed overboard, the the ship comes across a mysterious island that appears on no maps, and which matches tales their father has told them over the years.Maya, Simon and Penny go ashore to search for their missing parents With the help of Helix, a boy Maya s age who is rather savage, they face pirates, carnivorous vines, a jaguar riding woman who steals children for her mines, and a war between the north and south that has ravaged island society, and a peaceful revolution trying to end the war Oh yeah, and mermaids, giants, and a mysterious glowing element x.I enjoyed the book, but had some quibbles After spending nearly 400 pages on the search for the parents, in only 50 pages the parents are found, the war is stopped, they get away from the island and go home to Bermuda The whole question about the organization that Maya s parents work for that is hunting for element x Ophalla is never resolved, and they leave open the question of how the Grandmother knew stories about Tamarind.Also, if it s so difficult to get to or from the island the storms that washed the parents overboard and the like , how is it that the island has cars, not to mention guns for the soldiers Still, all in all I enjoyed the book, and someday I will hunt down the sequel to see if we ever get those answers to the questions I had at the end. Not a bad storyline, but I got a little bored in the middle. Posted to my Livejournal in October 2008 Equal parts adventure, mystery, fantasy, and survival story, this first novel is quite accomplished Maya, 13 years old, has lived her entire life on the Pamela Jane with her marine biologist parents and two siblings After a violent storm, the parents go missing, and the kids manage to steer the boat to an unknown island It turns out to be Tamarind, a place that features heavily in their father s stories which they thought he was making up , and while looking for their parents, they quickly run into all sorts of dangers, including man eating vines and a child stealing woman who rides a jaguar This book reminded me a lot of Kenneth Oppel s Airborn, but for a younger audience it has a mysterious island not seen on any map, a scientific mystery, resourceful and plucky characters forced to contend with a dangerous environment, and pirates, among other similarities. Maya Nelson Isn T Your Typical Thirteen Year Old She S Spent Her Whole Life Living On The Sea With Her Marine Biologist Parents, Her Younger Brother, Simon, And Baby Sister, Penny Maya Used To Love Living On A Sailboat, But Lately, Everything Feels Terribly Claustrophobic Maya Longs To Go To School On Land To Make Friends To Lead A Normal Life But When A Violent Storm Hits And Maya S Parents Are Washed Overboard, Life Becomes Anything But Normal The Children Manage To Steer The Boat Toward A Mysterious Island, To A Place That Doesn T Exist On A MapWelcome To Tamarind, Where Fish Can Fly, Pirates Patrol The Waters, Jaguars Lurk, The Islanders Are At War, And An Evil, Child Stealing Enchantress Rules The JungleMaya Never Imagined She D Have To Face So Many Dangers But Then, Who Could Have Imagined A Place Like Tamarind In Her Stunning First Novel, Nadia Aguiar Presents A Heart Pounding Adventure Tale About A Haunting, Fantastical Island Cut Off From The Outside World Such a cute action packed story I would be terrified to go through all this as a 14 yr old with a younger brother and an INFANT sister so good though Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadToo.comThirteen year old Maya Nelson would like nothing than to live on land, go to school, and sit at an actual table to eat a meal once in a while Her outgoing younger brother, Simon, may be fine with living on a boat and traveling the world with their marine biologist parents, but lately, Maya s grown tired of having no privacy and none of the normal things kids should have.Her situation has only gotten worse since Penny was born, making the small boat even cramped But Maya has a plan after they drop off the new round of wildlife samples at the Marine Station, they ll be heading to Bermuda to visit Grandma Pearl, and Maya has made her parents promise to talk to her grandmother about letting Maya stay on land for awhile at least long enough to go to school and make some friends for the first time in her life.But then their boat, the Pamela Jane, hits a terrible storm, and Maya s parents are swept overboard Now with damaged instruments, no radio contact, and no sense of where they are, Maya and Simon somehow manage to land the Pamela Jane on an island and immediately begin to look for help.However, no sooner have they wrapped up Penny, gathered some supplies, and stepped off the boat do they realize that they ve ended up in a place like no other.Deadly jungle creatures, pirates patrolling the waters, and a witch who steals children are not the only things plaguing the hidden island of Tamarind, but Maya and her siblings will have to band together and draw on every ounce of strength they have if they ever want to find their parentsand avoid staying on the island for a long, long time.With dynamic and incredibly resourceful main characters coupled with an intriguing storyline that spreads beyond the boundaries of the page, this book is bound to captivate any young reader who loves a good adventure It holds its own among other popular tales of castaways, with a bit of magic and mystery mixed in. This book gave my summer a colourful, brighter exotic feel The Lost Island of Tamarind deserves to be a lot famous than it is.Maya 13 , Simon 9 and Penny 10 months live on a boat with their parents who are marine biologists The children s parents are currently contributing to the Red Coral project which the children are allowed to know little about When their parents get thrown overboard in a storm, the children try to find land but instead come across the magical island of Tamarind in search for their parents who had managed to take the lifeboat Personally, my favourite bit is when they are in the cloud forest as it is such a lovely place and there are events that make your heart pound Full of adventure, wonderful landscape, absorbing plots and unravelling mysteries and suspicions, this is the best book I ve ever read and one I ll keep for life.