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Dajanine zamisli ne mogu da se zbiju na pi ljivih stotinak stranica To jest, mogu, ali onda postaju pomalo zbrkana me avina svega i sva ega Ali, ne mogu to dovoljno da naglasim, u osnovi je stvarno sjajan i na alost nerazra en koncept Mitosfere 3 It s made up of all the stories, theories and beliefs, legends, myths and hopes, that are generated here on Earth As you can see, it s constantly growing and moving as people invent new tales to tell or find new things to believe When Hayley is packed off to her aunt s house in disgrace she encounters a huge, rolicking family she never knew anything about All of the children play a game, a scavenger hunt in the Mythosphere that weaves through stories and blends reality with make believe When Hayley begins to play, the game changes everything Hayley believes about who and what she is and the fate of her long dead parents This is not one of Diana Wynne Jones s stronger works The plot feels forced and rushed While the story is filled with her usual vibrant characters and great description there is just too much coincidence and the revelations feel anything but natural I was dissatisfied with the mystery, resolution and the overall plot. I started to get into Diana Wynne Jones books after enjoying Hayao Miyazaki films, then finding out that a few were based on her books Both storytellers are very similar in their imagination of fantasy worlds.I think The Game is a good book to introduce the reader to Jones work It gently lifts you from the real world to the mythical, while overall flowing as a fast read It is rooted in our world, but the gates open to folklore and fairy tales of old One comes to realize that the main characters of the book are all picked out of old legends Nevertheless, they each have their own real world nicknames, so it s not as easy to guess who might be who even as you discover the link.The level of reading is suitable to a young adult do to the lead characters and relative lack of violence or foul language It it also teases mature readers who try to solve the mysteries of the myths hidden within Like I mentioned before, it is also a quick read, and therefore a good introduction to this author s work.I stopped short of five stars due to a little confusion about some events in the book, yet would gladly recommend it. I wasn t planning on writing a review of The Game, but after finishing the book, I feel I need to The book has a great idea a girl who lives with her strict grandma and traveling grandpa, is sent to live with her cousins, where they take her to a place called the mythosphere No spoilers here you can read that in the book description Well while the idea is great, and the mythosphere sounds like an amazing place, the entire things falls short For one thing, there wasn t enough description I felt like I never got enough of a description of the mythosphere, for it to make sense I wanted a clear picture of it in my mind, but I was forced to make up in my own imagination aside from a tree here, and a lake there, descriptions of what I thought the mythosphere would be like I wished there had been world building involved, so I could really get a good feel for the mythosphere.There was also a clear lack of descriptive character actions, and it was hard to tell especially in the mythosphere what was happening The author describes what the character is seeing, but not what the character is doing, until it is already done, and you don t know how it happened This extended to the mythology characters as well While I was excited to read another book having to do with mythology, I really wish there had been explanation of the significance of important characters, or how they related to the story through mythology It seemed the author relied heavily on the hope that the reader would have previous knowledge of such things, and there was no explanation for readers who may not have this knowledge.For one reason or another, I did find myself lost at times which is so frustrating , and chose to just forge on through, skipping ahead until I understood what was happening I finished the book, but it wasn t much worth finishing The end happens all too quickly, and you don t know it s the end, until there s no story to read I kept hoping that pages would magically appear, so that the weak sauce ending I had just read, wouldn t be it As much as I didn t like the way the book was written, it did deserve a stronger ending All in all, the whole idea of the book was great The actual book could have been greatwith some work It just felt like I was reading a first draft, and that there should have been to the story So two stars for an awesome idea, and no , for not pulling it off.Edit Another reviewer Amitha said I think perhaps this novel would appeal to her fans rather than someone reading her books for the first time I completely agree Hayley is a child who has been sent away to an aunt s in Ireland in disgrace by her very strict grandmother and tolerant but busy grandfather, although she is not really clear why The reason gradually becomes clear, but meanwhile Hayley is immersed in a, to her, bewildering new existence, as a lot of the family have come to stay with her aunt for an annual reunion And as part of that, they play a strange Game which is a scavenger hunt with a difference each child is set the task of retrieving a mythological fairy tale folk tale fictional object by travelling through a network referred to as the mythosphere Hayley has learned from her grandfather about this energy field network, generated by all the stories on Earth and continually changing as new stories emerge and old ones fall into disuse In the course of her stay at her aunt s house and her participation in the Game, she learns surprising things about her family and the parents whom she thought were dead.This is a short book my edition had large print with gaps between the lines and the last 20 or so pages were taken up with an author s note on the characters and some character notes a lot of the characters are based on divine semi divine beings in Greek Roman mythology , a quiz and a few other things, so the book ended sooner than anticipated It is a very quick read a romp that goes from one bit of action to another with lots of characters being name checked I didn t find any of them well realised including Hayley, who mainly does things under the guidance of others although she is eventually instrumental in the slightly too convenient finale.Although the story comes across as meant for younger children, there is some content which is older than that at one point Hayley meets the Maeneds who, true to mythology, have torn a man to bits and are parading his head around while they cavort in a drunken state, covered in blood So the book does rather fall between stools as far as its age group is concerned Anyway, because I didn t love it as much as other DWJ stories, I rate it at 3 stars. Hayley discovered that being a comet was fun than she had ever had in her life Hayley lives with her grandparents and has never met her mother or father Life with her grandparents is dull grandmother is severely strict and never lets Hayley leave the house on her own But during an unwatchful moment of her grandmother s, Hayley slips away and meets her first friends ever, Flute and Fiddle Once back home, though, grandmother becomes so furious that she puts Hayley on the next plane to Ireland to live with her until then unknown numerous cousins But life in Ireland soon becomes a lot interesting than anything Hayley has ever known as she gets drawn into The Game where she and her cousins visit the Mythosphere world.The Game defines the words wasted potential I could kick and scream because the concept of the Mythosphere is brilliant yet the execution is so poorly done I or less forced myself to read this as it either failed to hold my attention or simply lost me halfway in the underdeveloped and messy plot If anything, it reads like a prequel to what should have been a much bigger story a prequel one would only fully grasp if one is already familiar with the main story The Mythosphere sounds like a most intriguing place Essentially, it seems some kind of magical place that consists of all myths, stories and legends ever told That includes all the different variations so it is an ever growing world as new stories or variants are told Every story has its own strand which all seem to stretch through the universe passed zodiac constellations, stars and planets And as wonderful as it all sounds, the problem lies in the seems.The Mythosphere was hardly explained at all as well as all the characters in it I don t even understand who or what Hayley is There is talk of story strands hardening but what that does or how it happens is never explained How time flows is never explained There are several precious items mentioned and collected yet never explained Fiddle and Flute are never explained who are they Who is the self proclaimed strongest witch who pops up out of nowhere at the end How do all the characters relate to each other This book did nothing for me other than bring up and questions For that same reason, I found it hard to care for the characters as I didn t really get who they are supposed to be There s a lot of astrology and Greek and Roman mythology that s great, but the story is told with the assumption that you already know all about it But knowing about Greek and Roman mythology won t be enough as this book covers all stories ranging from Cinderella to The Lord of the Rings.With so much going on in the Mythosphere, it strikes me as a story that requires a whole series to go anywhere With its less than 200 pages, however, it doesn t do anything other than give you a very brief glimpse of what could have been an absolutely mesmerising world to read about if given the space and world building it needed. Hayley S Parents Disappeared When She Was A Baby Since Then, She Has Been Raised And Homeschooled By Her Grandparents Grandad Is Overworked And Travels A Lot Grandma Is Much Too Strict And Never Lets Her Meet Any Children Her Own Age When Hayley Does Something Wrong She Is Not Quite Sure What They Pack Her Off To Her Aunts In Ireland To Hayley S Shock, Her Family Is Much Bigger Than She Thought To Her Delight, The Children All Play What They Call The Game, Where They Visit A Place Called The Mythosphere And While She Plays The Game, Hayley Learns About Her Own Place In The World Than She Had Ever Expected This Original Novella By Diana Wynne Jones Is Sharply Funny, Fast Paced, And Surprising Until Its Very End Like All Of This Acclaimed Author S Work This is a short book but it s packed with references to mythology, mostly Greek Roman, with Baba Yaga thrown in from Russian folklore and some fairy tales and other things So there s a lot to take in within this slender story, as if everything from the mythosphere where all myths and fairy folk tales are forever ongoing in cloudy strands wrapped around the earth of the story was endlessly unfolding into your head and bringing and references to other characters and stories each time you thought about it I don t know if that completely makes sense but it s a clever little story and I m sure I ll keep trying to work out all the references in it for a while. I absolutely adore Diana Wynne Jones writing Every story is a great adventure, with lots of plot twists and surprises, and at the end, things are usually drastically different than they were at the beginning, but always in a way that makes a crazy sort of sense.Her characters shine brilliantly All of them Even though they all have elements of the fantastic in them, they re all so real and believable at the same time And there are always strong female characters with roles that even today would still be relegated to male characters only, were it any other author writing the tale.Young Hailey has displeased her strict, prim and proper, drill sergeant of a grandmother and her nicer but slightly aloof grandfather, who live near London, so they ve packed her off to Ireland to spend some time with her numerous aunts and even numerous cousins yet, strangely, no uncles to be seen, except for one Uncle Jolyon, who Hayley dislikes on principle for his duplicity and his manipulative ways While visiting her aunts, she is invited to play The Game with her cousins, which involved setting foot in the mythospherea realm of myths and fables and all sorts of other things that will start to seem and familiar to the reader as the story goes along.I love how, in Diana Wynne Jones stories, along the way the characters band together some of whom may have been at odds at the beginning of the story and head off to solve whatever confrontation is brewing, usually with unexpected results, and it is always a very wild ride and The Game is no exception to that Even the secondary and minor characters glow with life They could grace the story for a page or two at most, and still leave a lasting impression And also true to Diana Wynne Jones form, characters who go off on their own at the beginning of the story and as a reader it seems like their part is done, and you ll never hear from them again tend to show up at the penultimate moment That, too, happens in The Game, and I was very delighted by it.Reading this, I almost felt as if I was along for the adventure, which in my mind is a very good compliment indeed The Game is definitely a book I will re read, several times, and share with others It s a fun roller coaster ride from the beginning, sometimes mysterious, often hilariously funny few books make me laugh out loud, and this one did There were also many references, both to classical mythology and folklore as well as some of the fantasy worlds from Diana s other works which were a treat, too, as I always love making connections to other stories like that. Children s contemporary fantasy Hayley grew up with her grandparents, isolated from the world Only then Hayley did something wrong she s not sure what, only that it was to do with Fiddle and Flute and the boy with the dogs and now she s been packed off to a house full of aunts and cousins in Ireland The house is riotous and warm and, best of all, the children play something called The Game, in the mysterious Mythosphere But Hayley s misdeed has attracted the attention of the dangerous head of the family a family that turns out to be far unusual than Hayley realised.This has a stupendously exciting setup The Mythosphere is exactly what it sounds like a realm where you can travel through the different forms and interconnections of myth and story Hayley is an immediately appealing character, and the aunts and cousins dashing about dealing with the flooded upper rooms the night Hayley arrives are fantastic But then the story sort of loses its way Like Eight Days of Luke, this is based on ancient mythology in this case Greek rather than Norse and while it s huge amounts of fun to sit there with the book and a copy of The Greek Myths and work out what all the references are to, the story does kind of lose itself in references at about the midway point, and forget that it s a story The resolution just sort of happens, and then everything s over.It s a nice little book, based on one of the coolest concepts DWJ has ever played with But I wanted the ending to be as clever as the beginning, and it didn t quite live up.