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10 thoughts on “Ellie the Guitar Fairy (Rainbow Magic: Music Fairies, #2)

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    I like Ellie because she plays the guitar I wish I could play the guitar I wish I were Rachel in these books because in this book Rachel and Kirsti get to throw rotten fruit at the goblin It's funny

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    this book was soooo goodIf you love music you love fairy tales and music and guitars then this is the book for youPlus the pictures are creative

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    The best part was when Rachel Kirsty and Ellie were throwing rotten fruit at the goblin

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    i like the part when the goblins are on stage and they play ellie's guitar

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    Kirsty's father is making a band But his electric guitar isn't so good The sound is bad They hear this lovely melody floating in the air

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    Kirsty's father is starting his own band but his electric guitar plays worse because of the goblin who has Ellie the Guitar Fairy's magical guitar Kirsty her best friend Rachel and Ellie follows the goblin plus a rotten fruit throwing fight Read during RGYSP Week 2020 Reading Marathon

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    Read this aloud to Keeley in one sitting I think she liked it fine though even her attention seemed to be waning occasionally The plot is so simplistic

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    Maybe reading all the books in this series at once wasn’t such a great idea The stories are all sounding the same to me now

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    6 year old daughter 5 stars5 year old daughter 4 stars

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    This is the second book of seven in the Music Fairies series by the group of authors who go by the name Daisy Meadows It's a fun series especially for young girls who are starting to read chapter books Our oldest is addicted and I am encouraging it since I am confident that these books will help her develop a love for reading She reads them on her own and will sometimes read aloud to me I have been reading them along with her at first I was irritated by them but now they amuse me and they only take about 5 minutes to read We will discuss the plots her favorite parts and what we think will happen later in the series We've read through several of these series of books and our oldest is determined to read them all I love it She slowed down her reading pace for this series over the holidays playing and reading Christmas themed stories but now that winter break is over I'm sure she will pick up where she left off