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Move over Christmas Carol— here’s a new holiday ghost storyIt's Christmas Eve and Kaye’s family is on the way to her grandmother’s house in a swirling snowstorm Suddenly the car hits a patch of ice It slides across the road and skids into a snow filled ditch Through the car window Kaye spots a light in the woods Its glow leads her and her parents through the blizzard They find a warm cabin and a kindly old woman named Elsa And Kaye finds something else—a green ghost who needs her helpNewbery Honor–winning author Marion Dane Bauer spins a third spooky tale to complement her previous stories The Blue Ghost and The Red Ghost From the Trade Paperback edition

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    Just like the story The Blue Ghost which was also written by Marion Dane Bauer this story also centers on the connection and love between a family These ghost stories are not really intended to scare the readers Instead these books teaches young readers as well as adults that there are unexplained things we cannot fully comprehend like the concept of ghosts and spirits But we should take account that these entities want to convey something that's why they make their presence felt

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    I would have enjoyed it when I was little It reminded me of a much better written Are you afraid of the dark? episode Pleasantly spooky and wonderfully written

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    This is one of the sweetest storiesWhen we knew the 5 and 7 year old would be out for Winter Break for 3 weeks we headed straight to the Metropolitan Library  Loading up on books for everyone as well as the neat little personal video pre loaded stories Younger children can watch the Magic School Bus episodes and much  This is a great beginning chapter book for readers Miss Charli Ava had no problem reading it There was action adventure ghosts and blizzards who wouldn't love it? And how did I choose such a gem? It was sitting beside the 5 American Girl books I checked out This one though started a conversation about life death ghosts and long ago times and words The kids asked me to read it over and over And now that we know there are I'm sure PaPa will swing by and get those tooThank you Ms Bauer for this Christmas Joy

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    This was a very uick read I picked up randomly It helped to be reading it during Christmas season added to the mood It had a nice mystery to it and I thought the ending was tender

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    sweet story

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    I'm not sure how we discovered this book but it was a very powerful story and one that triggers very strong emotions The Christmas theme brings feelings of happiness and celebration but Lillian's story is so sad The disparity of the emotions takes the reader on a roller coaster ride We started this book late in our storytime and I expected to only read a chapter or two but we were so drawn into the story we just had to know what happened in the end I read the last chapter with tears streaming down my face and our girls were listening so avidly Our youngest was uite sad about the story to the point that she says that she didn't like it But our oldest was completely fascinated entranced by the tale She read it again on her own the next day and was insistent that we get the other books in this series Being the concerned mom that I am we discussed the poor choices that Lillian made that fateful day and we imagined what would have happened if she had made better decisions It brought about an interesting dilemma as Kaye and her family were saved by her ghost which of course would not have existed if she had not died Such an interesting story We have put the other Ghost stories by Marion Dane Bauer on hold and are really looking forward to reading them

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    Two voices from two different times tell a beautiful ghost story Lillian grows tired of the stunted scraggly Christmas trees her father cuts down behind the family's barn each year This year she convinces her parents that she's old enough to find the perfect tree When Lillian heads into the forest with her ax her sister Elsa begs to go with her The search takes longer than Lillian expected and the girls are caught by the darkness and the cold They shelter under the perfect tree hoping that their father will find them before it's too late Many years later Kaye's family gets stranded by a bad snow storm while on their way to Grandma's house for Christmas They find shelter at the house of an old woman named Elsa That night Kaye wakes to find a young girl sitting on the foot of the bed As Kaye follows her into the forest she realizes that the girl is a ghost Kaye helps the young ghost deliver a special message to her sister Elsa

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    The main characters in this book is KayneElsa and Elsa's sister Lillian Kayne is a kind soft hearted girl who's on her way to her grand mothers place to celebrate christmas Elsa is a girl who has a beautiful heart too Lillian is also a girl who is picky The book switches the story back and forth The story tells about Lillian going to find a beautiful tree for christmas but something tragic happens Kayne meets Lillian later in the future Over all i think this book is a good book to read for fun

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    I seldom cry over books but this one had me close to tears The writing is simple and direct The title clearly states there is a green ghost in the story but somehow it caught me unaware It is sad and happy at the same time

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    This received five stars because I read it out loud to Sam and when we read the last sentence he said That was amazing Sam is seven and loves good ghost stories and this is an excellent one We'll read in this series