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I wasn t sure about this one because I ve read other things by Joan Aiken that I didn t like at all but I was pleasantly surprised True to form as far as I ve noticed she included a lot of dialect from the different cultures represented In the story, but it was not so heavy that it became tiresome to read like with other books I ve read of hers The characters were strong and the plot moved along nicely And the twist at the end, I shouldve totally seen coming but I didn t at all It made for a very pleasant light read. The strong characters, quick moving plot, and exciting adventure in this book make it a great choice for any middle grade reader And wait til you get to the twist at the end I really enjoyed it Find it at the Giddings Public Library under JF AIK Miss Taylor This book is fantastic but it takes a little time before the magic has fully kicked in I read this book out of order, so I can t comment on how it fits in the seriesso it s even impressive how much I enjoyed it.Cons The beginning often feels cliched and heavy handed, and you don t really know what kind of story it s going to be for a while Characters seem super one dimension All these problems are resolved quickly YES Pros Fascinating portrayal of Basque landia, great scenes that genuinely spooked me out, nice character relationship growth, and nice pacing overall The end of the book is so satisfying I wanted to immediately read on, but of course my library doesn t have the other books, so immediate gratification was not obtained BUT What I truly enjoyed and I m hoping that this plays out in the other books as well is the crossroads of supernatural badassery and genuine faith in a higher power In a way, it hits that same sweet spot that Madeleine L Engle books often do Felix enjoys a relationship with God that is very believable, and while it was only a small part of the book overall, it added this great layer of growing in your beliefs to an already captivating travel tale. Aiken is such an unusual author, mixing realism with supernatural in a way that is never silly, though it may as in some of her Dido books be difficult to disentangle rather like Juan s poetry, which Felix struggles to understand like a story I read this book not knowing it was part of a series, but I felt it stood well on its own It was a little slow and confusing at the start, but by the end of the first chapter, the characters had taken on life and drew me in to their story Although I was expecting some kind of twist at the end of the story, I never suspected what, looking back, should have been the obvious surprise. What a charming, exciting, imaginative book I read book 1 in this series last year and enjoyed it very much, but this one is possibly better Joan Aiken blends history and the supernatural in this tale of a boy s travels through Spain and France with a mysterious companion during the 1820 s The companions brave lightning storms, hunger, high mountains, poisonous snakes, and an assortment of frightening enemies yet overcome through wit, courage, and the help of Providence. Loved it Re read after visiting the Basque island of Gaztelugtxe. Even faster paced than the first novel in the trilogy, Saddle the Sea, and just as well written I liked this one even Even fewer slow parts Same type of story high adventure and action and good, decent morals Looking forward to the final novel in the series, Teeth of the Gale Again, ages 8 and above. After Visiting His Family In England, Felix Is On His Way Back To Spain When He S Shipwrecked Off The Coast Of France He Is Taken In By Monks To Recover From His Ordeal But It Soon Becomes Clear To Him That He Is Actually Being Held Prisoner Felix Encounters An Injured Boy, Juan, On The Grounds Of The Monastery And Saves Him From Death The Two Boys Escape And Continue On To Spain Together But A Gang Is Pursuing Juan, And The Journey Is Dangerous Than They Imagined Liked the first book only slightly better than this one another great adventure and so many endearing characters Can t wait for book three, and can t believe this series doesn t get publicity The entire Salt Lake County Library system only has one copy of each book and I don t get it Again maybe the difficulty, I don t know. Felix Brooke 2 If you re a militant atheist, you might be annoyed at the religious stuff a fair bit than in Go Saddle the Sea but, other than that, if you liked Saddle , you ll like this Felix decides to go back to his Spanish family and has adventures in Basque country in the course of getting there.