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Morgan Le Fay Will Make Jack And Annie Masters Of The Tree House If Onlythey Can Solve Four Riddles Which Will Take Four Books, Of Course Dolphins At Daybreak Begins The Third Set Of Four Books In This Magical And Increasingly Popular Series Jack And Annie Are Off In The Magic TreeHouse Again, This Time To A Whole New World Under The Ocean Complete With Agiant Octopus, A Hungry Shark, And Dolphins To The Rescue, This Magic TreeHouse Book Delivers An Underwater Adventure Kids Can Dream About

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    Slightly peril in this one Also, Jack and Annie are working on becoming Master Librarians and the 6 year old does not believe me when I tell her that I as a librarian also had to travel around in a magic treehouse solving riddles in order to complete my Masters degree Sigh.

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    A book my 6 yr old loved, a little old for my preschoolers A solid reading level 3 book, this reader has a good amount of advanced vocabulary words, but not so long that it discourages a new reader Used it for his read out loud book, which was perfect It took about 15 mins for him to read and had just enough new vocabulary words to make it challenging Also, it was a fun and interesting story he could get into He liked it so much, he asked for by this author Great reading book

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    Good adventure

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    This book is Magic Tree House Dolphins at daybreak and the author is Mary Pope Osborne It s a good book I mean I didn t want to read it but for a book that I didn t want to read it was a better book than I thought The book was about two kids going to there tree house because they had a dream and Jack and Annie are trying to become master librarians My opinion I don t think I would read another book like it but it was ok The book was kind of dumb but for it being like that it was good I guess.

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    I read this to my grandchildren, and they loved it

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    Dolphins at Daybreak , is the ninth book in the Magic Tree house series written by Mary Pope Osborne It starts off with Jack and Annie having the same dream, which means Morgan, the wizard of the tree house, was giving them a sign to go to the tree house Morgan gives them four riddles to solve Then they wish to go to the beach They go into a submarine and dive into the depths of the ocean Not too long after heading out, they realize that there is a leak in the submarine Jack had an idea and tried to drive back to shore before they sunk On the way back up, an octopus wraps it s tentacles around the submarine and attacks them Soon after, a big shark comes along and scares the octopus off Then it turns into a nightmare when the shark tries to attack Jack and Annie A group of dolphins save them and bring them back to shore After they get back to the tree house, they wish to return to the Frog Creek Woods and soon they are home.The two main characters in the book are siblings, Jack and Annie Jack is older and the intelligent of the two and is always looking out for his little sister, Annie Annie is the adventurous type and always finds a way to get the two into trouble They work together to solve the riddles Morgan gives them to solve.The book begins in Jack and Annie s house in the town of Frog Creek Next, the two run off to the tree house and wish to go to the ocean The book takes place around our time period but does not say specifically Mary Pope Osborne did a good job with the descriptions and creates good mental images.This book is quite short and is an easy to read I would recommend this book to any elementary children who like adventures because Jack and Annie go on a new one every book Parents could also read these goods to their child I rate this book a three out of five because it is slower and does not contain any really exciting parts.

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    1 Jack and Annie are sent on another adventure by the mysterious Morgan le Fay This time, they end up in the middle of the ocean with four riddles to solve and lots of underwater friends to learn about, including octopi, hungry sharks, and friendly dolphins who save the day.2 2 43 Science, Just for Fun4 Students who enjoy reading about marine life could greatly benefit from this book Alternatively, students who like the MTH series can continue their love with this book.5 6 I could use this book in many ways I could use it as an aide in a science unit about marine life I could also use it in literature circles if I were using series, as Magic Tree House is a wonderful series to feed young imaginations.7 Mary Pope Osborne has an entire series of Magic Tree House books that take Jack and Annie on marvelous adventures 8 None

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    Mary Pope Osborne s ninth book in Dolphins at Daybreak is a short book and it is all right They both have a dream about a librarian, so they head to the treehouse They get a mission to crack mystery They get sent to the ocean and they see all these clues on land and deep down in the ocean They find a broken submarine and decide to go in hit they see dolphins, fish, clams, seahorses, sharks, and a squid The squid attacks the submarine, the glass starts breaking They start rushing out trying to survive They find a hole and escape the submarine, which is now sinking They start swimming back and sharks start following their white trail.In my opinion the book was really easy to read I read in one night, it was really short and kind of boring That is probably because it s a 5th grade book But overall for being a 5th grade book it is very excellent.

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    Dolphins at daybreak is about Jack and Annie becoming master librarians.They have to solve the riddle and it took them to the beach.The answer was a pearl because a clam is ugly on the outside but on the inside there a pearl.

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    Mary Pope Osborne s ninth book in The Magic Treehouse series, Dolphins at Daybreak, is an amazing book for younger readers Their treehouse in their backyard is magical They found a broken down mini submarine on the shore and decided to explore it They went down into the ocean and were looking at sea coral and big sea animals The mini sub breaks down, they ferociously start swimming back to shore They both see a shark chasing them They swam faster and faster then they felt something bump into them Suddenly they see some dolphins and found out it was what bumped them What do you think, will they get back to the treehouse safely My opinion is this book was ok, I recommend it for younger students It moved very slowly, and not that much action.