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this book is probably the single largest influence on my own writing.strange, but true.never far from my mind. I read a Simon Schuster hardcover edition with this cover and ISBNs, but it looks as though the publication date is 1997 and it s the restored deluxe edition with color corrections made from the watercolor originals, the illustrations looking just as Steig intended them to appear, and it also contains the text of the author illustrator s Caldecott Award acceptance speech, and I really enjoyed reading that speech.I love the watercolor drawings They re really beautiful and expressive Well, I guess the moral of this one is to be very careful what you wish for Very, very, very careful Sylvester is a donkey who finds a magic pebble, and in order to escape a dangerous situation he wishes he was a rock, so he becomes a rock, and stays a rock, because he has to be holding the pebble for his wishes to come true and, of course, there s no way for a rock to hold a pebble So, there s an awful consequence to his wish Sylvester and his parents go through the gamut of emotions while he is missing, from glee to fear to despondency, from grief to joy I did care about Sylvester and his parents and what they go through Sylvester s situation does get resolved, after quite a bit of time passes and the resolution depends on happenstance, but because of the ending, I d have no qualms reading this book to young kids. Amazing EPub, Sylvester And The Magic Pebble Author William Steig This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Sylvester And The Magic Pebble , Essay By William Steig Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Although I appreciate William Steig s Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, and find the accompanying illustrations for which Steig than deservedly won the Caldecott Medal evocatively sweet and expressive, both complimenting and actually also often even rather expanding on the narrative the printed words , I also cannot say that Sylvester and the Magic Pebble is a story I could on a personal and also on an emotional level ever truly love I have never been all that much into anthropomorphic animal characters even cute and lovable donkeys like Sylvester and his family , and further, while as an adult I can wholly understand the morale and messages behind Sylvester s sojourn as a rock, namely that one should be careful for what one wishes, the fact that Sylvester simply disappears, that even the police are dumbfounded and his poor mother and father, of course, both horrified and devastated, would have quite majorly troubled me, would have much hurt my psyche as a child and even as an adult, Sylvester s disappearance and the sadness this causes his mother and father, especially since even the happy ending is really for all intents and purposes purely arbitrary and totally lucky, has the tendency to bring tears to my eyes, and even instil a bit of fear and consternation in my heart Still definitely a tale to recommend is Sylvester and the Magic Pebble but with the necessary caveat that very sensitive children might well feel sad and possibly frightened by what the so called magic pebble has wrought, has caused.Now if I were just rating William Steig s Sylvester and the Magic Pebble as a story in and of itself and from a purely reading enjoyment and appreciation criterium , three stars would likely be the highest rating I would tend to consider an evocative, even at times sweet offering, albeit one that does feel not altogether comfortable for me personally However, considering that Sylvester and the Magic Pebble has been repeatedly challenged and was even banned restricted in certain areas of the United States simply because the police officers who try to locate Sylvester are illustrated, are depicted as pigs, I will up my rating to four stars and with both anger and massive indignation point out that ALL of the porcine police officers are depicted as always caring, as continually trying to do their best for Sylvester s worried and grieving family, and that ANY attempts to challenge or censor ban Sylvester and the Magic Pebble are both dictatorial overreaching and pure and utterly vile ignorance of the highest denominator. This was my favorite read of the day by far Something I picked up because it s a Caldecott award winner Although the pictures were cute, I didn t necessarily think that they should have been awarded the Caldecott But the story than made up for it Perhaps, growing up with Richard Scary books read to me, I m spoiled when it comes to animals dressed up as people telling stories In any case, still a wonderful read Not something I d recommend for preschoolers, as my 2 yr old twins, almost 3, weren t at all interested, but my 5 yr old and I were enchanted. My eight year old granddaughter read this to me this weekend It s one of her favorites from my collection of our children s books I don t remember reading it as a child, but we have the 1969 paperback version, so it may have been one of my brothers or sisters favorites It s a good story about appreciating family with a bit of magic.I ve lost count how many times we ve read this one so it s definitely a keeper if she chooses to read it on her own. This was great, although I was a little disturbed as a child by how long poor Sylvester is stuck as a rock, and how beyond help he is But all s well that ends well I still prefer I didn t remember much about this story, though the illustrations are familiar I was surprised how sad and aching the story is, on the whole perhaps it s just that I m reading it now as a parent and it s so very chilling to think of what Sylvester s parents are going through And poor Sylvester as a rock that whole time It s probably equally chilling to read it as a child the thought of being separated from your parents all that time The ending is so heartwarming and I love the message, though As I understand it, the book was banned because the police are portrayed as pigs an unfortunate casting choice by Steig, to be sure. When I was five years old in 1974, I read a childrens book review and noticed a nice review for this book I also liked the fact that there was a gold medallion on the top right corner, which signified that it was the Caldecott award winner for 1970 I didn t know exactly what that meant at the time, but I did know at that age that if you were awarded something gold that it meant it was really good.I asked my parents if I could order it through my kindergarten class book club, but they declined at the time Undaunted, I went to several neighbors in my apartment in Los Angeles and asked for spare change so I could order this book After panhanding the third floor, I had enough money to order it When it arrived I was really excited and read it everyday Finally my dad noticed and found out what I did, but I didn t get in trouble He just asked me not to ask for help from others, just to go to him and he would make a deal with me, such as mowing the lawn, waxing the cars, or other chores, to earn what I wanted, within reason Now to the bookI found the story very interesting in that among his initial wishes, among them was things for his parents, which I found very thoughtful I also related to his panic when faced with something fearsome, and panicking into a rash decision at the time to turn himself into a stone I was really depressed during the middle part of the book when Sylvester s parents were searching in vain for him, and the help his neighbors offered I enjoyed seeing various animals portrayed in this book with beautiful illustrations by William Steig, who I later learned wrote Shrek I was somewhat disturbed to learn as an adult that the portrayal of the police as pigs caused to book to be banned in certain parts of the country As a five year old I thought the pigs were helpful in their search for the missing Sylvester The illustration for the ending showed great joy of the family being reunited, and for some reason it always reminds me of my parents and myself At that age, there is not enough life experiences to be able to compare anything else, so I was glad to find something that did To summarize, I enjoyed the story from beginning to end, as it was an emotional roller coaster for me at that age Part of it had to do with my empathy with Sylvester,and because his parents reminded me of my mom and dad It was also to first book that I bought by my own choice, and I ll always remember it fondly. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble is one of William Steig s earlier books and has proven to be the most emotional and heartwarming of all of his books Also, this was William Steig s first controversial book due to the image of the police being portrayed as pigs, even though I do not think that it is an issue because all the characters are animals, but it depends on how you view this issue Anyway, William Steig s dramatic storyline and illustrations has won this book a Caldecott Book Award and will surely be a treat to read.William Steig has done an excellent job at beautifully detailing a young donkey s attempts to change back to normal after a wish goes awry Both children and adults will feel for Sylvester s great sadness at not being able to tell his parents that he is still alive and his parents misery as they thought that their darling son was dead William Steig s illustrations are beautiful and detailed as he vividly draws the sad and happy emotions on Sylvester s parents faces when they worried about their son, Sylvester Also, the illustrations of the flowers and the trees and even the snow during the winter scene are memorizing as they provide a calm background the images Small Rant Alright, so everyone who has been browsing through various banned books knows that the reason why this book was banned was because of the image of the policemen being portrayed as pigs First of all, I have an issue with this book being banned because of that reason I mean, this is a book about TALKING ANIMALS, so what is wrong with the police being portrayed as pigs in a book about talking animals Also, the main character is a DONKEY So, that means that if the characters were switched and the main character was a pig and the policemen were donkeys, would that still be an issue There were a couple of banned books where I do not agree with the reasons of it being banned although, I never agree with any book being banned , but this was one of those books where I think the reason for it being banned was COMPLETELY unjustified Rant Ended Also, the scenes where Sylvester s parents worry about Sylvester s whereabouts might worry smaller children who might worry about whether or not Sylvester will ever transform back into himself again Parents should reassure their children about the importance of staying safe if they wonder out into an unknown area Sylvester and the Magic Pebble is William Steig s milestone children s book as it discusses the love that Mr and Mrs Duncan have for their child, Sylvester, when he turns up missing and view spoiler how the spell of the magic pebble is broken when Mr and Mrs Duncan wished for their child s return hide spoiler