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While I enjoyed the book, I found it forced at its ending Too much, too fast with not enough time to process Some of Thulani s obsession with Ysa was a bit tiresome to me Loved the doves Loved the interaction with his brother and sister in law Beautiful look at Haitian Creole Caribbean culture living in America. Every time a Rainbow Die s By Williams Garcia ABOUT THE CHARACTER My book is about two character mostly Ysa and Thulani Ysa is a teen age girl who got raped and really don t understand why this young boy wanted to help her and see if she was OK everyday She very different than everyone else because she wears very bright color clothing like the rainbow.Thulani is a teen age boy who see Ysa get raped and wants to help her but he don t get why wont she let him He is not like everybody else he wear ragged old clothes and don t care what everyone say s because he from Jamaica ABOUT THE BOOK My Book start s out with Thulani seeing a girl who get s raped by the two older guy s and when he gets down there they start to beat her fight and he yells and they run away so he goes to her and try to help but she wont let him she hits him and kicks him while he yell s I M NOT THE RAPERS, I M JUST TRY N TO HELP then she finally stops and give her his shirt and take her home as she tells him the street but not excally where There s view of the first chapter Near the end of the book is where the climax takes place and because he has to leave Ysa his love behind and dose he or dose he not come back PLOT1 Thulani see s a girl who gets raped by two men.2 Thulani describes her after she gets raped and beaten and try s to take her home.3 Thulani talks about how his mom is dead never came back when she went to Jamaica and how he never knew his father and where he is.4 Thulani and Ysa start small talk n likeAre you OK Sorry if i bothered you etc.5 Thulani finds out his sister is pregnant and she has her baby girl.6 Thulani lost his virginity to a girl in his school and he don t love her but they were dating cause Ysa told Thulani to leave her alone and did for a while.7 Thulani and Ysa get close and start talk n hanging out.8 Thulani finds out after he take s Ysa home he has to move to a different town cause there no yard for the baby to play in when it gets older he freak s out 9 Thulani and ysa goes to the park and makes love.10 He leave s and THEME The main point of my book is where Thulina has to move and is very confused and Thulani and Ysa fall in love and he has to leave her but doesn t know what to do but he tell s her he will come back but will he TONE The writer of my story is Rita Williams Garcia and he has many tone in this story here is a few of his tone s Sad, happy, sorry, and etc. Those of us who ve endured difficult childhoods might easily identify with this book SO MANY FEELS pain, joy, accomplishment, freedom, failure, acceptance, loss and on and on They re all there 4.5 rounded up Left to be desired, may have moved to quickly, could have handles rape and sex themes better. The Barnes Noble ReviewIn A Beautifully Written But Hard Hitting Tale About The Harsh Realities Of Life, African American Author Rita Williams Garcia Offers The Elegantly Poignant Young Adult Novel Every Time A Rainbow Dies Sixteen Year Old Thulani Has Been Adrift In His Life Ever Since The Death Of His Mother But The Healing Power Of Love, Along With A Tragic Event And The Vagaries Of Fate, Eventually Give Thulani S Life New Meaning And Direction Living In The Brooklyn Brownstone He And His Older Brother Inherited Upon Their Mother S Death, Thulani S Only Interest In Life Is The Pigeons He Keeps In A Dovecote Up On The Roof As Much As Possible, He Ignores His Brother S Attempts To Man Him Up And His Pregnant Sister In Law S Incessant Nagging He Has No Direction, No Goals, No Purpose But That All Changes When He Witnesses A Vicious Rape In The Alley Below His Rooftop By The Time Thulani Reaches The Girl, Her Attackers Have Fled But Instead Of The Gratitude And Relief He Expects From Her, Thulani Is Cursed, Shunned, And Even Slapped By The Battered Girl In The Weeks That Follow, Thulani Finds Himself Obsessing Over The Girl, Whose Name, He Learns, Is Ysa He Follows Her During The Day To See Where She Goes And Dreams About Her At Night It Takes Weeks Before He Has The Courage To Approach Her, And His Reception Is Not A Warm One But Thulani Is Determined And Persistent, A Trait That Eventually Wears Down Ysa S Defenses Now For The First Time Since His Mother S Death, Thulani Has Something Other Than His Birds That He Cares About, But Each Time Happiness Seems Within His Grasp, Something Happens To Take It Away From Him Then Thulani S Brother Makes Some Decisions That Will Force Thulani To Redirect His Entire Life This Crisis, Combined With His Brother S Well Meaning But Heartbreaking Betrayals And The Tenuous Nature Of His Relationship With Ysa, Teach Thulani How To Love, Forgive, And Stand Up For What He Believes In Every Time A Rainbow Dies Isn T Always An Easy Read A Violent Rape Scene, Which Is Depicted In Vivid Detail, And Some Sexual Imagery That Can, At Times, Be A Bit Coarse, Dictate Caution When Considering The Book S Appropriateness For Some YA Readers But Although Williams Garcia Offers No Illusions About The Harsh Realities Of Life, She Also Does An Amazing Job Of Proffering Hope Where There Seemingly Is None For Those Who Don T Need Their Tales Sugarcoated, This Is A Painful But Rewarding Read Beth Amos Since his mother died, Thulani has been a loner The only one he lets in on his secrets are his pigeons, which he keeps on the roof of his brownstone in Brooklyn One summer evening while on the roof of the Brownstone, he witnesses a teenage girl his age being raped He scares off the rapists and helps her back to her apartment on the other side of town The problem is, he can t stop thinking about her and must find out.This is a touching story of a young man who has cut himself off from the rest of the world and in an odd circumstance reconnects with it As with Williams Garcia s other novels this contains sometimes difficult subject matter, but the characters with their hearts in the right place, help the reader see beyond the darkness. Sixteen year old Thulani prefers spending time on the roof of his Brooklyn brownstone with his pigeons than meeting girls or going to school That is until he s woken up by a woman s screams one night As he sees this girl being raped in the alley something changes He runs down the stairs, into the alley, scares away the attackers, and helps the girl home Even after she s safely at home, Thulani can t stop thinking about her So starts this intense realistic novel Williams Garcia doesn t shy away from discussing big issues, rape, race, death, immigration, and sex in this young adult novel And she does it in an honest and accessible way that resonates with teens and adults alike This is by far one of the best young adult novels I ve read in a while. Well that was kinda strange.It s probably just my personal taste, but this book was rather weird and boring to me Thulani and Ysa s romance was sweet, but that was pretty much the only thing I really liked about the book Some scenes made me feel uncomfortable, and most of the book was Thulani yearning after stalking Ysa I did like the pigeons though heh If you d like to hear of my babblings, please visit my blog, The Book Sloth. Aimed at young adults, but a lovely book for adults as well Williams Garcia is a gorgeous writer Thulani, a Jamaican immigrant, falls for Ysa, a Haitian immigrant They meet after Thulani pulls Ysa from a violent rape in the alley of their Brooklyn neighborhood This first love between the gentle,artistic Tulani and the spitfire Ysa is further tangled with issues of violence and cultural difference, a missing father and poverty Nicely paced with deeper themes for a sophisticated 10th 12th grade reader. Young adult, adult story set in New York City is an immigrant tale and love story For me the book core is about how family ties fade away and how new families are created This book depicts a brutal rape and early sexually experiences of teens The young teen featured in the story faces the loss of his family home, his first job and letting go of things his hold most dear in order to move toward adulthood.