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How far would you go and what would you sacrifice for those you love? In a setting where the multiverse is real and travel between them can be manipulated Katherine and Ethan must learn to navigate to these alternate realities to try to save their dying planet Humanity is on a countdown towards extinction as climate change pollution and radiation have gone unchecked for decades and it has taken its inevitable toll on their Earth like planet and all of its inhabitants The air has become unbreathable the water undrinkable and mutants in all species have emerged Trained since they were children to connect with their genetic doubles they work for the corrupt rulers of their planet the First Family in the Jump Unit Katherine and Ethan face many dangers within the multiverse and the outside world where they uncover secrets that the First Family would rather have remain hidden

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    I’ve always read mainstream books you know the ones that everybody is reading This time a tried something else and was really surprised This novel had me in tears at the end – and that’s saying a lot as I don’t usually cry when reading a book It is very well written The story really started at Chapter 8 and I struggled to put it down after that This book captures all the elements of sci fi romance murder mystery a bit of horror and a lot of intrigue I hope there will be a follow up

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    If you are looking for something refreshing and different then this is the way to go The initial writing style threw me off but after sticking with it for a couple of pages I found myself hooked to the story and eagerly turning every page It is well written better than many books imo and the plot is definitely gripping even if slow paced There are than a few plot twists that I did not see coming and I often found myself surprised Definitely glad I picked this up and looking forward to see how the story progresses

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    Chapter 1 – 7 ; slow start and written in stark contrast to the rest of the novelChapter 8 – end ; wow amazing I couldn’t stop I recommend it

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    Indeed an interesting hypothesis on the multiverse It would be fascinating if it could be explored maybe even leading to an answer of the origin mysteries and future of the cosmos

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    This is really a good book a uniue story