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He Is Perhaps The Most Acclaimed, Revered And Widely Read Writer Of Our Time, And In This First Volume Of A Planned Trilogy, Gabriel Garcia Marquez Begins To Tell The Story Of His Life Living To Tell The Tale Spans Marquez S Life From His Birth In Through The Beginning Of His Career As A Writer To The Moment In The S When He Proposed To The Woman Who Would Become His Wife It Is A Tale Of People, Places And Events As They Occur To Him Family, Work, Politics, Books And Music, His Beloved Columbia, Parts Of His History Until Now Undisclosed And Incidents That Would Later Appear, Transmuted And Transposed In His Fiction A Vivid, Powerful, Beguiling Memoir That Gives Us The Formation Of Marquez As A Writer And As A Man

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    Vivir para contarla Living to Tell the Tale, Gabriel Garc a M rquez Living to Tell the Tale original Spanish language title Vivir para contarla is the first volume of the autobiography of Gabriel Garc a M rquez The book was originally published in Spanish in 2002, with an English translation by Edith Grossman published in 2003 Living to Tell the Tale tells the story of Garc a M rquez life from 1927 through 1950, ending with his proposal to his wife It focuses heavily on Garc a M rquez family, schooling, and early career as a journalist and short story writer, and includes references to numerous real life events that ended up in his novels in one form or another, including the Banana massacre that appears prominently in One Hundred Years of Solitude and the friend of his whose life and death were the model for Chronicle of a Death Foretold 2004 1383 694 9789643127257 1927 1950 20 1382 570 1393 9786001192050 1927 1950

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    The 6th book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 1927 2014 that I ve read This is supposedly the first volume of this 3 part autobiography I chose this over his other novels or novella in my to be read folder because he just recently died and so I thought I would like to know about him by reading his autobiography I am not sure if there is still the second or the third part of this autobiography This book, published in 2002, was the last published non fiction of him For fiction, it was the novella Memories of My Melancholy Whores 3 stars which was published in 2004 Now that G G Marquez is dead, I have a feeling that his estate will published his works and there could be some manuscripts for the parts 2 and 3 of this autobiography especially because he contacted dementia only in 2012, ten years after the publication of this book I am not really bewildered by this book Reading this is nice if you ve read some of his books particularly One Hundred Years of Solitude 5 stars because it would make you understand some of the actual events mentioned in the book like the Banana Massacre Columbia, 1928 that caused the death of many banana plantation workers You would also have a feeling that some of the characters in One Hundred are based on G G Marquez s family particularly his mother and her parents G G Marquez s grandparents That maternal side of his are really fascinating and the superstitions beliefs during that time are similar to the magical realism that seems to be the legacy contribution of G G Marquez in World Literature.My favorite part of this autobiography is the young G G Marquez s attitude that he wanted to become a writer than anything else in this world His father wanted him to become a lawyer or a doctor but G G Marquez s was steadfast in what he wanted in life and so when he was 25 he boldly declared to everyone that he would become a writer Similar to the current situation in the Philippines, writing especially fiction is not a money making profession There are very few exceptions but if you want to get rich, don t take journalism as a college degree unless you want to become a politician someday or you want to die young because the Philippines is one of the countries with high death mortality for journalists Likewise for creative writing or literature graduates, since most Filipinos do not read books or if they do, they read foreign authored books, then being a local writer is not a lucrative profession With exactly the same situation in Columbia during the 1940 s the young G G Marquez went against the wishes of his parents and pursued his ambition of become a writer Look at what he achieved he put Latin American in the world s literary map The world practically wept when he died on April 17, 2014 It was Maundy Thursday when I heard about it and the the gloom of remembering the passion and crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ was doubled by the sad news of G G Marquez s passing.We will miss you, G G Marquez God speed and say our regards to Jose Saramago Please continue, if you can, writing novels in heaven.

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    this has been, without a doubt, the best autobiography that i have ever read not only that it offers you an endless amount of details about Marquez himself and the influences that made him become a writer, it is also a fine analysis of the political and economical situation of the XXth century Columbia Alternating between these two very interesting topics, Marquez makes the writer feel what he felt and see what he saw when he was younger his life, like most lives of the biggest writers of our world, has been a roller coaster of emotion, putting him through all sorts of situations and giving him the experience of poverty, pain, loneliness and most importantly for a writer, the experience of vision, of dream i once saw in an interview that he said from the moment i was born, i knew i wanted to be a writer you can clearly see here how early and abnormally his passion for the written word started and how obsessed he became with the mystery of stories the autobiography is written in a very objective manner, and there s a very good reason for that scattered throughout you can find things that different writers or friends of Marquez said to him, about him in general, these things imply that he is a phenomenal writer, that his future is set to be bright, a prognosis of an influencial literary life and the conclusion that, no matter how tough things might be for him now in his twenties , his talent can only be explained by a lucky star that nobody can interfere with, all these told to him before he turned 25 years old no matter how he ended up changing the cultural face of the XXth century, any young man can be easily influenced by these kinds of premature certainties i m sure that Marquez himself found solace in those predictions when times were tough, but his constant work and dedication become that much worthy of praise years later, when he wrote this biography, he simply had to be objective anything than a simple reminder of those lines would have looked too much like infatuation, ruining an otherwise coldly written tale i feel so sorry that it stopped when he was barely thirty, and now we ll probably never have the next parts of Marquez s story written by himself.and on top of all that is amazing in this book, there s one thing that makes this a master s work it doesn t feel like just a biography its texture is transcending factual matters and revolves around a world that seems almost as mystical as the one who wrote about it in that sense, if not in others, this is not just a biography i sometimes wonder how it feels to be respected and loved by such an extraordinary man as Marquez was to be a part of his autobiography is to be a part of this world s greatest literature the men and women who influenced him might never know how they shaped our world s literary boundaries only we, the ones who read, will ever be in debt to them.

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    Se avete gi letto e apprezzato i libri di M rquez, sicuramente amerete anche questa autobiografia Parla della sua infanzia fino agli anni in cui diventa un giornalista affermato e deve partire per la Svizzera come inviato speciale nel 1950 dopo aver ricevuto delle minacce di morte nel suo paese Leggendo della sua famiglia numerosa, con alcuni componenti originali, e degli avvenimenti della sua vita, ci si rende conto da dove ha tratto ispirazione per scrivere i suoi romanzi Anche questa autobiografia si legge quasi come un romanzo ed molto scorrevole Ma anche un libro sulla Colombia perch gli avvenimenti storici e politici s intrecciano alla vita di M rquez e della sua famiglia L unica pecca che si arriva soltanto fino al 1950 mentre invece mi avrebbe fatto piacere leggere anche degli anni successivi.EnglishIf you liked M rquez s books, then you have to read also this autobiography M rquez talks about his childhood and goes till 1950 when he has to leave for Switzerland as a correspondent He talks about his family, his country, his studies and the historical and political events are intertwined with his and his family s lives.It is a flowing and enthralling read, and it s like reading one of his fictional works Reading about his large family and some unique relatives, you understand from where he took inspiration to write his works.The only weakness of this book is that it was too short I would have liked to read about his life while this one arrives only till 1950.