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This is the only cookbook that is easy for me to understand I actually made some food successfully It is also really helpful because it has guidelines on how to pick vegetables, dismantle a chicken, etc. Even if you re not a teen, university college student or an absolute beginner to cooking, this book has decent options with recipe choices including vegetarian and some dairy free options and it is organized grouped in an easy to follow way There s also a great section on kitchen supplies as well as pantry supplies that you should keep regularly stocked There are handy guides on how to cook rice and other things that may seem simple but that someone has always wondered how to do correctly My only complaint is that the book isn t spiral bound, because even though that format presents its own challenges, a spiral binding would make cookbooks so much easier to put on a table and follow along with Still, in spite of that, this is a great and simple book for beginning cooks and it s not overly complicated to follow, nor does it insist upon hard to get ingredients so I would recommend it. This book covers all the basic recipes that you could want to make and also gives useful basic information on how to keep a hygienic kitchen There are plenty of colour pictures to give the amateur a handy visual guide as to how the dish should turn out. GENRE Nonfiction Cooking.SUBJECT THEMES Cooking, teens in the kitchen.SUMMARY Evelyn Raab seeks to give teens instruction on kitchen basics, everything from what spices they should keep in stock, to what appliances are necessary and which are just nice to have , to full recipes None of the ingredients list any processed foods, yet they are all fairly simple and perfect for a beginner The recipes are divided into these sections breakfast, salads and sides, meat dishes, pasta, eggs, fishy, vegetarian meals, baking, desserts and snacks.EVALUATION I love to cook, and I have a strong affinity for cookbooks However, I am prejudiced towards the cookbooks that have drool worthy, large, full color photographs I pulled out each cookbook in the young adult section of my local library, flipping through them, trying to find one that had glorious pictures of the recipes None of them did, to my dismay Instead, I had to rely on the layout, the look of the recipes, and the other information Despite its lack of pictures of food, this book delivers on the other counts I especially like all of the helpful advice the author offers in the beginning She even tells the reader how to defrost their freezers, and how to get dishes clean in the dishwasher I did not try any of the recipes, though I looked them over Both metric and standard measurements are given Especially nice were the little icons next to the title, which denoted things such as mom food , or couch potato food The back has a list of cooking terms and their definitions, and an index What I liked best about the back matter, however, were the meal plans For example, for The Intellectual Boy Girlfriend , the reader should make the following pita crisps with hummus, Irish lamb stew, cole slaw with un creamy dressing, cornbread and cr me caramel, all included recipes.WHY I WOULD INCLUDE IT I know a number of adults, both male and female, that do not cook, cannot cook, or both This boggles my mind, and makes me feel sorry for them To me, cooking is a basic skill that everyone should have I have vowed that my sons will not be going off to college before they know how to cook a proper meal Therefore, to me it is vital that a cookbook guide to cooking be included in a young adult nonfiction section, and this one is a very good one.ITEMS WITH SIMILAR APPEAL Teens Cook How to Cook What You Want to Eat, by Megan Carle The Absolute Beginner s Cookbook, Or, How Long Do I Cook a 3 Minute Egg By Jackie Eddy Cooking Up a Storm The Teen Survival Cookbook, by Sam Stern. Pushing 30, I still love this book My grandmother bought it for me when I left home, it goes over things like how to shop that a kid who had no interest in cooking might not know Some of it is pretty basic even for me but considering how much most cookbooks assume you know everything well, I like this The recipes are tasty, easy to follow, and man, I make EXCELLENT cheesecake thanks to this book. Easy to follow recipes that teach the basics of working in the kitchen Geared to teens that don t have experience in the kitchen I wish I had this book when I was a teen I lived on Mac and Cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, and cheap take out from the Taco House Now I m struggling to learn how to cook for real I liked that this book has REAL recipes It doesn t have easy short cuts like using canned soup or packaged hamburger helper It s downfall is that it is for Teens Do teens want to read something that is for teens Especially teens who are on their own which this book seems to be geared for And the snappy jokes are a little grating But the recipes are great Just an example of the snappy language Oh, yuck You ve got yourself a whole chicken, and now you have to dismantle it And though you don t need a degree in veterinary medicine to take a chicken apart, it might be helpful to get to know your victim before you begin p 85 You Re Young, You Re Hungry, You Re CluelessThe Kitchen Looms Before You Like Something From A Bad Horror Film There S Food In There, But Then What It Ll Have To Be Cooked Or At Least Peeled Probably Both It S Enough To Scare Even The Foolhardy, But Then So Is A Diet Of Macaroni And Cheese And You Can T Afford To Keep Ordering Pizza Aaarghh Relax You Re Not Alone Author Evelyn Raab Mom To Two Teenage Sons Understands That The Kitchen Is Alien Territory, And She Is Going To Teach You Everything You Need To Know To Produce Something Deliciously Edible Out Of Actual Ingredients In Other Words, Cook And Live To Tell The TaleIncredibly Thorough, Never Condescending, And With A Dash Of Humor, Clueless In The Kitchen Leads Culinary Neophytes Through The Entire Range Of Kitchen Experience From Cleaning A Stove And Outfitting A First Kitchen Cheaply , To Unplugging A Drain And Identifying That Stuff In The Bulk Food Bins Two Hundred Easy To Follow Recipes Show How To Make All Kinds Of Simple And Scrumptious Dishes For Every Meal And Occasion, Beginning With Breakfast A Cruel Joke And Ending With Snacks And Munchies There S Even A Chapter Devoted Exclusively To The Vehemently Vegetarian And There S Each Recipe Is Coded With An Icon Symbolizing Vegetarian Meals, Cheap Eats, Couch Potato, Mom, Or Family Food, Food To Impress, And Snacks And Munchies And Useful Menu Planners Will Help You Tailor The Perfect Meal To Every Guest, Whether That Guest Is Your Shallow But Fun Boy Girlfriend, Your Aunt Gladys, Or Gasp Your Entire FamilyWhether You Re Living On Your Own For The Very First Time Or You Re Just On Your Own For Dinner, Clueless In The Kitchen Will Be The First And Hopefully Only Guide You Will Ever Need You May Never Eat Macaroni And Cheese Again I purchased this book at a used store on a whim, having two teenagers I thought a book that gave matter of fact recipes and advise would be welcome What I didn t expect was how much I like the advise and the simple, straight forward recipes Most of the recipes I add a little of this or that, but the book encourages that and gives a base to begin cooking.I use this book nearly weekly, and my kids are not getting my copy when they move out My sister gave this book to my son and it s a wonderful introductory cookbook with some practical recipes for young adult just starting to cook on their own but that stand the test of time for theexperienced cook The vegetarian chili is a favorite, and the beef stew is pretty good too I always forget the name of this cookbook, so thought if I added it to my goodreads list, I could find it This book offers a fun approach to cooking for beginners, and a lot of kitchen jokes forexperienced cooks Besides covering the basics of cookware, ingredients, cleaning, techniques, and tool maintenance, there is also a great, if idiosyncratic, guide to menu planning It makes a great gift, whether you re giving it someone else or just treating yourself.