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The deliciously creepy decidedly twisted and delectably eerie tale of a cursed Phoenix his dubious influence upon a cursed Seraph Curiosity may well have killed the cat but it damned for eternity the phoenix and the seraph Born into one of the poorest and most notorious families in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains Jessica Louise Bell didn't want for much aside from a full belly and enough learning to read the old family bible That her folks kept her holed up in their remote ramshackle cabin made her no mind That they left the 7 year old alone all hours of the day and sometimes into the night made her no mind either In fact Jessibel right liked it that way Whether anyone knew it or not Jessica had all the company she needed She had Dolly true but Dolly was just a toy Dolly was nothing like MiaelSure no one else could see M or hear him Sure sometimes he could be malicious but he had yet to steer her wrong or lie to her something she couldn't say for the rest of the Bell clan So on one hot Ozark night when one of Miael's games leads to murder it's only natural that Jessica should follow Miael's council Only natural that she should feel no guilt or remorse Only natural that they should kill again Miael is a supernatural horror fantasy fable about a cursed Phoenix and his dubious influence upon a cursed Seraph

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    This was my first experience with a book written by Grea Alexander Her writing came highly recommended from a new found book loving friend so I decided to give this book a try I read and enjoy all types of books but I have a particular fondness for a book that strays just a little from the normal path This book definitely fits in this categorySeven year old Jessica Louise Bell lived with her family in a small secluded cabin in the backwoods of the Ozarks Her mother Darlene never explained why her skin didn't match her Pa's but she did make sure no one else saw it Jessica was left at home while the other members of her family left and got themselves into no good Her mother was cheating her father was drinking himself to oblivion and her brother Kylewell let's hope he doesn't find young Jessibell home alone Lucky for Jessica she had Miael He could only be seen by her and he liked to keep her entertained and protected or that's what he said anyway Miael had his ways he could be cruel and vindictive sometimes Even still Jessica knew that she could always count on Miael So when Jessica felt like she was starving and the sight of a fat rabbit felt like a sign to follow she grabbed a gun and ran with Miael right behind her When the situation turned south she once again leaned on Miael to figure it all out But should Jezzibell trust Miael? Or is he the sole reason she was there in the first place? This book was well written and had great pacing I felt like I could have read so much about these characters I liked that not everything was revealed about these two and that there was a lot of room for your own interpretation of the story The back story was a nice addition and I hope to learn about their individual pasts But most importantly I can't wait to find out what is in store for Jessica and Miael in Texas This book just ended way to fast for me I'm glad that Grea Alexander has already written the next installment or I may be bothering her weekly for the release date I NEED to know where this story is headed I have so many ideasSign me up for the Grea Alexander fan club You've got me hookednow give me my fixI was given the opportunity to dive into this twisted world of Grea Alexander's creation in exchange for an honest opinion Thank you Grea for allowing me the experience and I will be anxiously awaiting the next installment No harassing I promise Wink

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    If you've read me at all you know by now that this book is MUCH deeper than just Miael teaching Jessica an appreciation of what he considers to be an art murder You should also know by now that try as I might all of my horror also ends up being supernatural horrorHhhhmmmmSo just what might be Miael's true nature and why is he on a killing spree? And this Jessica girl? Who is she and why has M chosen to latch onto her?Hhhhmmmcuriouser stillI guess you'll just have to read Miael Family in order to find out winkNote This book contains Southern slang Southern sayings and some Southern pronunciations

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    YEOW Miael is CREEPY and TWISTED Geez I had no idea what to expect when I started this book but such evil and gore I did not expect In spite of consciously avoiding horrors because them mess with my head I still could not stop reading It was an unexpectedly fascinating read even though I thought it could be a little longer But now I am looking forward to the next book because I am dying to know what Miael's crazy plan is for JessibelFree copy provided in exchange for an honest review

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    Review Miael Family by Grae AlexanderMiael FamilyI do not normally read horror fiction my preferences lying elsewhere but I have been reuested to review this book through a Goodreads group I participate inSpoiler Alert I will be mentioning a few things in this review that may ruin the end of the story for youMiael Family is a short work of horror fiction set in the Ozark Mountains The timeframe of the story is not specific but is generally contemporary The story centres around an eight year old girl who lives in poverty in the backwoods of the Ozark mountains Jessica is the daughter of a white woman Darlene the town slut and a black man who was hanged by a gang of locals for his relationship with Darlene Desperate to better her situation Darlene agrees to take up with Saul Bell an abusive drunk and live with him in his cabin in the back woods The racially mixed Jessica is rejected by her step father and sexually abused by him and her half brotherOne might think this situation is horrific enough but it serves only as background for the actual story the author wishes to tell Jessica is tormented by visions of an invisible friend Miael who visits his own form of insults and abuse on the young girl Through a series of dialogues we learn that Miael is uite real a phoenix who has been cast out of heaven for some unnamed transgression along with his lover the seraph Zaharene who happens to be presently embodied by the young Jessica Jessica is unaware of her present incarnation and Miael has taken it upon himself to enlighten her to her true nature and be reunited with himThrough a series of events it becomes clear that Miael is the embodiment of evil and through the story he draws Jessica into his wickedness He tricks her into murdering her half brother and cannibalizing him and follows it up with the eventual murder of her step father Saul and her mother Darlene all for the apparent reason that she will inherit a life insurance policy and be able to flee with Miael The story ends with little Jessica in the courthouse awaiting assignment to a foster homeThis is all pretty horrific stuff though the author’s style of writing helps draw the reader through the unsavoury events to the end Fans of this type of fiction may find it a lot easier to finish than I didFrom a narrative point of view the story has some weakness Regarding plot it is never actually clear who the antagonist is through the story Miael begins as an overt antagonist set to draw Jessica into a dark world yet as the story progresses he becomes her protector as well as her tormentor The characters of Darlene her lover Burt Saul and the step brother all become antagonists for the little girl to struggle against I have some problems with the portrayal of Jessica Though stated early in the story that she is eight years old her actions and her thought processes come across as someone much older and I found myself surprised later in the story at the reminder of her age I do not think the story portrays a realistic response of an eight year old girl to such a situation and so did not view Jessica as a believable characterThe POV is fluid through most of the story jumping from head to head of different characters within single chapters If intended as omniscient third person the execution of it is somewhat weak in my opinionThe final ending of the story is somewhat flat with little of the real conflict of her relationship with Miael having been resolved It becomes clear by the end that this is but the first in an intended series of stories about Miael and JessicaDespite my lack of familiarity with the particular genre the story is reasonably executed and imaginative and might be worth the attention of dedicated horror fans

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    I can't really tell if it's good or not yet? The preview is too short Sometimes you can spot crap within the first few paragraphs so it passed that test at least It SEEMS like it would be good though maybe I'll buy it one day

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    350 stars

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    Jessica has a secret and even she doesn’t know what it is It’s going to take everything her imaginary friend has to get her to remember An ingenious medium length story that’s perfect for the Halloween season The tale isn’t so much scary as it is dark in that it explores a child’s mind as it grapples with the concept of murder I enjoyed the evolving relationship between Jessica and Miael her imaginary friend The plot kept the pace going and thankfully it was a full story with an actual conclusion even though it is the first part in a series The book deals with some dark issues like the one noted above but also others such as incest and rape There’s also a fair bit of profanity and a vulgar descriptions of sex so probably not one for the kiddies If you can live with the above and like edgy horrorSF then this one might be for you