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A torrid addictive wolf in shifter's clothing Addison Savaughn's only sin was being born at the wrong time to the wrong bloodline Celestine Savaughn kept her daughter isolated locked away from the world As the last descendant of the Devinforge blood line Addison had a destiny greater than she had it in her to imagine a destiny that reuired sacrifice great sacrifice So instead of dolls and pretty dresses Addison had her knives and pistols Instead of school Addison had drills and patrols Instead of friends Addison had Mama and the Hunters' Guild Still there was just one problem Addison didn't believe a word of it She didn't believe in Mama She didn't believe in the Guild And she certainly didn't believe in wolves with hair on the inside

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    Here it is at last Grea Alexander's version of a werewolf storyBelieve it or not I had originally written this story in 1996 So considering it already existed I had assumed it would be a uick edit and there it would beWRONG The writer I was twenty years ago is NOT the writer I am today While the original version was popular on Seamonkey ink back around a decade or so ago when I posted it I decided I wanted to take Addison's story in an entirely new directionSo about a week ago I scraped pretty much the whole thing except for the four new chapters I had already written and in five days I wrote a completely different novel laughThis new version is a lot darker than the previous version And if I have any old fans reading this it's not the same story AT ALL except for a few paragraphs here and thereWe have Addison who has been training her whole life for this grand destiny yet who thinks it's all rubbish We have Blake who is her sexy mysterious but than a little sadistic task master We have Talon James the big bad wolf himself and we have Bristol wholet's just say has a few tricks up her own sleeve And last but not least we have the Hunters' Guild the dog catchers of the werewolf world who kind of made a pact with the devil that is about to expireThere's of course lots of sex violence angst and layers as I guess I'm kind of known for As with Cabello this isn't a book for sensitive folk I had a lot of fun writing this I hope you'll enjoy it and I hope you'll come back for The Pack BristolCheers

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    Well Grea Alexander there you go hooking your literary claws back into me The Pack Addison is the beginning of a great new series Set in the 1800s era stories with a twist of contemporary are Ms Alexander's forte it chronicles the machinations of Talon James Bristol Blake and of course this installment is dedicated to Addison I'm not going to give any spoilers but rest assured that this series will involve Werewolves and Hunters and loads of twisted romance and passionAdvanced Review Copy provided by the author for voluntary review consideration