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Whilst the Earth wakes to a new dawn the balance of power for mankind's soul appears to be decided and yet the Earth is blind to what can truly be seen with monsters unleashed and only the false light of hope to keep them away For the creatures of the underworld the battle for Earth looks to be won alliances repaired and Eternity decided with angelic acclaim But disaster approaches them on silent feet taking them unawares and threatening their survival with its own creeping dread when their malevolent future had seemed so intent and certain; when terror designed for the souls on Earth is turned upon them With final devastating secrets revealed the world of Hell is plunged into its own lost despair which can only be saved if they put aside their differences ignore their personal hatreds and unite as one to release the true intoxicating supremacy of evil The final part of a five book series which provides a dark answer to existence which may not have been the one you sought to find

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    Excellent book

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    This final chapter in a five part series was wonderfully written So much thought has gone Into the characters what their stories should be I loved the twists the ending Well done to the author on their first ever book which I’m hoping are to come