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I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thanks for the free book This is the last instalment of the Numina Trilogy If you liked the first two books, you will like this one As with the others, they are fast paced and well written I, however, have some issues with the third book again What I liked the world building in connection to religion numinas the other world building remains a bit vague and could ve fleshed outfast paced story the endingWhat I disliked Sandis is too passive for me She always faints, needs help, or cries Not all the time sure, but she sof a victim than a person with agency She s far too reliant on others This entire I need to stay a virgin to be a numen thing that SPOILER was a farce in the end Weak world building with regard to places, politics etc outside of this specific city Sometimes very flat characters but that might be due to the pacing of the novelOverall, okay ish, entertaining, but a bit boring nevertheless Love story feels forced, I wasn t emotionally attached soyeah.2.5 stars. I received an eARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review A satisfying and exciting end to the Numina trilogy Holmberg expands her world building for the epic conclusion and addshistory to the rich world she s created Rone and Sandis are both pushed past the breaking point and will have to decide how much they are willing to sacrifice to save their city from Kolosos Rone will have to reconcile his feelings about his father, the angelic Sandis will have to fight her own brother who is being used as a vessel Shocking twists, terrible secrets, and forbidden magic make this final book impossible to put down. Thank you to 47North and NetGalley for the eARC copy of this book, provided for my honest review. I absolutely devoured this trilogy Now, I d done the same with The Paper Magician trilogy and The Plastic Magician as well, and I find I just adore Charlie Holmberg s way of writing and story telling The Numina trilogy was no disappointment The lore of this trilogy is just amazing, and you get so much of it in this third volume Just about any question you might have raised from the first two volumes is answered in this third one The only question I still have is what becomes of Bastien after everything I suppose he does what he says he s going to, at least I can hope that s the case I read through this volume in about 4.5 hours I am a speed reader, I read the second book in the trilogy on the same day in about the same amount of time , and, honestly, I can t complain about the story in the slightest Having a background in writing and literature with training on how to predict the way stories will go and turns that they might take had me guessing some of the outcomes early, I still wasn t disappointed in the routes taken with story telling Everything flows naturally together and I wasn t left wanting for anything at the end Sometimes, even good stories leave you longing for , but I have to say the end of this trilogy was very satisfying indeed Everything gets sorted fairly neat and tidy like An absolutely stunning conclusion to the trilogy, and I m sure that fans of the first two books will not be disappointed at all by the conclusion presented in the third book Every character played an important part, whether for good or for ill The sacrifices and decisions made by the characters has weight to it, and those decisions are important for those characters Holmberg s writing, as usual, has wonderful character development Through it all, you feel the weight of the decisions made, the sacrifices that each character makes throughout the telling of their stories For me, however, one of the things that had me turning page after page was the sheer amount of lore present in these books I m an avid fan of Comparative Religion and Religious theory, and stories like this just pique my interest with the mirroring of real world religions I could find a good few parallels to real world religions, and the similarities fascinate me Don t get me wrong, this is by no means a story that is trying to tell you to be religious, Holmberg isn t trying to push off a set of novels in a way that forces you to believe in some sort of God Religion is merely a means of transportation for this tale, and it is an important vessel for the telling of it The Numina are akin to Angels and Demons, with a God figure and a God Antithesis figure I don t want to call him the Devil, though he certainly fills the role well enough The war between the two has been raging for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and it all culminates to this one snippet in time that these novels present for our reading pleasure Throughout the trilogy the characters both rely and question their faith, or the faith of others in the face of the dangers and trials they re presented with In the end, it isn t their God, the Angels, the Demons, or the Devil who wins the day, but the people who sacrifice and try for the sake of their world and their loved ones Even without the religious notes of the story, I think the trilogy provides a good and sound message Don t rely on faith It can only carry you so far, you have to do the rest for yourself.Aside from that, the characters are quite loveable Bastien with his dad jokes, Rist with his prickly nature, Roan is essentially Flynn Rider from Tangled and I love it , and Sandis is she s wonderful Each of the main characters brings something to the story that the other characters may have been lacking, and the tale is that much stronger for it Overall, if you enjoy action, adventure, romance, magic, and a touch of religion well, the Numina Trilogy has just what you want Beautifully written, and absolutely enthralling I enjoyed every minute of my wander through the world with Roan and Sandis as my guides even when I was crying I m not crying, you re crying. Book Siege and SacrificeAuthor Charlie N HolmbergSeries Numina Trilogy 3Publication Date September 17, 2019Genre FantasyRating 5 out of 5 Stars Complimentary copy generously provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.My Thoughts Story I started out with a 4.5 Star rating but theandI thought about this whole trilogy and especially the ending of such a fantastical story.I had to bump up my rating to a PERFECT 5.I devoured these books and was completely engrossed with the story of Sandis and the numen The characters in this series are ones that will stay with me for such a long time and live in a special place in my heart And what was the best part of this book We finally get a voice to Ireth and when everything all comes together it gave my goosebumps and still does when I think about it.This is a series I would recommend and speak about to anyone who would give me the time or day there are a few authors that I tell anyone who is an avid reader to try out and after this series, Ms Holmberg has made that list Reason for Reading NetGalley choice and I love this authorStory 5 out of 5 StarsSteam 5 out of 5 StarsAngst 5 out of 5 StarsWriting 5 out of 5 StarsContent Flow 5 out of 5 StarsWould Read More from Author DefinitelyRecommend To Fantasy lovers A beautiful fast paced finale to the trilogy I especially loved the ending An exciting finale to such an epic series Even as the story wraps itself up, Holmberg continues to deepen the plot, raise the stakes, and expand on the world building We learn so muchof the Numen and Noscon past, while also being introduced to new characters and new sacrifices that must be made The back and forth between two major settings and multiple character POVs made the story a bit blurring at times But the theme of religion in a corrupt community made for a compelling tale nonetheless Exploring what religion means in a society that tries to make it obsolete, and what it means to those it has excluded, will always be a big triumph of this series. Provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for honest review.This book is the reason why I signed up to NetGalley in the first place, and I was only in the middle of the second book, Myths and Mortals, when I was too excited to wait a few months for it s release.I m going to start by saying it took me about a week to read all three books This last one only took me a day to read and is definitely my favorite of the trilogy It dug it s metaphorical claws into me due to the end of Myths and Mortals and I finished that one at midnight the night before and I was so excited to read this book, I barely slept and when I did sleep, it was terribly.The excitement was very much worth it because I ate this book up It answered questions I didn t even know that I had But I absolutely love this story, the characters, the relationships, the character building and the world itself.I usually hate YA books these days, just because it only seems to be about the romance and there isn t usually much character development, but this series, the romance isof a background aspect, which I love, because it doesn t overwhelm you with sap and tears and blah.This entire book is like the meat and potatoes of the trilogy, there is never a dull moment and the entirety of it is heart pounding and heart gripping You can t help asking yourself What now What the hell are you going to do now In a way, this book also felt completely different from the other two just because of all the chaos and darkness It was very epic in the sense that it seemed very final Like it was all or nothing Which it is.All in all, I would definitely recommend this series to any fantasy lover and I will definitely be buying the box set when it s available to add to my collection. This page turning conclusion to the Numia trilogy is a thrilling page turner and will keep you guessing right up until the last page It was certainly a satisfying conclusion, but one that certainly can t be read just once Fans of The Paper Magician will enjoy the fascinating world the Charlie Holmberg has created with the magic of her words as Sandis and Rone must navigate the hidden world and rules of Numia Personally, I found this ending to the series very satisfying There is almost nothing worse as a reader than investing so much time and emotion into a series of books only to have the ending just fall apart or feel like an author has opted to find the easy way out Siege and Sacrifice did NOT disappoint The ending felt like it had as many twists and turns as the very first book, yet they all resolved in a way that made sense from several points of view The books in this series draw you in, make you fall in love with these characters, their mannerisms, their quirks and take you on a journey into a fully developed world with new rules and creatures that Charlie Holmberg has created so seamlessly that it feels like they were always there and you simply never noticed them before This honest review was provided complimentary by Hallie Caldwell A complimentary copy was generously provided by the author vie NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for honest review.This is a beautiful trilogy Sandis is a vessel who can summon magical numens into her own body Numens are magical demon like figures from the ethereal plane, but you learn a lotabout them in this book She has escaped her abusive captor, and has spent a lot of time trying to find her family and figure out what to do next In this third book, a terrifying and destructive numen Kolosos has been set on the city, and she has to figure out a way to save herself and her friends All of my favorites were in danger, and I moved all of my plans until I finished this book.The magic system in this world feels fresh and different, and Charlie Holmberg does a great job building a rich, believable universe It was elegant and simply done I love the connection to the deeper lore societal history, I loved the feeling that I was discoveringabout Dresberg as the characters did.I got attached to the characters almost immediately Sandis is a sweet, pure soul, and completely strong beyond her years She s sometimes frustratingly naive but in a way that only makes herendearing Rone is complicated and wonderful, and a teen heart throb if I ever saw one I will most likely ship them forever.The relationships in this book are wonderful not only is there an absolutely sweet romantic relationship to root for, but there are many other important emotional nonromantic relationships that give the characters great depth The question keeps coming up what wouldn t you do for your family And many of the characters have to keep going through that internal struggle Side note I absolutely love the relationship between Ireth and Sandis, it s so sweet and unusual I love that in the depths of this character s trauma, she finds something beautiful on the other side.There was a great balance between lovely, sun speckled moments and moments where I was absolutely terrified for the characters I had grown so attached to.My only complaint I felt like it moved too quickly at times There is so much potential to this world and these characters, and it felt like a lot of the plot points moved at breakneck speed This third book could have easily been two books on its own, if not .TLDR This is a great book, world, set of characters, and series It s a quick read that you will definitely enjoy. From The Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Of The Paper Magician Series Comes The Enthralling Climax Of A Cataclysmic War Between Monstrous CreaturesSandis Has Finally Freed Herself From Her Master And His Plans To Use Her As A Vessel For The Ancient Beast Kolosos But Her Master Has Found A New, Impossible Vessel Sandis S Brother, Anon A Brother She Long Thought DeadKolosos Is Ancient, Massive, And Seemingly Unbeatable Fortunately, Sandis Has Her Own Monster An Ethereal Fire Horse That She Can Summon At Will In Addition, She And Rone May Have Discovered The Secret To Defeating Kolosos Ancient Lore That Details The Creation Of Magic It Could Be The Key To Victory And The Key To Saving AnonThe Price Is Steep, And Sandis Is Willing To Pay It Rone Is Not, And His Attempt To Save Her Only Pulls Them Apart As Both Are Tested In Ways They Never Expected, Sandis And Rone Will Need To Determine The Sacrifices They Are Willing To Make If Their Efforts Are Not Enough, Their City Will Fall Just As The Ancient City Beneath It Already Has