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this is a really cool book.You should try on it, it is really intresting.It is about jack and anny going to the jungle,and they meet gorilla After a while of being with them they recognize that the gorrilas where good.they become friends, and they discover that the point to be their was to use body language So they use signs But then they notice that since they found the point, and done it,they had to go.Jack was really sad.But he learn alot of things,and one,was to be a gorilla this is the book i needed to read in school,the other one i read it because I like intresting books. Growing up, the Magic Treehouse series by Mary Pope Osborne is one of the main reasons I got hooked on reading at such a young age The books of this series are very easy reads that capture the attention of the reader These are fantasy books, as the title of the series may suggest, but there is also a lot of history and science that is addressed in it as well Although many adults may argue that the grammar content of these books is terrible, the adventurous storylines are sure to grab the attention of young readers within the elementary age group and make them want to read Each book in this series transports the reader into a different time period where the two main characters face physical and ethical dilemmas This series is sure to help a young reader find their love for reading, no matter their interests Good Morning, Gorillas, the 26th book of this entertaining series, is one of the many books of the series I chose to focus my review on The tree house spins and spins and spins until it is absolutely still and takes the children to another place where they are supposed to have magical adventures Jack and Annie immerse themselves in the lives of gorillas in an African Rain Forest They learn about their behavior and home and learn to communicate with the creatures For once Jack seemed to get attached to the animals than Annie, though of course Annie was accepted and liked than Jack was Jack finally gained respect by the leader by copying his behavior and saving two baby gorillas It is amazing the kind of bonds one can form with animals and what one can learn from them.Osborne truly has a knack for using colorful language and upbeat characters to create easy to read and adventurous storylines for young readers to find their love for reading I would certainly suggest the Magic Treehouse series to any parent or teacher with elementary aged children who are just beginning to delve themselves into chapter books Great pieces and very enjoyable The cover of this book gives a perfect preview of this plot, with an angry gorilla and innocent Jack and Annie in a rain forest In this case, it wouldn t be a mistake to judge this book by its cover Go check this series out You won t regret it. Not a great next book, can t wait to get the next to see if that one will be better. I enjoyed this book because I like gorillas I also enjoyed this book because I liked the part when Jack scared a black leopard. Jack and Annie visit an African Cloud Forest armed only with a secret rhyme from Morgan Le Fay to guide them To find a special kind of magicIn worlds so far apart,Speak a special language,Talk with your hands and heart. The children meet a playful little gorilla named Bu bu, who plays peekaboo, claps his hands, and sticks out his tongue Mountain gorillas live together in families, and the leader of the family is a large male called a silverback because he has silver fur on his back and shoulders An endangered species, gorillas are vegetarians who eat flowers ferns leaves twigs bark branches and bamboo They are known to be intelligent, shy and gentle giants, but a nightmare ensues when Annie gets lost in the misty mountain rain forest and a black leopard creeps up on the baby gorillas Can timid Jack rise to the challenge without fearless Annie My child responded enthusiastically to all of the books in the Magic Tree House series, and I am grateful that each book offers a story through which to teach my child about the larger world My child seemed genuinely excited at the moment of danger and wanted to mimic gorilla behavior by crouching down and rest on his knuckles however, he balked at the illustration of the leopard because it had no spots, thus giving me an opportunity to discuss that there are many species of all colors Gorillas speak a special language, which is the mystery of the book and the answer to the rhyme My son learned the word love in a special language that both gorillas and humans are capable of speaking Long may he speak it I started reading this book to a first grade class I subbed for and I had to finish it to see how it ended This book brought back so many memories of reading my first chapter books when I was young It made me wish I was little again to experience the magic of reading like young kids do and the places it could take you for the very first time The Magic Treehouse books seem the perfect books to introduce new readers to the world of reading and the magic it has to offer. Actual Rating 3.5 5Another one of the few Magic Tree House books I would ever give credit to Nice and funny.Listen to some nice K POP with this under the covers at night with your dogs under the cover and it will create a magical moment Short but so adventurous and heartwarming.About the only book I recommend throughout the whole series.Things that I didn t like in this novel and if I were not nice these are the things I most likely rant about 1.Annie eats a stick that is made out of wood Great You want to eat wood Next your eating your hair 2.Annie tries to swing on a vine only to come crashing down the next second and lose some of her breath.3.Jack acts like a gorllia literally and starts to get crazy like throwing a tantrum that a five year old would do after a panther shows up to harm the baby gorillas.That s most of the absurd things that really make me question Jack and Annie s sanity They do pretty stupid stuff to in their other missions so I wouldn t be surprised But instead of going wtf I was laughing head on This was a bad good type of funny not a oh my gosh this is trash type of cheap comedy.Things that did make me happy 1.Jack does not take a lot of notes in this book Because the gorilla won t let him Ha Thanks gorilla for doing me a favor.2.The baby gorillas are so cute They are the highlight of the book for me Every page I turned I was going awwww 3.The gorilla almost attack s Jack Jack gets scared but for me good He needs to be It s time someone tried to make him brave And all in all,this showed me one message What it means to be different.Aside from all these flops and flips,these little reasons are why I didn t give this book a perfect 5 But hey this is a step up for the series that I gave so many bad reviews to.For some examples of what I mean check out Thanksgiving On A Thursday Afternoon In The Earthquake In The Early Morningto name a fewOverall this book is not recommended from me but if you want a light fun read,pick this book up and flip through it.And the ending is Jack and Annie coming home like the usually do reflecting on their adventure and what happened in it.For information on this mysterious species www.primates In this book eight year old Jack and seven year old Annie found a magic treehouse They soon found out it belonged to Morgan Le Fay they call her Morgan So far they had did many wonderful missions In magic treehouse book 25 28 they are going to learn special kinds of magic In this adventure they are going to search for their second kind of magic When Jack and Annie got to the treehouse they granted a wish to the place they needed to go and they were there When they got to the place where they needed to search for the second magic they climbed down the treehouse l don t know what this place is Annie said I agree said Jack Not so long after they saw a gorilla named Bo Bo Annie loved animals, so she did everything the gorilla did until she accidentally fell down a branch After that Jack felt a drip of water hit him, luckily he remembered he bought a umbrella from home, so he went looking for his umbrella Suddenly Jack realized it was to dark now he couldn t see anything at all Maybe I ll just get back to Annie and Bu Bu he thought However he called and called for Annie and Bu Bu but no one responded Will Jack and Annie find the second special magic and find each other, or will they end up being lost forever Find out in magic treehouse number twenty six Gentle Giants Or Giant Monsters That S The Question Jack And Annie Have About Gorillas When The Magic Tree House Sweeps Them To The Mountains Of Africa There They Meet A Group Of Amazing And Sometimes Frightening Mountain Gorillas Annie Knows How To Play With The Creatures Right Away But Jack Is Left Out Will The Gorillas Be Able To Teach Him Some Special Magic This review was written by Clio age 6 and may contain spoilers This is about Jack and Annie meeting two gorillas and they got lead and Annie fell down trying to swing to another tree on vines Jack ran away and while he was gone one baby got Annie to the gorilla family Jack realized that he needs to get to the other side to wake her up When he gets there he sees that one of the gorillas is a silverback Later on, after she was awake, Jack got a piece of bark and some berries and some bamboo water from the gorillas, he didn t want it but he got it The Silverback ends up being Coco and knows sign language Then, Jack had to pretend to be a silverback to save one of the small gorillas from a black leopard To find a special magic, they learned to speak with their hands and heart.