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Bratva Blood Brothers Book I Was Lost Until I Found Her Then Life Made Sense Iosif I Was Lost And Didn T Know It Until I Found My Brother Again, Now I Have Four New BrothersI Was Trying To Find Myself When I Found Her InsteadShe Made Me Want She Made Me Want What My Brothers All Had, A Life I Could ShareThen A Man Tried To Take Her Away From Me And I Wasn T Going To Let That HappenI Will Fight To Keep Her, If She Ll Let Me Jaden I Was Alone And Running, My Life Had No MeaningThen I Met HimHe Touched Me And I Felt Something I D Never Felt Before, I Felt AliveI Couldn T Run This Time When My Past Came To CallI Couldn T Bear To Let Him Go Either Could He, Would He Stand Beside Me To Win This Fight Or Will My Past Rip Us Apart I cant get enough of KJ Dahlen s Bratva Blood Brothers series I hope there isIosef finally found his brother Roman in America but their father was stubborn and single minded He felt Roman and Iosef belong with him back home He had a lot to learn about Roman and now Iosef is pulling away He wants a relationship with his brother and also feels a little lost He didnt expect to find his soulmate in a diner being bullied by a spineless piece of scum Jaden has lived a horrible life that has only been made worse by the bearings she receives from her bully Billyjo When Iosef steps up and protects her its a sign of fate and he will do everything he can to protect her I love how these Bratva Brothers find their women and fall hard and fast They are sexy protective I loved this book Read with KU. Loved these men in the Bratva Blood Brothers series Loved how devoted hero, Iosif was to heroine, Jaden after all she had gone through w that despicable bully, Billy Jo Walker I also love how the author brings back previous characters no matter how large or small they play in this suspenseful series So who will be next to get a book in this series Keep them coming K.J Dahlen Keep them coming 5 keep them coming stars 3.75 starsABOUT THE BOOK Release Date September 1, 2018 IosifAlone Broken Scarred I was lost and didn t know it Wandering until I found myself four new brothers They showed me what it meant to be a family But I found her instead She made me wantShe made me want what my brothers all had, a life I could share But when a man tried to take her away from me,I wasn t going to let that happen I will fight to keep her She belongs to me JadenI was alone and running My life had no meaningThen I met him.He touched me and I felt something I d never felt before, I felt aliveI couldn t run this time when my past came to callI couldn t bear to let him go either Will he stand beside me to win this fight Or will my past rip us apart REVIEW IOSIF is the seventh instalment in KJ Dahlen s contemporary, adult BRATVA BLOOD BROTHERS romance series focusing on the members of the Russian Mob This is thirty five year old, Iosif Salizar Maxim, and twenty two year old, Jaden Gibbons story line JOSIF can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty but I recommend reading the series in order for back story and cohesion.NOTE IOSIF can also be found in the author s Bratva Blood Brothers Anthology Collection.SOME BACKGROUND Five young boys and childhood friends Yuri, Sazon, Barshan, Mikial and Roman survived the mean streets of Russia only to be rescued and reared by a local gym owner Ivan Russo, who would meet his death by a local gang Seeking revenge against the gang, local Russian Bratva member and soon to be New York Russian mafia leader Nikoli Silvanic would mentor the five young men until they were ready to take on the world, with the approval of Russian Bratva leader Sergi Constantine When the time came Nikoli Silvanic would take over the New York territory, while the five blood brothers would take over New Orleans These are their continuing stories.Told from several third person perspectives including Iosif and Jaden IOSIF follows the building relationship and romance between thirty five year old, Iosif Salizar Maxim, and twenty two year old, Jaden Gibbons Iosif Maxim, and his father, arrived in America to meet his older brother Roman s new born sons but Iosif never expected to find his happily ever after in the guise of a broken and battered caf waitress Jaden Gibbons On the run, a bruised and beaten Jade, would find a protector and lover in our story line hero What ensues is the quick building romance between Iosif and Jaden, and the potential fall out as Jaden s past is hoping to end her life.Iosif is a member of the Russian Bratva Abandoned, alongside his brother Roman, at the age of two, Iosif was eventually rescued while his brother struggled to survive on his own Their birth father, Timor Maxim, is a member of the Bratva High Council in Russia, and as such Iosif has been groomed as one of his father s heirs but Timor is desperate for the return of Roman, in the hopes of his eldest son taking over when the times comes Meeting Jaden Gibbons means a chance at his own happily ever after for Iosif Maxim, a happily ever after his father refuses to accept or agree upon Jaden Gibbons grew up in the foster care system never knowing the who or what of her earlier years but adulthood meantdangerous and life threatening possibilities from a man determined to ruin her life.IOSIF is a story of insta lust love between two people whose paths cross when needed the most Iosif knows immediately that Jaden is the woman for whom he is willing to give up what he left behind but Jaden struggles with her identity and the realization she isn t the person she thought she had been The ex scenes are passionate and intimate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.Most of the previous story line heroes play secondary and supporting characters although many of the wives and significant others are absent or unaccounted for.IOSIF is a spirited and animated story line The premise is engaging and dramatic the characters are animated and real the romance is tender and seductive On that note, I did struggle with the number of spelling and grammar errors, as well as the redundancy and repetition This is nothing new for this particular author but I recommend another round or three of editing before offering up for sale.Own a copy i read this book as part of an arc program This is the seventh book in the Bratva Blood Brothers series In this book, Iosif and his father go to the US to meet Roman s new babies and Iosif decides to stay behind for a longer visit Iosif takes Roman s car one day and goes exploring He goes to a diner and sees Jaden, a waitress and is instantly smitten with her When another man is harassing Jaden, Iosif tries to defend her and when Jaden gets fired, Iosif learns the man is Billy Jo, a wanna be criminal who has been bullying Jaden for years Iosif wants to protect Jaden and when he goes back to her apartment to make sure she is safe, her apartment is trashed and they are attacked Roman calls Iosif and Jaden tells him they need help before she passed out Roman takes them to a safe house and Iosif claims Jaden and the Bratva vow to protect her and find out why Billy Jo is bullying her It turns out things are a lotcomplicated for Jaden as they learnabout her past and about her mother s murder when she was a small child I really love this book, i love how protective the Bratva are with their family I think Iosif and Jaden had an instant love with great chemistry Great one.