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The first adventure in this highly popular series tells how the little monkey Curious George caught in the jungle and brought back to the city by a man in a yellow hat can't help being interested in all the new things around him Though well meaning George's curiosity always gets him into trouble Young readers can easily relate and Rey's cheerful illustrations celebrate Curious George's innocence

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    Book Review 4 of 5 stars to Curious George by HA Rey a children's author who wrote this series starting in 1941 Who didn't love Curious George when they were a child? Or even now as an adult? So many fun memories of this wonderful little monkey In this first book George comes home for the first time and the infamous yellow coat becomes a hallmark He's so innocent yet such a magnet for bad things to happen But aren't all monkeys? An adorable way to teach kids to ask uestions but only up to a point and sometimes not knowing is better than knowing I love reading these books to my younger cousins seeing their eyes light up at all the adventures And when I taught in a daycare one summer it was our morning read every day what was the minky doing? They couldn't say monkey easily Such fun memoriesFYI Wrote this review 2017 from memory as I want to have a review for everything I remember reading If I messed it up let me know LOL About Me For those new to me or my reviews here's the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you'll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators

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    Read and reviewed by me and my niece Emma What is it about this monkey that so enthralls readers? This introductory story by Rey is not terribly memorable or particularly exciting yet the kids are drawn to it I absolutely love it and my niece a first time readerlistener was mesmerized For those who forget what happens in this first Curious George book a poacher the Man With The Big Yellow Hat captures George in the wild illegally keeps him in his city apartment smokes a pipe with him neglects to give him proper care so that George goes bad and ends up in prison and then gets transported to the zoo a slightly less dreary internmentAs you see it's a mean streets existence for our little simian friend He's taken from one jungle and forced into another The society he inhabits changes but his habits within society do not George you see is curious Some would call it his one great failing He likes to check things out and that gets him into trouble If it weren't for his curiosity he never would've been captured in the first place And that right there is why we become entranced by Curious GeorgeBut why the fascination in the first place? Why did my niece see the cover of this book and decide this one? My guess is that well who doesn't love a monkey? In the past when Emma has done something silly and flopped about all crazy like kids do I would occasionally call her a monkey So I think she just was curious to see what her brethren were up to These days she also has a strong interest in chickenbutt and getting people people to answer what to her uestion Guess what? Rest assured I am doing yoeman's work in the uncle department But I digressOther than that she liked it Emma didn't have much to say about Curious George when we finished yet she was riveted the whole way through Heck I didn't even do funny voices and her eyes were still glued to the pages I have no doubt she'll want to return to the adventures of Curious George in the future and I will be happy to George is my dawg He was my favorite stuffed animal as a child I carried him all the way up a mountain in a tiny backpack as boy no older than 4 year old Emma because I couldn't bare to leave him behind George and I were inseparable and I wouldn't be surprised if he found a new bestie in my niece

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    Yikes this has not aged well I'm glad there are happier seuels and that the movie and TV shows gave it some much needed updates There's some glimmer of heart in this first one but also a lot of bad bad things

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    Where it all began with a curious monkey A man travels to Africa to find a monkey for the big city zoo He finds one trapping George and begins the journey back From the early stages it's curiosity that almost killed the monkey when he went overboard on a ship back to 'home' Once in the big city George discovers that sometimes being curious can be a little too much especially when the fire department gets a call A great beginning to a beloved series that Neo has come to love Neo did uite enjoy this book but wondered how the Man with the Yellow Hat knew George's name right off the bat It would seem that he wanted to know how the 'George' name came up but that was not discussed Either way he was interested in the story and the illustrations nothing like the computer generated ones from books nowadays A great start to a sensational series

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    Another book placed on the shelf of childhood How many times did I do things like Curious George that turned out to be in hindsight not the best possible choice? When I was a preteen all the boys in my neighborhood did some pretty DUMB things the girls had common sense like 'sword fights' with tree branches rock throwing fights throwing kitchen knives at the fence sling shotshow lucky we all were that no one got hurt badly Just like George we all had to learn that most important of lessons curiosity can make a monkey out of you especially if mom catches you

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    Whether you are a child or just a child at heart who can resist the sweet and lovable Curious George Although it was first published in 1941 the heart of the story remains relatable however there are a few moments that children today might find strange For example after a good meal Curious George smoked a pipe Nevertheless I think his fun loving antics will still delight readers for generations to come

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    Here's a book I hadn't thought about for several decades recently brought to my attention by Jack a three year old friend who met me at his door book in hand wanting to be read to Ah Curious George I said immediately remembering and wanting very much to be reminded of the times it had been read to me in early childhoodAs it happens the book is dreadful by any adult twenty first century standards The story is horrific for what it accepts a jungle monkey is tricked by a white man kidnapped and taken across the sea destined for a zoo By misadventure he escapes into the foreign city has dangerous adventures then is rescued to spend the rest of his days in happy captivity Just about as politically incorrect as one can imagine and besides the art is poorStill Jack working by his own standards liked the story identifying presumably with the curious monkey with the trouble such curiousity can lead to and with the resolution of all the excitement in the confines of a safe home All of which makes me wonder if many studies have been done of the books children prefer as opposed to the books parents prefer to give to their children

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    This is a book I loved as a child that I hadn't read in a long time It's an iconic character and brings up some valuable topics for children There were a number of books in the series but the first one was on point and still a favorite to have parents and teachers today

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    My 5 yr old is really loving Curious George books right now And for all the Curious George books out there they actually have pretty good story lines What I mean is sometimes when a character has been commercialized the books change in tone I'm guessing these were written before the TV show I did a little reading on Rey and it turns out they came up with Curious George many years ago while escaping Nazi's in Paris After their death Curious George was taken over by the Curious George Foundation so that's what I mean by character integrity Sometimes when taken over by someone else especially after they get so commercialized with TV and products they change From all of these I've seen so far these are still pretty goodI've been making my son read on his own and to give me some time to have lessons with the twins and it's been working wonderfully I don't care so much as what the book is about than the reading level And this one is probably a good level 2 book He enjoyed it a lot and was able to answer all my uestions so I know he read the whole thing

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    Listen George first things first I love your work I've listened to all of your books Your antics are delightful you're cute as a button and I aspire to get up to as much mischief as you do someday But can we talk about your friend the Man in the Yellow Hat? Lest we forget all of your adventures delightful as they may be started when the Man KIDNAPPED YOU FROM YOUR HOME AND TOOK YOU AWAY FROM EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING YOU HAD EVER KNOWN I just find it strange that you guys are buds now I mean has he ever apologized? You two seem to have kind of a weird relationship If you need help give me some kind of signal My parents are lawyers they'll make a call or somethingAnyway five stars for you one star for the Man in the Yellow Hat we'll settle on 3 XOXO M