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Mr Hilton's classic story of an English schoolmasterMr Chipping the classics master at Brookfield School since 1870 takes readers on a beguiling journey through the late 19th and early 20th centuries Sometimes Chips as he is affectionately known is an old man who dreams by the fire then he's a difficult young taskmaster schooling his students or a middle aged man encountering the lovely Katherine whose new woman opinions work far reaching changes in him As succeeding generations of boys march onward through Chips' mind Hilton's narrative remains masterful He seamlessly interweaves a poignant love story with the jokes and eccentricities of English public school life while also chronicling a new uncertain world full of conflict and upheaval that extends far beyond the turrets of Brookfield

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    Brookfield will never forget his lovableness Before starting I thought I wouldn't love this novel Turned out I was partiality right Yeah I loved it but not completely Because it was little boring for my taste Although it was boring I liked the character of Mr Chips It was so vivid and complete His character development was gradual And that was good I liked his sense of humour and thoughtsI liked his chapters with Katherine Those were the best And last few chapters related to war were also good Except for them I couldn't enjoy much of the novel His death scene literally made my eyes wet Maybe because I got emotionally attached with him as I had been reading this novel for almost six months Oh I forgot to tell you I read it as a course book Not by my will I could read this before my class But I didn't I didn't want toMy English professor did an excellent job in explaining this novel It is also one the reasons I loved this Don't know what to say further Also don't know whether I should recommend this It just depends upon your taste 24 January 2018