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When an unstable power is unleashed upon the worlds the Earth is left to tremble under the weight of deception as the pieces move across the board towards an inevitable and destructive war with only the hands of evil to play with them Deceit is unmasked mistrust begins to fester and curiosity that rises in so few risks being torn away as everything is left without the protection of the light As lies begin to be untold the passage of death is born to the Earth in silent horror as the fingers of the Devil reach into each and every soul of humankind with no sign of peace to lead them to safety It matters only to one being that there is salvation and yet with his will broken beyond repair the Earth faces the birth of never ending darkness entirely alone with only dust to suffocate their fragile hope for deliverance

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    Excellent book

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    Have really enjoyed this series which just keeps getting better I'd love for this series to be a tv show or film as there is so much potential The characters have grown on me some that we should hate are made even nastier Great book