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A Poignant Coming Of Age Novel Set In A Welsh Mining Town, Richard Llewellyn S How Green Was My Valley Is A Paean To A Innocent Age, Published In Penguin Modern ClassicsGrowing Up In A Mining Community In Rural South Wales, Huw Morgan Is Taught Many Harsh Lessons At The Kitchen Table, At Chapel And Around The Pit Head Looking Back On The Hardships Of His Early Life, Where Difficult Days Are Faced With Courage But The Valleys Swell With The Sound Of Welsh Voices, It Becomes Clear That There Is Nowhere So Green As The Landscape Of His Own Memory An Immediate Bestseller On Publication In , How Green Was My Valley Quickly Became One Of The Best Loved Novels Of The Twentieth Century Poetic And Nostalgic, It Is An Elegy To A Lost WorldRichard Dafydd Vivian Llewellyn Lloyd , Better Known By His Pen Name Richard Llewellyn, Claimed To Have Been Born In St David S, Pembrokeshire, Wales After His Death He Was Discovered To Have Been Born Of Welsh Parents In Hendon, Middlesex His Famous First Novel How Green Was My Valley Was Begun In St David S From A Draft He Had Written In India, And Was Later Adapted Into An Oscar Winning Film By Director John Ford None But The Lonely Heart, His Second Novel, Was Published In , And Subsequently Made Into A Film Starring Cary Grant And Ethel Barry As Well As Novels Including Green, Green My Valley Now And I Stand On A Quiet Shore , Llewellyn Wrote Two Highly Successful Plays, Poison Pen And NooseIf You Enjoyed How Green Was My Valley, You Might Like Barry Hines A Kestrel For A Knave, Also Available In Penguin Modern Classics Vivid, Eloquent, Poetical, Glowing With An Inner Flame Of Emotion The Times Literary Supplement

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    This will be a review that I will, no doubt, edit and add to a lot.This is easily my most favorite and special book It s something so beautiful that my heart aches to dwell on it It aches because I long to be apart of something so perfect and wish for such beauty in everything I experience I feel I belong in that small Welsh mining town, that I should be spending all of my time supporting my family and town, singing with friends, learning voraciously, worshiping God intelligently and recognizing Him in every aspect of life, fiercely defending my friends, loving foolishly and uncontrollably, revering nature and losing myself in valleys, groves, creeks, and hill sides, or fighting and fighting and fighting with passionate words and quick fists for people, places and ideas that need me So it s 2 years later and I haven t updated this review yet A friend of mine asked why I guess it s because talking about things giving them words sometimes destroys this weird illusion that they are than just the words you give them I can t use the same medium as the book words to praise it in any way that is better than what the book does with that same medium.

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    4.5 5 stars This is a wonderful and very clever piece of fiction about how we tend to remember things from our past fondly while forgetting about how bad things really were How Green Was My Valley is a book about nostalgia and it is told from the point of view of Huw, who is now an elder, but who reflects back on his life and his childhood in the valleys of Wales This novel was wonderfully written with beautiful passages on life as well as note worthy anecdotes on Huw s childhood and amazing family A few passages became a bit too dense in their descriptions, but most of them were wonderful I think this book speaks to a lot of us because it talks about a universal subject, and I m sure that s why it has become a classic and has survived through time How Green Was My Valley comes with its brutalities where things that were not so green shine through the surface, but most of all it comes with a view on life which I think most of us share a view of nostalgia and fondness.

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    RESE A COMPLETA ha gustado much simo, especialmente la primera mitad del libro, porque los relatos de infancia me fascinan y m s si est n descritos con esa nostalgia y en un ambiente tan peculiar como un pueblo minero en la Gales del final de la poca victoriana.Me ha sorprendido la crudeza pero a la vez la ternura que desprende esta historia, y me quedo con sus personajes, con todos pero especialmente con nuestro protagonista en pocas ocasiones he conseguido coger tanto cari o a un personaje protagonista de un libro

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    I ve only re read a handful of books in my life, and I ve read this one at least 5 times If I had to pick a favorite book of all time sacrilege it would be this one Never have I seen prose that has this much POETRY in it How Green is a unique, lyrical beauty The coming of age narrator, Huw, so well paints a picture of his everyday struggles in a rapidly industrialized Wales that you can literally hear the birds and smell the blackberry pie Of course many authors are good at descriptions such as those but where I believe Llewellyn truly distinguishes himself is in his descriptions of emotional states and experiences He ll describe a self righteous man looking up with eyes hurting in goodness or innumerate the beatings of his heart and lyrics tumbling away to Forgot as he stands in church to sing a solo and I just want to scream inside because I ve felt EXACTLY that way before and never been able to process it into such perfect words The moral messages are amazing The characters are unforgettable Somehow I understand life better when I read this book.MY FAVORITE SECTION OF ANY BOOK EVER WRITTEN I am Beth Morgan, my mother said, and her voice was as deep and strong as any man I have come up here to tell you what I do think of you all, because I have heard you are talking against my husband Two things in this world I do hate One is talking behind the back, and the other is lice So you should know what I do think of you You are a lot of cowards to talk against my husband How some of you can sit in the same Chapel with him I cannot tell I would look for a flame of fire upon me, indeed But there is one thing I will say and that is this If harm do come to my Gwilym, I will find out the men and I will kill them with my hands And that I will swear by God Almighty And there will be no Hell for me Nobody will go to Hell for killing lice FAVORITE QUOTES I never met anybody whose talk was better than good food It is strange how loud little sounds become when you are in the dark and doing something wrong Trouble will not stop in a man whose lungs are filled with fresh air Papa Gwilym After that, it was like trying to talk through a net Words seemed to stick in the air Nobody seemed willing to look at anybody else And when somebody laughed, you could tell how hard they were trying Man was made in the image of God Is God a sheep Because if He is, I understand why we are all so damned stupid Ianto I saw her face as she bent to blow out the candle with her mouth in the shape of a kiss, still the smile in the eyes, but now as a mother will look at her child that cries in the arms of another woman, softer, and with of want.He cleared his throat as though pain had been his only meal for hours You cannot blame ignorant men You might as well kick a dog for not wishing good morning Mr Gruffydd I thought when I was a young man that I would conquer the world with truth I thought I would lead an army greater than Alexander ever dreamed of, not to conquer nations, but to liberate mankind With truth With the golden sound of the Word But only a few heard the trumpet Only a few understood The rest of them put on black and sat in Chapel Mr Gruffydd It is only when men forget to fight for right that they fail There are plenty to fight for wrong Ianto They could not have had happiness in their eyes, and my heart could not have known lightness, or I would have been off the earth and drinking the skies.

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    This is a very hard book to rate I m going with three and a half stars with caveats for some readers Parts of it were five star brilliant The rhythm and pattern of Welsh speech, conversation and story telling is rendered into English with a deft and often humorous touch The descriptions of Wales and the countryside were exquisite and the sense of place and time so intense and immediate that I was often completely transported The best parts are in the first half of the book as a man looks back at his childhood in a once green valley I will say it was lovely, because it was so green and fresh and clean, with wind from off the fields and dews from the mountain The river was not very widebut so clear that you would see every inch of rock through the bubbling water, and so full of fish that nobody though of using a rod My father taught me to tickle trout up on the flat rock down by Mrs Tom Jenkins As the industrial revolution transformed Britain, the coal mining regions of South Wales fairly basked in prosperity And food in plenty There is good dripping toast is by the fire in the evening Good jelly dripping and crusty, home baked bread, with the mealy savour of ripe wheat roundly in your mouth and under your teeth, roasted sweet and crisp and deep brown, and covered with little pockets where the dripping will hide and melt and shine in the light, deep down inside, ready to run when your teeth bite in I put on five pounds reading that I loved the many characters and scenes of village life Huw the narrator and his struggles with rheumatic fever are moving and filled with warm insight Mining is a way of life here, and there is pride in the skill of the work and in the role Wales plays in Britain s growing power.As Huw matures the tone of the book darkens Labor and management conflicts come to the valley and its mines and Huw s family is drawn into disputes that threaten to tear father from son, brother from brother The history lesson was terrific and an excellent complement to Elizabeth Gaskell s brilliant North and South, as well as my non fiction reads on industrialization and populist and socialist movements in Britain and the U.S.As Huw grows, so does the vast heap of mine tailings slag mountains that tower over the town, pressing in relentlessly on his home, the refuge that he and his family love so well In 1966 one of these coal tip mountains collapsed in an avalanche that killed nearly an entire school house full of children and teachers in Aberfan.Somewhere near the midpoint the book started to fade for me and I grew lost as family members left home, found spouses, fought their own battles It just got really confusing I longed at least for a family tree and a timeline The verbal round abouts and endless descriptions began to wear away my patience When a rather wonderful preacher describes the facts of life to Huw without ever naming a body part I mostly viewed it with astonished admiration for the inventive circumlocutions Does Huw figure it all out Wellat the risk of spoilersI sort of think so.but then again, maybe not But by the last 200 pages I found myself skipping and skimming.thinking Get on with it, man Can t you, for the love of Heaven, just tell us what happened There were also some glaring plot holes that bothered the heck out of me view spoiler Why would a mother, knowing her village s Puritanical, gossip addiction, actually encourage her teenage son to move in with the family s young, comely widow hide spoiler

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    Richard Llewellen s writing is akin to Welsh singing, so beautiful it takes your breath away In the beginning it seems like it will bog down in talk of forming a union, but read on Although important to carry the story, it never does get tedious with that This story is written so beautifully it has a lilt and cadence that will lift you up Examples Page 88, O, blackberry tart, with berries as big as your thumb, purple and black, and thick with juice, and a crust to endear them that will go to cream in your mouth, and both passing down with such a taste that will make you close your eyes and wish you might live for ever in the wideness of that rich moment Page 159, There is beautiful to watch a mountain sleeping, and other mountains in the other valleys rising up like bits of blue velvet to make you feel you could cut a piece and wear it for a coat, to dance in above the fat clouds Page 165, Sing then Sing, indeed, with shoulders back, and head up so that song might go to the roof and beyond to the sky Mass on mass of tone, with a hard edge, and rich with quality, every single note a carpet of colour woven from basso profundo, and basso, and baritone, and alto, and tenor, and soprano, and alto and mezzo, and contralto, singing and singing, until life and all things living are become a song O, Voice of Man, organ of most lovely might Makes me long to hear the rich Welsh tones of yesteryear Page 231, The he whistled, the the trees tried to hush him, and the bigger the tree, the bigger the hush, and beating at him with their arms to stop him tickling them, but no use, for he was in one side and out the other, and nothing they could do only wave at him, and hush And on page 234, after the poetry of the words fills your soul, you can whip up some brandy broth to fill your belly O Brandy Broth is the King of Broth and royal in the rooms of the mouth A good chicken and a noble piece of ham, with a little shoulder of lamb, small to have the least of grease, and then a paste of the roes of trout with cream, a bit of butter, and the yolk of egg, whipped tight and poured in when the chicken, proud with a stuffing of sage and thyme, has been elbowing the lamb and the ham in the earthenware pot until all three are tender as the heart of a mother In with the carrots and turnips and the goodness of marrow bones, and in with a mixing of milk and potatoes Now watch the clock and every fifteen minutes pour in a noggin of brandy, and with the first a pint of home brewed ale Two noggins in, and with the third, throw in the chopped bottoms of leeks, but save the green leaves until ten minutes from the time you sit to eat, for then you shall find them still a lovely green Page 249, If there shall come a time when you leave this house without a proper something to eat, said my mother, look for me on the floor Please read this book

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    ocukken okudu um klasik romanlar vard Adeta oradaym im gibi hissettiren Robinson Crusoe ile birlikte tah l yeti tirmi , Bereketli Topraklar da bir barakan n y kseli ine heyecanlanm t m Sonra Silah rler, Parma Manast r ve daha onlarcas.I te bu kitapta da y llar sonra, ocuklu umda ya ad m o doymak bilmez bir merakla takip ettim ak Her bir karakteri tek tek tan d m Kimini sevdim, kiminden nefret ettim Mr Jones mesela O mahkeme sahnesinde di er t m kat l mc larla birlikte ben de oradayd m ve nefesimi tutup yarg n duda ndan d k lecekleri bekledim Dai nin elik gibi bile inin ve yumruklar n n arkas nda g ven ve huzurla ben ilerledim Sonra HuwOnun tecess s , onun hayat kavrama ekli, muhakemesi, kar mlar Onunla beraber b y d m Onun s rlar n saklad m.Vadim O Kadar Ye ildi Ki, bir grup maden i isinin hikayesini anlatm yor yaln zca, onlar b t n insanl k Korkular , k skan l klar , zay fl klar , g l yanlar , ba nazl klar , cehaletleriyle ve onlar insan yapan t m kusurlar yla B y k insanl n i indeki kum taneleri olan k k insanlar hikayesi.Hepimizin vadisi, o kadar ye il olan bir zamanlar.

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    Although as an older and critical reader I do somewhat understand those reviewers who have found Richard Llewellyn s How Green Was My Valley perhaps not quite nitty gritty and harshly descriptive enough with regard to showing and presenting what life used to be like in the mining towns of Wales, personally, I still have to admit that rereading How Green Was My Valley for the first time since I totally devoured this novel when we read it for school in 1982 has been in every way as much of a pleasure now as it had been then For while Richard Llewellyn might have penned his words with not as much fire and brimstone like immediacy and often visceral pain as many contemporary writers of working class fiction tend to do and especially those authors who feature and depict the often dangerous working and living conditions that coal miners face or have faced , Llewelyn at least in my opinion still manages in ALL ways to depict the bitter along with the sweet, shows the pain and multiple threats and dangers of mining work and how Huw Morgan s family is both defined by coal mining and ultimately also and sadly quite destroyed by it describing Huw and his family s struggles, their trials, tragedies and tribulations but also their joys and simple pleasures caressingly, beautifully, descriptively and NEVER at least in my opinion with a tendency to either tedium or over exaggeration One of my absolute favourites of the assigned novels I as mentioned above had to read for school, and yes, I am indeed very much personally pleased and tickled pink that my January February 2019 perusal of How Green Was My Valley has stood the proverbial test of time for me and has been indeed in every fashion just as magical a reading experience this time around, for I was certainly than a bit worried that I might not enjoy either Richard Llewellyn s prose style or the information he presents as much as I had as a teenager but fortunately and gloriously, I need not have been worried, for How Green Was My Valley has indeed been a simply wonderful rereading experience for me, so much so that I will gladly give a five star rating, and yes, that said five star ranking pertains to both when I perused How Green Was My Valley as a teenager and now.

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    My sister gave me her copy of this book in a big sack of books and snacks and magazines the morning my husband and I set out to drive across the country, moving to Delaware from Utah I started out reading it silently to myself, but after a chapter or so I had to start reading it aloud to my husband The writing was so gorgeous, so tender and deeply felt, that I couldn t not share it Even now, almost seventeen years later, I can remember entire passages word for word I m pretty sure I could tell you each episode of the book, in order There s no plot here, it s a series of episodes or vignettes in the life of young Huw, growing up in a mining town in Wales His family, his friends, are all here, painted with loving clarity Such a beautiful book now that I m writing this I think I need to get my own copy and reread it I kept my sister s copy for years, and would occasionally take it down to read a page or two.

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    3.5 StarsSo is this a good book Yes.Did I feel the magic of it Sadly, No.Why not I wish I knew.Sometimes, a book pulls you and holds you and it becomes your special possession forever Many people have that kind of experience with How Green Was My Valley I truly thought I would as well But it didn t happen for me It was worth reading but.what can I say There is something missing, there is My heart never became involved.