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War Is All That Any Of Them Have Ever Known, But The Strategies The Cyborgs, Kameron, Damien, Gavin, And Kyle, Are Familiar With Don T Seem To Work Nearly As Well In Their Campaign To Win Zoe She S Human, After All And Completely UnpredictableZoe Isn T Certain What To Make Of The Cyborgs Beyond The Fact That They Re Seriously Big And Dangerous And Quite Possibly Four Of The Most Handsome Males She S Ever Seen She S Their Enemy They Ve Made That Abundantly Clear So Why Is It That They Ve Suddenly Taken The Notion To Convince Her To Contract With Them More Importantly, Why Is That She Finds Herself Wanting To When It S Probably The Worst Idea She S Ever Had Rating Carnal Multiple Sexual Partners, Adult Language And Situations, Menage A Trios

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    They ll be good little cyborgs and sign the dotted line My nephew or niece will have their fathers A slightly different story in comparison to the rest of the series Zoe is a dynamic girl and she is the one who will propose to her cyborgs Bronte fromCyborg Nation , her half sister, will help her.

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    Reread 2nd read I love the cyborg series but this one is not my favorite and I think it s because of Zoe She second, third, forth, fifth and sometimes sixth guesses herself I loved the guys as always But even given my dislike of Zoe, the book is really good Previous review 06 28 11Love the cyborgs, who are so without social graces Some of the scenes were very funny Loved when they came back from a conflict in space and she raced at one ship two of her guys were on like the women here who are waiting for their military men when they come back Very sweet book.

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    On the hunt for a half sister she never knew Zoe s ship is intercepted by two Cyborgs patrolling space around the Cyborg colony Finding themselves in the middle of an attack they crash land and make their way across a jungle to get to freedom where Zoe discovers not only the realization of how very sentient the Cyborgs have become but also a bizarre attraction toward them Forestalling their inevitable rescue Damian and Kameron are determined to make her theirs before they must join the rest of the colony Things get alittle complicated when they are met by two Cyborgs, former comrades of theirs, and by the time they are on their way their way home, Zoe must decide if she is two accept not only two of them but all of them.I love the way O Conner does Sci Fi Erotica, but don t expect this to be your typical erotica, yeah there s some explicit polyamorous loving going on, but there s also quite a bit of world building The one major drawback in these novels for me is that the author tends to linger too long on character ruminations imo, but that I believe will change as her craft grows But I do so love her hunky Cyborgs 3.5 out of 5 from me.

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    I really liked this book It was sci fi romance but was a bit light on the sci fi I really enjoyed the cyborg guys bumbling around trying to figure out how to romance a human woman I laughed at them fighting every time something went wrong and they blamed each other Although that did get just a tad old Although it ended well, I thought it ended very abruptly The guys didn t seem to have as separate personalities as they did in the other menage book I read by this author but they weren t bad This also didn t seem to be just an excuse to string some sex scenes together but had an actual plot I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

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    Cyborg Bonanza

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    I think reading O onner books are like climbing several hills, not so good parts the climbing and fantastic parts the view at the top and okay parts going down the other side.She has an excellent voice, and imagination.

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    I enjoyed the series but they would have been better if they had been reviewed much better for gramatical errors If not for so many errors I would have given them higher ratings.

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    I loved it I am a huge fan of the Cyborg books and this one certainly didn t disappoint I laughed so many times

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    Zoe is Bronte s half sister who s determined to rescue her from her cyborg captors The cyborgs didn t make a huge impression on me but Zoe annoyed me with the constant second guessing I almost never notice spelling errors but this one had a lot Reuel made an appearance in this one The shotgun contracting made me laugh though, so I guess it wasn t all that bad.

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    I m not sure how to submit favorite quotes but I keep on thinking of a scene from this book that had me ROFLMAO I m going to shorten it a little bit but it s so funny I need to share The steps, he reminded himself, searching his malfunctioning memory for them a little frantically More kisses, he finally remembered Check, he muttered, mentally ticking off the list to make certain he didn t miss anything Check, he muttered, scooting further down to tease her breasts moving to the twin peak and suckling and tugging at it until he began to worry that either his heart or his balls, or both, were going to rupture Double check, he gasped, nuzzling his face against her breasts and trying to resist the urge to go back to the first nipple while he jogged his mind to try to remember what was next on the agenda What are you mumbling Zoe asked breathlessly.His head popped up from her breast and he stared at her with a frozen look on his face Mumbling he echoed Check He blinked at her I said that Aloud Yes He studied her uncomfortably I did not want to forget anything important