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Jake and Joe like to enter abandoned sites for urban exploration They both decide to enter an abandoned factory to go through it and film their exploration and then upload it to their internet channelIt is said that that factory is the most cursed place in the whole town so many people don't even dare to go there However Jake and Joe don't believe in those stories and decide to enter They know their video would go viral if they film in thereBut just after entering that factory strange things begin to happen to both of themNeither of them knew that their lives would begin to be in danger after they had entered that factory And the curse that now haunts them will not stop until it destroy their livesGet ready to read one of the short horror stories that are ruffling the hairs on the back of several people around the worldMikel Straub considered by critics as the new exponent of contemporary horror literature brings us this incredible short story that will leave you wanting

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    Really nice story Although the story is focused in two characters only it's really catching Unfortunatelly for me it was too short to me Because once the good stuff begins you are getting close to the end