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Broke, Almost Homeless, And Recently Fired Those Are My Official Reasons For Answering A Wanted Ad For A Skeevy Looking Bartender GigIt Went Downhill The Moment They Asked Me To Do A Trial Shift Instead Of An Interview To See If I D Mesh With Their Special Clientele I Think That Part Went Great Their Customers Were Complete Dickheads, And I Was An Asshole Right Back That S The Definition Of Fitting In, Right I Expected To Get Thrown Out On My Ass Instead, They Offered Me The Job It Turns Out This Place Isn T A Bar It S A Guild And The Three Cocky Guys I Drenched With A Margarita During My Trial Yeah, They Were Mages Either I M Exactly The Kind Of Takes No Shit Bartender This Guild Needs, Or There S A Good Reason No One Else Wants To Work HereSo What S A Broke Girl To Do Take The Job, Of Course With A Pay Raise Note The Three Mages Are Definitely Sexy, But This Series Isn T A Reverse Harem It S % Fun, Sassy, Fast Paced Urban FantasyTori Has No Problem Getting Herself Into Trouble In Every Book In The Guild Codex Series, But Each One Is A Complete Adventure No Cliffhanger Endings THE GUILD CODEXSpellbound Series Three Mages And A Margarita Dark Arts And A Daiquiri Two Witches And A Whiskey Demon Magic And A Martini The Alchemist And An Amaretto Druid Vices And A Vodka Demonized Series Taming Demons For Beginners Slaying Monsters For The Feeble

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    4.5 starsMagic guilds, Elemental mages and psychics and other magic people, strong sense of friendship and loyalty..what does this remind me of Oh yeah..Say hello to the adult, urban fantasy version of Fairy Tail, one of my FAVORITE ANIMES OF ALL TIME I mean Erza is even my profile pic I don t know if the similarities are wishful thinking on my part or if the author took inspiration from Fairy Tail, but either way I was SO EXCITED with the connections I was making I devoured this book in 1.5 sittings the 0.5 being the little I was able to read during my break at work Annette Marie writes some of the best action scenes I ve read, and she just keeps getting better I literally could not put my Kindle down because I had to know what happened next Her writing style never fails to suck me in to the fictional world she has created, craving of everything Three Mages and a Margarita delivered it all.The one thing I wish was different was knowing about the main character, Tori She has a past, but it is just briefly mentioned in the story Since this is the first of a series I m assuming a trilogy , I m sure this will be addressed in future books But for the initial connection to the main character, a little background information would have been nice A solid read I can t wait for the next book When you get an ARC from one of your favorite authors

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    3.5 4ishWell, I like it for some weird reason Promising, definitely I dunno why I liked this one It was weird and a bit annoying and can t say I love the main character, but for some reason I find this series absolutely delightful Like a big, yummy ice cream.This chick is fun And her friends are pretty cool too What caught me was the writing style, I read this book in a day without actually trying to It went by so fast and the story was so much fun that I could barely put it down to eat yes, it was a Sunday If Annette Marie keeps it up, I have a feeling I ll be a big fan of this series Can t wait to start the next one.

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    4 StarsReview I received an ecopy of this book from the author This has not influenced my review The blurb says this book is a fun, sassy, fast paced urban fantasy, and I gotta say, that is actually a highly accurate description Tori, our main character, was one of those heroines who is full of sass and attitude and runs her mouth off or does impulsive things even when she shouldn t, and that s normally a type of character I m not fond of But her short temper was kind of understandable in the situations and was balanced by her determination, hard work, intelligence, and courage, so I ended up liking her and finding her easy to root for regardless.The other main characters, the three mages mentioned in the title a pyromage, an electromage, and an aeromage , were fun and sexy and had awesome powers, but they were also loyal and sweet when it mattered I don t feel like I got to know them super well, but this was only the first book in a series My favorite though was Ezra he was the most kind and soft spoken of the bunch.There was also some disability rep since Ezra is blind in one eye He wasn t a POV character, but I loved that the author still found a way to make it realistic instead of just tossing it in as an affectation and mentioned things like his depth perception not being good.My favorite thing though was the magic system It was detailed and organized, and I loved how much thought was put into it I also loved how it included so many different types of abilities and magic users mages, sorcerers, witches, alchemists, healers, telekinetics, telepaths, claireaudients, diviners, and that we haven t even seen yet.As for everything else The pace was fast The writing was easy to read Overall, it was a solid start to a new urban fantasy series.Recommended For Anyone who likes sassy heroines with attitude, sexy men with magic, and fun urban fantasy Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight

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    This was so unbelievably fun What a great start to a new series with a little bit of it all Danger, magic, romance, humor I had a hard time putting this one down and will definitely be continuing on with the series So glad I took a chance and read this

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    09 17 2018 Read for the second time This book has been out for only three days and I have fully read it twice already and skimmed through it a third time I love it This review MAY contain spoilers Read at your own risk.This book was a glorious adventure and it was just what I needed right now Annette Marie has broken the mold and shattered my expectations yet again Just when I think that she is super clever for coming up with imaginative, complex fantasy worlds she releases another and I am swept away again If you are as clever as she is, you ll jump on her bandwagon and ride the magical waves of urban fantasy with us.So, yeah Marie creates such captivating fantasy worlds Not only is this world and all of her other fantasy worlds creative, but it is also damn intriguing There are different magical systems that are detailed and just plain awesome There is a magical governing body, magic guilds, and supernatural creatures There are so many fun and compelling elements that are crafted into this world There was clearly a lot of thought and research put into this world This book was different from Marie s other books in that it has a self contained plot Marie has said that this series will be episodic So while elements of the series will carry over to other books, each book of the series will have its own story While I typically tend to stick to book series that have plots that encompass the entire series as opposed to single books in a series, the changeup in style did not negatively impact my reading at all So if you are hesitant to try the series because of this, I would urge you to still read this book I was still able to appreciate the story The story did seem much fast paced than Marie s other books And while some serious things do occur in the book, the overall feeling was much lighter than her other books I think the lighter feel and the fast pacing works well with the self contained plot The characters in this series were a true delight I fell in love with these characters so quickly Like, crazy fast The main character is spunky, feisty, and fierce I immediately liked her Her three mage companions were just as likable They each bring a different flavor into the story And no, this isn t a reverse harem story so put that out of your head But if that s your thing then good on you It just doesn t apply here And if I am being honest, I loved not having any inclination which way the romance in the story would go With so many options, my mind was whirling I also really appreciated the underlying themes hidden in the story Friendship, trust, self reliance, prejudice, and conviction all show up in the story in one way or another Overall, Annette Marie is a storytelling Queen and you are mad if you do not read this Pick this book up and fall into a world you ll want to stay in with characters that you ll want to stay with This book will make you laugh, will make you root for the heroine, will give you the hella hot mage feels and will make you crave stories from Annette Marie And while you are at it, pick up her Steel Stone series, her spin off Spell Weaver series, and or her Red Winter series Once you read one of Marie s books you will be under her spell I am so stoked to read the next book in this series More reviews on my blog Novel Nerd Faction

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    I am surprised at how much I enjoyed this book It wasn t a romance but it was a straight up magic urban fantasy novel Tori was a bartender who can t keep a job to save her life She even earned a reputation as someone not to hire She finally got a job at the Crow and Hammer, and it seemed like she found a great fit Except as a human, she shouldn t be working with the magics the guild.Tori meets Aaron, Ezra and others working at the Crow and Hammer, and they formed a friendship of sorts It was nice to see Tori finally own some of the feelings she kept bottled inside as well as finding a place where she belongs.

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    find this review others on my blog I think I ve said this before, but whatever I love Annette Marie s books and I ll read anything of hers at this point Anything.I was ecstatic when Marie announced two new series, one of them being this one I was just waiting for info to come in cover reveals, character reveals, blurbs, all that good stuff And each new teaser just got me hyped up all the .That being said, I was extremely satisfied with Three Mages and a Margarita Despite the title being a mouthful though I do appreciate the alliteration the book was super fun It has a voice y character, funny quips, and lots of friendly camaraderie that I really loved reading.Tori was a really fun character In all her other books all eleven of them Marie wrote from a third person point of view and I thought the shift to first person would be weird, but it fit so well It was easy to fall into Tori s voice and into her head, and this type of narration just really worked for the book Connecting to bits of her personality was a lot easier for me And I ve always preferred first person PoV anyway, so this was perfect.I also really loved the titular three mages They re all reminiscent of Marie s other male characters sarcastic, quiet, attractive but the three were a tight knit group and you could really tell from the way they interacted, both in casual environments and dangerous ones I liked that they took in Tori and got along with her so easily.And despite what you might think with there being three guys, Three Mages is not a reverse harem Marie herself said so there s even a note on the GR page As much as I liked this book, some things did bother me First being that, of the three mages, only two had real page time There s Ezra, Aaron, and Kai, but we mostly see significant interactions with Aaron and Ezra, and not much of Kai, which was disappointing.Another thing that bothered me was the use of the word exotic to describe Kai He s Japanese American, if what I gathered from the book is correct AKA if I m remembering correctly lol , and Tori describes him three times as having exotic features Um Don t do this Don t describe anyone as exotic, especially people of color And finally, there was the use of the word girly Oh my god, I m so fucking tired There s nothing wrong with girly things and I m tired of that type of thing being in books I don t care if you consider shopping girly or crying girly Every time you do that, you just bring back the negative connotation of feminine things being bad or undesirable Look, shopping is fun It s great And having a certain reaction after a certain event It s being human I m so tired of this.Overall, 3.5 stars Not my favourite Marie book, but it was definitely a solid start to a new series and I think it holds a lot of potential There s a lot I d love to see in the future books, so I can t wait to see where it goes

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    Full review here on The Bent Bookworm I was expecting to like Three Mages and a Margarita I was NOT expecting to love it And well..let s just say as soon as I finished I jumped onto GoodReads to see when the next one was coming out I signed up for the book tour because I like sassy female characters and felt like I could use a lighthearted, amusing read in the middle of all my heavy science stuff that I ve been working on for months The description made me think Jim Butcher and Gail Carriger had a brain child and I was NOT disappointed Characters Tori is the bomb She takes no shit, from anyone, and yet she still has soft heart and she tries to care about people It s only sort of hinted at what sort of trauma her past holds she tries to reveal but not reveal to one other character in the book and it just left some things up in the air , but she has difficulty trusting anyone She takes care of herself, but she tries to take care of other people too The dichotomy is something she admits to struggling with, but it doesn t weigh the book down.The three mages are, as promised, sexy AF Despite that, it is not also as promised a reverse harem Just a good dose of sexual tension and admiration on all sides, hence the two flames Nothing too sexual though, though I feel like the potential is there I am extremely eager to see what happens in subsequent books, and I m kind of hoping for a HEA on all counts for this series Because it just seems like it needs it All three guys despite being often seen together and best friends are quite different and I loved them all but I loved Ezra just a teeny bit heart_eyes Ahem Worldbuilding Now, I don t read that much urban fantasy, so it s possible the magic system isn t all that original, but I thought it was fascinating I loved how the explanation of magic users in the modern world was explained, how they stayed hidden from the normal human set, as well as how they used their powers and weapons Storyline The plot kept it moving, which I really liked The only reason I didn t read this all in one sitting was because well, homework and being a responsible student Whomp whomp Also when I went to write this review, my ePub had for some reason VANISHED from my computer and I really wanted to look back and re read a few things before I wrote it, hence the very short review in the actual tour post Things just kept happening I wanted to find out and and it didn t feel predictable at all I did feel like one part not the actual climax, but leading up to that was oddly rushed, but when I thought back over it a scene between wasn t really necessary, I was just a bit stunned by how fast it moved on The ACTUAL climax I actually panicked slightly, though I was pretty sure they wouldn t kill off a particular character it certainly seemed like it was going to happen for awhile and just OMG NO In the end, everything seemed pretty well resolved though, aside from the non romance, so I m interested to see what else is going to happen in the next two books.Yes Two Aaaaah Maybe I certainly hope so I think Three Mages and a Margarita is the start to a series I could see myself enjoying for a very long time to come.Book 2, Dark Arts and a Daiquiri, is due out November 18, of THIS YEAR Such a short wait between books, I am just over the moon.Book 3, Two Witches and a Whiskey, titled but no GR page or pub date yet.Blog Twitter Bloglovin Instagram Google

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    Rating 5 stars Since this drink is on you, I told him, I know exactly what I want He watched curiously as I turned to Cooper, my smile widening How about a margarita Three Mages and a Margarita was so much fun It was well written, fast paced, with action, comedy and an overly charming heroine with anger issues.The book introduced us to many characters but mostly revolved around Tori at her newfound workplace She did not just get a job she practically knew nothing about but also stumbled a whole new universe of magics and mythics.Tori was a real delight a smart mouthed act before thinking ball of fury and definitely the heart of the book She was in way over her head, jumped into danger like a crazy lunatic and didn t have any reason to help so much in the first place Human or not, who wouldn t want to keep her Not cool I shouted, slamming my hands down on the bar top I ve been working my ass off without so much as a thank you from a single goddamn person, and you re jerking me around like a five year old with no impulse control I you so much as open your mouth again, I ll shove my soda gun down your throat and see if you can crack jokes while you drown It was only my second book from Annette Marie and I will definitely check Thank you everyone for adding it to my feed so many times

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    4.5 Stars I loved this book it was cute, funny, fluffy, and just what I needed on a lazy Sunday The description says it s not reverse harem, but it is definitely similar Lots of witty banter and flirting between Tori and the three hot male leads guess that s why it needed a disclaimer I can t wait for book 2