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This is about the political background to the Space race between Russia and the USA It is organized with a variety of presentations, such as links to actual news reels or YouTube showings of the moon landing, and is a perfect YA read This was a One Book, One Phoenix selection. What a wonderful summary for middle grade or junior high readers on the Cold War and the race to put a man on the moon Part of the Inquire and Investigate series designed to improve the books available for libraries on STEM topics I wish I d had books like this when I was young and wading through boring books on the topic Maybe I would have learned something. What Do You See When You Look Up At The Night Sky The Potential For Amazing Discoveries And Scientific Advancement During The S And S, Some People Also Saw A Place That Needed To Be ClaimedIn The Space Race How The Cold War Put Humans On The Moon, Middle School Students Will Explore The Bitter Rivalry Between The United States And The Soviet Union That Served As Fuel For The Fire That Catapulted Rockets Into The Great Unknown Of The Next Frontier Space While Neil Armstrong Will Always Be Remembered As The First Person To Set Foot On The Moon, The People And Events Behind This Accomplishment Populate A Fascinating Tale Of Politics, Science, Technology, And Teamwork That Resulted In What Might Be The Greatest Accomplishment Of The Twentieth Century