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To Mr And Mrs Watson, Mercy Is Not Just A Pig She S A Porcine Wonder And To The Portly And Good Natured Mercy, The Watsons Are An Excellent Source Of Buttered Toast, Not To Mention That Buttery Toasty Feeling She Gets When She Snuggles Into Bed With Them This Is Not, However, So Good For The Watsons Bed BOOM CRACK As The Bed And Its Occupants Slowly Sink Through The Floor, Mercy Escapes In A Flash To Alert The Fire Department, Her Owners Assure Themselves But Could Mercy Possibly Have Another Emergency In Mind Like A Sudden Craving For Their Neighbors Sugar Cookies

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    This book is filled with such whimsy and fun that one can almost hear it humming simply touching it I almost expect the thing to glow it was filled with such frivolity and silliness A charming tale of a pig, Mercy, who lives with the Watson and in this story has to save her family The art is all sunshine and smiles I enjoyed this middle grade book.Some light and happiness is a great way to start my day Plus Kate is always an amazing author.

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    i had to read this twice to the kid i nanny it had chapters damn right i m counting it toward my challenge.also kate dicamillo is a queen i recommend her to everyone despereaux still makes me cry read all the things

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    After loving some of Kate DiCamillo s middle grade novels as well as the wonderful Bink Gollie series for kids , I thought I d give this series a try I m not really big on anthropomorphized animals, especially if they talk But I didn t have to worry about that here Aside from a few human traits, Mercy is very much a pig She does end up saving the day, but totally unintentionally her mind is on her stomach and playtime than it is on being a hero.The pictures are really cute, almost with a quaint 1950s feel to them There are plenty of them, too, breaking up the text into easy to read chunks It shouldn t take an older reader too long to get through these books, but they ll be just the right length for beginning readers I would ve loved to have this series around when I was a kid.If you can suspend disbelief around the basic premise that of a couple who are raising a pig as their child and just go with it, you ll probably find a lot to enjoy here This would be a great book to read aloud, as well as a suitable book for kids who are just getting into reading chapter books themselves.Quotable moment Eugenia ran toward Mercy.Mercy s heart beat faster.There was going to be a chase Mercy loved a chase.

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    An old fashioned story about one pig and the people who love her plus the neighbors who do not A bit too old fashioned for my kids.

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    Mercy Watson is a porcine wonder, according to her human parents Mr and Mrs Watson love their pig, Mercy, as if she were an only child Mrs Watson even dreams happily about fixing Mercy her favorite food hot buttered toast So when Mercy s desire to sleep with Mr and Mrs Watson puts all three of them in peril, the Watsons believe that Mercy s escape is an attempt to find help Mercy Watson to the Rescue is a funny story about parents who think only the best about their children porcine, in this case The humor is accentuated by the fact that readers know both what the Watsons believe Mercy s intentions to be and what Mercy is actually thinking hot buttered toast, always The Mercy Watson series is an excellent transition between easy readers and chapter books Like easy readers, it has a large font and pictures that give clues about the text However, the vocabulary is challenging than that of the earliest readers, there are some compound sentences, and it includes some difficult words disappointment, unbelievable , as well as some that would not be in a child s everyday vocabulary porcine, snuffled, recalled Recommended for ages 6 8.

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    A fun transitional book I can see why kids really like Mercy It doesn t hurt that Mercy and I have the same favorite food hot buttered toast.

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    In this humorous 68 page chapter book, a playful toast obsessed pet pig named Mercy saves the day when her antics with the neighbors result in the serendipitous arrival of the fire department Readers will no doubt be familiar with this author s fiction for older children, including the Newbery Medal winning novel, The Tale of Despereaux This first entry in a series of chapter books about a very special pig proves that DiCamillo s talents extend to writing for than one age group A fun, ligh hearted read, recommended to beginning chapter book readers.

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    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Mercy Watson chapter book series written by Kate DiCamillo This text is the first in the series and readers are introduced to a pig named Mercy Watson Mercy lives with a man and his wife, Mr and Mrs Watson The reader is taken a delightful story of how Mercy loves hot buttery toast and the mishap that occurs when she jumps into bed with Mr and Mrs Watson The story continues with Mercy running around in search of food The readers are introduced to the Watson s neighbors and two firemen who later come to the rescue I have been reading the Mercy Watson series with my Kindergarteners and believe that it would be appropriate as a read aloud for students through second grade I have used this as a read aloud with my students and found that because it is an adventure book it provides great opportunity to teach the parts of a story I am always wowed when I read this story to my students at their level of engagement I believe this is a result of the exciting and dramatic events that occur in the life of a pig Because my students are so engaged with the story I am able to also focus on teaching comprehension skills through this text Kate DiCamillo has done a phenomenal job of writing a story that is keeps readers on their toes yet can be comprehended and enjoyed by students kindergarten through second grade This text opens up the conversation with students on how to incorporate dialogue in their own writing and how to include detail that helps to paint a picture of the events in the reader s mind since there are not many illustrations in this text My students and I are both excited to continue the Mercy Watson series every afternoon as our special read aloud time.

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    This was a very funny book

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    Emma loved this book Perfect intro chapter book that I could read to her Still has a lot of illustrations, but she loved to tell me what was going to happy by looking at the photos.