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Trading Orgasms For Information Isn T Their Usual Way Of Doing Business, But When A Missing Criminal Turned Star Witness And Fifty Grand Are On The Line, Bounty Hunter R A Thorn And Detective Cameron Martinez Are Prepared To Put Their Bodies To The Task And Give Gorgeous Brenna Sheridan Everything She Needs An Exchange They Never Anticipated Becomes An Experience None Can Forget Or Walk Away From Sexual Hunger Sizzles The Threesome, But The Stakes And Danger Rise As A Mafia Bad Ass Stalks Brenna Soon, Their Deal Is No Longer About Information Or Sex Emotions Bind Brenna, Cam And Thorn Together Tightly Than They Ever Imagined As The Men Protect And Serve The Beloved Woman Neither Can Live Without Reader Advisory Book Contains Some Scenes Of Same Gender Sex

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    Okaaythis book was funny, unbelievable, ludicrous, yet somehowwickedly hot It s definitely not for everyone those looking for a whole lot of plot, character development, or deep meaning will probably scoff at this book But if you have the ability to suspend disbelief for a few hours and follow where the author is trying to lead you, and you don t mind some really sexually charged, smutastic scenes one of which takes 30 pages to unfold that involve various combinations of m f m menage, then this book may be right up your alley and you can have some fun with it.The funny part The two male leads, hunky Native American Mexican, sensitive guy police detective Cameron Martinez and gorgeous, macho Viking like bounty hunter bail bondsman R.A Thorn have some pretty funny dialogue where they gripe and fuss at each other like a couple of cranky old women They re supposed to be hunting down a witness who s on the lam who has agreed to testify against his criminal boss The sleazoid boss is involved with smuggling Mexicans across the border and selling them into slavery and will soon be standing trial Cam is the detective who has been working on the case for years and with the trial starting in a few days, he s desperate to locate his star witness Thorn is the one who posted the witness s 50,000 bond They stake out the witness s remote house hoping to catch him there but instead find a beautiful sexy woman poolside who is trying unsucessfully to pleasure herself What s her connection to the missing witness Mistress Or something else Could she know where he s disappeared to The unbelievable ludicrous part The detective and the bounty hunter make a deal with the sexy woman Brenna and practically guarantee that they will give her something she hasn t been able to achieve on her own or with someone else for all her 26 years an orgasm But she has to then tell them all she knows about their missing witness, her connection to him, and where they can find him OkaaayThe wickedly hot Their sex scenes, of course Their first scene together where Cam and Thorn help Brenna achieve the unachievable takes at least 30 pages, and darn it was hot There s a few pretty detailed scenes, included what starts out as incidental contact between Cam and a reluctant I m not gay Thorn, and soon develops into let s see where this takes us On this little sexual journey, Thorn gets in touch with his true self, and learns what real intimacy means for the first time in his life Could it mean that he s found something he wasn t aware that he s always needed All this unfolds in a matter of 36 hours, and takes a heck of a lot of suspension of disbelief to be on board with everything that happens at warp speed But I m not complaining this book was easy to read, I didn t take it seriously, and it definitely entertained I wasn t looking for or expecting anything heavy or complicated, and I got just what I thought I d get a sexy good time Nothing wrong with that, I guess 4 stars Warning This book contains explicit language and sex, including oral and anal m f m menage m m f menage scenes of self pleasuring, and scenes of m m oral and anal sex Definitely not for the faint of heart

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    Trading orgasms for information isn t their usual way of doing business, but when a missing criminal turned star witness and fifty grand are on the line, bounty hunter R A Thorn and Detective Cameron Martinez are prepared to put their bodies to the task and give gorgeous Brenna Sheridan everything she needs.An exchange they never anticipated becomes an experience none can forget or walk away from Sexual hunger sizzles the threesome, but the stakes and danger rise as a mafia bad ass stalks Brenna Soon, their deal is no longer about information or sex Emotions bind Brenna, Cam and Thorn together tightly than they ever imagined as the men protect and serve the beloved woman neither can live without.Reader advisory Book contains some scenes of same gender sex.I would loved to have been a fly on the wall when Shayla Black was pitching the idea for this story to her publisher Wow Ms Black took her idea and ran with it in this unbelievably spicy story I can t fault her for sticking to her guns but damn This was funny I m sorry I don t believe in an orgasm deficiency because the cure has been out since the seventies Its called the Hitachi Magic Stick Plug that baby into the power grid and Let Er Rip Ten minutes alone with that baby and you can kiss your deficiency good bye Twice Man, I don t know what to think after reading this book I guess I really liked it I read this hoping my headache would go away, trying not to laugh at the absurdity of it all, and for the priceless reactions to the m m moments And I couldn t get my mouse to work No, that s not a metaphor for something else I literally couldn t get my mouse to work I was reading this on my computer and I spent most of the time banging my mouse around trying to get it to scroll The three of them were pretty good together The dynamic of two strong alpha male men getting together was hot I was a little surprised by who was on the receiving end, but what do I know laughs hysterically Man, this was funny as hell Stop banging her like a drum This is sex, not a heavy metal concert I was LOLing all over the place This was like an awesomely bad porn movie that was so bad it was great I spent a big portion of this story with my hand over my mouth in awe over the sexual shenanigans and trying to figure out the Twister formations You know, who was in what, where and how LOL I definitely have to try some m m stuff For some reason its starting to get me hot I don t know why F F doesn t seem to do it for me, which is weird, because normally I would say I would rather look at a naked woman than at a naked man Huh I guess I got a few kinks left inside me waiting to be explored So in that regard I tip my hat to Shayla Black for a job well done DNow that this story is over I have got to go see my husband about fixing my mouse Because it s still broken I swear That s what all the banging and yelling was coming from inside my room Me trying to fix my mouse.

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    All I can say is WOW I think this has to be one of the hottest books I have ever read Seriously I think this is my first Shayla Black novel, and it was amazing Now, the story line is simple Guy named Cam, who is a cop, is searching for a witness who has disappeared Thorn is a bounty hunter who is also looking for the same witness who skipped bail The two of them find Brenna staying at the witness home They dont know who she is but she s smokin hot and she cant have an orgasm Needless to say, when they question her, its not long before hot menage ensues The first menage scene in this book might be the hottest I have ever read Its long, and sexy wow The menages stay great throughout the book too Read this book seriously Im not kidding.

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    MmmmHmmm What can I say This book was right up my Purvetted Alley Two gorgeous males with longer hair and beautiful bodies and one fiesty female, all having some open minded sex Underlying it all is a mystery about the missing witness, that one of the hunks alpha bounty hunter is trying to find along with the other hunk alpha but in touch with his feelings cop that needs him to testify against another criminal The woman was found at this guy s hideaway trying to get in touch with herself and inner issues The sex is way hot but a bit slow in places for me see the 4 stars I tend to like it a bit faster but with this story and the personal issues, it really did go at the pace that it needed to go.

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    4 stars Romantic Suspense Erotica M nageOkay, this book might require some serious suspension of disbelief since it all takes place in less than 48 hours, but it s turn down the A C hot and has Shayla Black s awesome, wickedly erotic writing.The simple plot involves sensitive, good guy, dedicated Arizona detective Cameron Martinez and cold, badass with attitude, bounty hunter R.A Thorn teaming up to capture the missing key witness in a mob kingpin s trial involving illegal immigrant smuggling and slavery While staking out the house of their absent suspect star witness, Curtis Lawton, they encounter a beautiful woman staying there and assume she s his latest mistress, but they are both inexplicably drawn to her With only days left until the trial, Cam and Thorn make a deal with Brenna Sheridan to exchange orgasms for information on Lawton s whereabouts Brenna is sweet, beautiful, and they both want her, and she feels an explosive attraction to the vastly different, but equally sexy, Cam and Thorn Brenna considers their crazy offer a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to overcome her sexual hang up of not feeling safe or cherished enough to be able to reach orgasm Brenna s true identity is revealed and shakes things up, and Cam and Thorn find themselves having to keep her safe from the mob boss s goons who are also trying to find and silence Lawton Of course, it doesn t take long for deeper feelings to emerge between the trio, which enhances caring, insightful Cam s fierce protectiveness and longing for commitment, exposes cold, love em and leave em, tough guy Thorn s vulnerable, soft side, and forces Brenna to face her fear of abandonment Can the threesome open their hearts to each other and evolve their wild sexual escapades into something lasting and permanent Even though the premise is a bit unrealistic and the story is a tad too short, it s still a verrry steamy erotic read that s worth the time, especially if you are a fan of Shayla Black s other books and like m f m m nage that also includes some smokin hot m m action as well My only real complaint is the terrible cover, with the bronze skinned Fabio twins not a fan of the long hair and a woman who looks like she could be their sister 4 starsalmost 5 stars

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    Ah See this book here addresses something I always wonder about.In these menage books with two men, I notice the female is always used as a buffer in between the men I get that at some points this makes sense different positions and objectives, if you will but for the books that end with a three way HEA, the relationship outside of the female male relationships always seems lacking From what I ve read, the norm seems to be that the woman loves each man separately, each man loves her, and they all love DP But the relationship between the two men is never really given a second thought.This book develops a relationship there, and it is believable enough for this type of book.I say this is a major plus If you want to write read about three way relationships you can t be homophobic following the norm and expecting those of the same sex not to interact with each other sexually This is a breath of fresh air to this type of genre and topic finally a counter culture menage book that fully disregards the norm in order to make sense within its own reality.Bravo.

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    Rating 4.5 5This book has some wicked hot scenes And a good great storyline to go along with it More often than not when I m reading an ebook on my desktop computer, I go it rather leisurely reading a chapter or two at a time and coming back to it whenever I feel like it But this one had me wanting to keep coming back, and I ended up reading most of the second half in one sitting.The story starts out with a good guy cop, Cameron, and a cold hearted, love em leave em bounty hunter, Thorn, who are staking out a house, hoping to catch a key witness to an upcoming trial who has disappeared Cam, and law enforcement, need the man to help put his boss away, and Thorn is out 50,000 bail money if the man is never found The house they are staking out is one where their suspect typically takes his mistresses, which is why they think the woman they see there is just another cheap woman But both are drawn to her Brenna is beautiful and enchanting But she has a problemshe s completely unable to orgasm, whether alone or with a partner Cam and Thorn make a deal with her they ll help her orgasm if she ll give them information on the man they seek But what starts out as a mutual beneficial relationship becomes much when feelings get involved Dangerous Boys and Their Toy is one smokin hot book The sex scenes leave you needing an ice cold shower They re probably some of the hottest I ve read So for that alone, this book gets top marks.But the storyline and the characters were engaging as well You get a nice range of personalities in this story Brenna is a spitfire with a bruised heart trying to get over the abandonment in her past Cam is the nice guy alpha, and Thorn is completely emotionally cut off, a product of his bad childhood In the beginning, Thorn comes off as a total asshole, but once you get to understand the character, he really grows on you And together, they make quite a threesome Author Shayla Black really surprised me with Brenna s true identity I hadn t been expecting that at all The plot wasn t the most complicated or maybe the most original, but it worked for the story.I do with the book had been longer, with some development Everything moves pretty quickly, taking place over only a couple days Which made the developing male male aspect of the story a little too abrupt even if some of those scenes were ridiculously hot As good as the book was, it just could have been even better with a little length and development.Definitely a erotic romance worth reading, though But beware that there is some descriptive m m action So if you don t like that, don t read this one If you don t mind that, then you should consider giving this one a try.WARNING, this book contains explicit sex and explicit language, a bisexual m f m menage ie m m sex , oral sex, anal sex, and a little voyeurism

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    Quick review Cover Says it all Rating NC 17Steaminess Scorching Thumbs Up 4Overall A quick fun readCharacters SolidPlot A cop and a bounty hunter looking for a suspectPage Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend CamSUMMARY 55 words or less A friend recommended this one and I have to say I enjoyed the read If not for the insta love at the end, I would have enjoyed I can appreciate it was a novella and needed to wrap up, but I think it could have happened differently.For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at

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    Well nowmy library just got this one on Audio so I guess it s moving up in the queue Of course, I m also 4th in line to check it out, so it could still be a while seeing as each patron has 21 days to keep it

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    A really HARD 3 star rating _ The sex scenes were hot Cam and Brenna were lovely Thorn was a bit of a dick but he was funny as fuck and I enjoyed that little tender side he didn t even know he possessed That plot was a tad bit of a joke but it s all good.