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It wasThis book is not worth 5 stars The writing style could be better its average at best Some of the transitions between scenes could have been better Also the author was a tadbit repetitive as well. This is my first book from this author This book had the potential to be a good story At some times it was confusing and I really wasn t feeling the chemistry between the hero and heroine Even when I don t like a story I still read it to the end in hope I will eventually like the story I don t know about this one and it ended in a cliffhanger I did like the relationship with Paul and Phillip It seemed like Lena had chemistry between them. Lena Rae Is A Stripper, One That Just Strips For Money, Not Entertainment Her Life Is Empty And She Knows She Can T Depend On Love, Because Of What Happened Years Ago Only Her Desire For A Better Life, In Spite Of The Loneliness She Knows Is Her Fate, Is All She Has To Cling On To That Is, Until He Appears PART , THE FINAL COMING OCT TH Akylas Reynolds Would Have Never Thought When His Friends Forced Him Into A Strip Club, He Would Have Found The Answer To His Infliction Although He Was Drop Dead Gorgeous, The War Had Crippled Him In Than Just His Leg No, There Was A Deeper Issues That Seemed To Keep Him From Experiencing The Flames Of Passion That Is, Until He Laid Eyes On The Dancing, Brown Skinned Beauty On The Stage It Was Something About The Woman That Stirred His Body In Ways That No Other Had Managed Before What Will Happen When Lena Is Called To A Prestigious, Rich Neighborhood To Do A Show, And Encounters A Dark, Handsome Man A Man That Soon Becomes Infatuated With Her, And Is Determined To Have His IMMOBILE Heart Beat Again Confused cliffhanger Oh this book had the potential to be a great story BUT, they were some distractions that diminished the overall piece The hero had 3 different names which I found annoying They were a few grammatical errors and the most confusing part was the end There wasn t a build up to let the readers know that the story would be a cliffhanger I may buy next IF there is a second part On the bright side, I absolutely adore Phillip and Paul s relationship with the hero. I am angry where is the rest of the story I know that you re not going to leave it like that I want an ending this is just stupid because I hope that this not it.I hope that there is of the story you can t just end it like that Please finish it or I will be disappointed for real. Immobile Had a real hard time getting into story Didn t really feel much for either of main characters either, but I got through it Had I realized it would be a cliffhanger I wouldn t have bothered I can guess how it might turn out I do expect Lena and Akylas to get back together. Finding LoveThis story is about a young lady struggling to make ends by being a stripper She meet a young man who has an injured eg and is in charge of a law firm he offers her a job so she could quit stripping They end up falling in love In the meantime his ex Comes back into his life to pick up where she left off Needless to say there is trouble in the camp This story had me on the edge of my seat Just when I thought I had things figured out, Yvonne threw another monkey wrench into the story I m Loving It I can t wait to see what s in store for the second part Uhsay what Where to begin..Ok..The editing leaves much too much to be desired Too many misspellings, run on sentences or misplaced words Too much so called black slang , please know that not every Black or part black person speaks like that Also too many poorly constructed sentences that contained at least one word that didn t belong in the sentence It made reading this story difficult I nearly deleted both parts before I was even a third of the way through part one But I did find Akylos,Lena,Phillip Paul interesting endearing characters once I could push past the sleaze and I am rooting for our H H to grow up, work through their emotional baggage and salvage something decent.So..I m gritting my teeth as I m about to read the second bookgive me strength. Editor pleaseI will start by saying that the book had potential I will have to follow that statement by saying that it desperately needed the assistance of an editor It bothers me to have to read over a passage than once to get the gist or try to decipher what the author is trying to say Little errors such as someone mentioning another person over instead of motioning for them to come over and other consistent typos were rampant What could have easily been an enjoyable read became work Like I said earlier, the plot had promise I am not very familiar with the author so it is possible that this was a one off I hope so It wouldn t hurt to have it cleaned up and re released.