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The Universe Isn T What It Used To Be With The New Alliance Between The Triad And The United Coalition, Captain Tasha Sass Sebastian Finds Herself Serving Under Her Former Nemesis, Biocybe Admiral Branden Kel Paten And Doing Her Best To Hide A Deadly Past But When An Injured Mercenary Winds Up In Their Ship S Sick Bay And In The Hands Of Her Best Friend, Dr Eden Fynn Sass S Efforts May Be WastedWanted Rebel Jace Serafino Has Information That Could Expose All Of Sass S Secrets, Tear The Fragile Alliance Apart And End Sass S Career If Kel Paten Discovers Them But The Biocybe Has Something To Hide As Well, Something Once Thought Impossible For His Kind To Possess Feelings For Sass Soon It S Clear That Their Prisoner Could Bring Down Everything They Once Believed Was Worth Dying For And Everything They Now Have To Live For

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    Reading this book, I kept on saying, sometimes out loud, haha whut The entire thing is really so ludicrously over the top, and the main conflict feels like something that might have come from a Saturday morning cartoon produced in the eighties I enjoyed it a lot, when I wasn t writhing in sympathetic embarrassment at the display of authorial id.Captain Tasha Sass Sebastian is serving under not like that Admiral Brendon Kel Paten Their respective empires were once at war, but are now allied, which causes a certain amount of stress for Sass, especially since she has successfully concealed, till now, her former career as a smuggler and spy Brenden, however, is doing what he s been doing for the last twelve years Writing soppy love letters he will never send to the woman who captured his heart when she met him in battle, Tasha Sebastian.Yes I know And I haven t even told you about view spoiler the telepathic energy vampires who can only be defeated by teleporting cats hide spoiler

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    This was the fourth space opera that I have read by Linnea Sinclair She is known by her fans for following a formula in most, if not all, of her books alpha male, strong smart heroine and at least part of the setting is held in space Like in most sci fi stories there is a familiar jargon unique to the plot that the reader must learn Tel Tal, biocybe, U Cee, Psy Serv, Novalis, characters with the last name of Kel _, Galaxus, Definator and so on And it took me roughly a third of the story to become comfortable with all of this space lingo.GAMES OF COMMAND was first and foremost an action adventure with a side of suspense and two moderate romances The primary characters, Admiral Branden Kel Paten and Captain Tasha Sebastian AKA Lady Sass, are old enemies from the days before the Triad formed a peace agreement The title refers to the competition and one upmanship between these two soldiers Their love story takes a long time to come into play Poor Kel Paten At the same time Chief Medical Officer and empath Eden Fynn forms an alliance with renegade soldier and captive Jace Serafino Who was also telepathic and had a dual personality What a guy Oh, and did I mention that Kel Paten was humanoid but primarily made from cybernetic parts Referred to as the Tin Soldier, he had pined for Tasha for years without her being aware of his true feelings His innocence and a damaged past formed his personality He lacked the social skills that others were taught in childhood He was expected to perform as an effective machine Reading about Kel Paten was the reason I finished this book.Then there were the kitty like furzels , Tank and Reilly, whom refer to Tasha and Eden as their mothers Protection was imperative And lurking in the background was something invisible and nasty My problem, as with all of Ms Sinclair s stories, was the length GAMES OF COMMAND is 525 pages and honestly, I thought the gist of the plot could be delivered in under 350 It was just way too long Then I found out that the characters and some scenes in this novel were originally part of the book COMMAND PERFORMANCE and several short stories that were part of the Alliance Command series So I am going to put the blame on the editor of her publishing firm If they did a better job, I would have rated it higher.

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    Spoilers Let me start by saying that I am very impressed with the detail of the technology and piloting described in this story It boggles my mind how the author came up with such amazing science The world building was also pretty good, but a little description would have been nice, but not necessary I personally enjoy the freedom of using my own imagination.What I liked best is the balance between romance and plot To me it was a perfect recipe Not too much of either Let me start by saying that this story has two romances going on between two pairs of couples Kel Paten AKA Tin Solider Branden Tasha aka Sass Sebatian and Jace Serafino Eden Fynn.At first I was confused as to which couple was the main couple of the book I had assumed it was between Tasha Kel Paten and it was The cause of my confusion was due to the abrupt switch over to the secondary characters relationship Jace Eden I felt it happened too soon in the book, overshadowing the MC s Sebastian Kel romance for awhile Thank goodness it wasn t for long Happily it reverted back to Sebastian and Kel s story after a chapter or two.This story is way too complex to summarize so I will try to just mention points of interest This may come off as a bit scatterbrained but I truly cannot figure out how to write this review.Kel Paten Tasha Kel Paten aka the Tin Solider Branden is a biocybe A human with bionic parts Tasha is human He has been in love with her for 12 years He is a virgin Tasha is a skilled Captain and former mercenary this is a secret who was known as Sass until the Sass identity was killed Now only Tasha remains.Kel Paten is a truly perfect hero IMHO I felt so bad for him on so many levels Human yet not, logical and emotionless yet not.Tasha Sebastian She is an intelligent, strong leader She is also loyal, fun, and independant.Jace Eden They are both telepaths and can communicate with their minds Both characters are experienced , Jace being a rake and Eden was married before and is now divorced.Jace A telepath rake His past is only lightly touched upon with no details except that he s had lots of women None of these women show up or are mentioned by name He falls in love with Eden.Eden The ships doctor and empath She finds out that her abilities extend into telepathy after meeting Jace A total surprise to her.Both couples are sweet together and both have HEA and ILY s, but Kel Paten Sebastian s are played out longer and the loving for them doesn t come until 80% There are many sweet kissing scenes that lead up to it though Jace and Eden share intimate momments but we never see them in the intimate way.I personally really liked the story and all of the characters I especially liked the use of the furzels which are cat like critters who are also telepathic and bond to their owners They also play a VERY important role in the story and are not just used for a cuteness element.What I felt was lacking is the back story of Kel Paten I wanted to know what happened to him that he needed to have bionic parts arms legs We know it is from being in battles but we never get then a slight mention of it For such a fantastic main character, there should have been much on him This is the cause of my lowering a star.I felt the pace was good Steady I never skimmed and finished this in little over a day 517 pages.Would I recommend Yes Read by this author Yes.SafetyHeros Kel Paten Virgin Jace Rake Heroine s Both experiencedOW No There is one mention of how Kel Paten, while under the influence of a narcotic slipped in his drink while on leave, a prostitute lead him to a room Once he had his shirt off and she saw he was a biocybe, she refused him her service with disgust on her face and said no prostitute could be paid enough to sleep with him He left humiliated and shamed. but He didn t want to do it anyway It was only the drug that made his control falter OM Sass s ex shows up but she beats the hell out of him She has no feelings for him and never did.Insta love Yes for both the hero s No for both the heroinesViolence yes nothing bloody or goreyCursing yesSex Yes only for Kel Paten Sass a few nicely done Sorry for the shabby review, I m just not up to par today

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    Ugh So, there was one part of this book I liked, and a whole lot that I didn t.The romance between Sass and Kel Paten had everything I love two highly intelligent people on opposing sides moving toward a relationship There was tension, there was hotness, and okay, maybe Kel Paten was a little too swoony over Sass in his unsent letters to her, but that s OK There was a political backstory that I found intriguing What was going on Why Who knew what And then there were the bits I didn t like.I really liked the character of Eden I sort of maybe liked Jace But the way Jace and Eden fell into giggly love instantaneously was annoying as hell No tension, no buildup just perfect love at first sight It felt incredibly forced And the villains felt completely cartoony And did I mention the We re in huge danger let s take a break and get it on sex scene But the thing I really hated was the telepathic teleporting not cats First offif they re cats, just call them CATS Fine, they were genetically altered somewhere along the line, whateverbut they re CATS Andseriously Seriously You could get hot and bothered with your lover while your telepathic cat is crooning baby talk into your head Because I sure couldn t.This book also felt like the second half after they go into the weird hallucinate y space was tacked on to the first It was like reading a NaNoWriMo novel where the author has no idea what to do next and then does something crazy that changes the book entirely Bleah BLEAH.

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    GUYS, well I ve delved into the genre of romantic Sci Fi and its a mixed bag This author is at the top of the heap for the genre and I ve read several books by her in the past week or so as well as one I loved a while ago I liked this one the least, although it came highly recommended I dunno why, the main dude just was too weird for me Kal Paten is a name I couldn t read without giggling a lot, and I just kept trying to figure out how he was a cyborg, what he d look like naked, and if they cut off his arms and legs to make him a partially human cy person, why they left his privates intact, or did they replace that with a robot appendage too I also questioned some of the logic of the main heroine s Secret , which seemed like the worst secret ever kept I dunno, clearly I didn t get caught up in the emotions of the story, HAHA I DO LIKE THIS AUTHOR, but this one was my least favorite.

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    Games of Command is a mix of adventure, suspense and two love affairs Despite the good plot, it was a slow read in the beginning, as I was somewhat confused by the all the information thrown in the unique jargon to the plot that the reader must learn as he reads on biocybe, Tel Tal, U Cee, Psy Serv, Novalis, etc The main protagonists, well developed and easy to understand, are biocybe Admiral Branden Kel Paten and Captain Tasha Sebastian, aka Lady Sass, old enemies from the days before the Triad The romance is long to develop, Tasha does her best to hide her past while serving under the enigmatic the Admiral, at the same time Kel Paten lacks practice dealing with his human emotions The secondary couple Jace Serafino and Dr Eden Fynn work well together as well.

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    Captain Tasha Sebastian aka Sass is transferred to the Vaxxar serving under Admiral Branden Kel Paten aka Tin Soldier They are given the mission to capture outlaw Jace Serafino and after going through a vortex of some kind, Serafino falls into their hands But he and his crew are injured and sent to medical into the care of Dr Eden Fynn Everyone has their secrets and the secrets are all about to become known.Torn between 3 and 4 stars I liked it but it fell short compared to other books I ve read by Linnea Sinclair It may have been due to the fact we have two romantic couples and the story switched back and forth between the couples At times I had to stop and remember who I was reading about But the story was unique and I did like the setting and plot.

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    What an amazing ride At 525 pages, Games of Command isn t a short and sweet read Plus, one has to contend with all the information about alien races, sci fi terminology, politics and alliances flying left,right and center The time spent is so well worth it I was completely hooked onto this space adventure and the pages just flew by The pace and tone of this story was just spot on Although the real action takes off at the start, the characters backgrounds are much intertwined I feel this lent the story a sense of continuity that their adventures would go on and us,the readers are getting a small peek into their lives.The romance has one of my favourite romance tropes ever a hero s unrequited love for the heroine Admiral Branden Kel Paten has been in love with Tasha Sebastian for twelve long years Once on opposite sides of an inter galactic war, he is now Tasha s commanding officer for the Alliance As a teenager, Branden was made into a bio cybe given alarming strength and superfast processor like brains, but left devoid of human emotions The transformation makes him feel unworthy of Tasha, and for all this time he has kept his feelings shut away On the other hand, Commander Tasha Sebastian is hoping to keep her unsavory past as the infamous smuggler Lady Sass, far far away from the Alliance s notice Deep mistrust still lingers on both sides of the Alliance, and when out of the ordinary things start happening, Tasha wonders if Kel Paten has a hidden agenda Tasha s friend Dr.Eden Flynn is a newly discovered empath, and is enlisted to help uncover all the covered up secrets aboard the ship It is just then, that injured mercenary Jace Seraphino is retrieved from a busted up ship Jace harbours a deep hatred for Kel Paten, but he also shares Tasha s mercenary past Enslaved by a hidden chip embedded inside his brain, he carries deep secrets that endanger the Alliance, and the lives of everyone aboard Thus, with these four characters squared off against each other, the Games of Command commence Oh, and did I mention the absolutely adorbs POVs from Tasha s and Eden s cat like pets This book has amazing characterizations, but the romance develops very slowly Nevertheless, watching Kel Paten inch and stumble his way across a romantic minefield stole my heart His utter devotion to Tasha, and the resultant heartache made for good times Highly recommended to all romance lovers, even those who aren t into space operas

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    Linnea Sinclair has found her true calling when it comes to writing sci fi space travel fiction There is a touch of everything in this book A great hero and heroine, action packed space travel and also some interesting little creatures as side kicks that are so adorable Tasha Sebastian is a hardnosed space captain who has a shady past but tries to let it go as she looks forward to the future She is assigned to go on a mission with a man who has been the bain of her existence for years Admiral Branden Kel Paten is as perfect as you can get When he was a teenager he was made into a half man half machine that can run a ship with his body But Kel Paten is supposed not to have any real feelings He even has the nickname Tin Soldier Well, everyone was wrong He has an undying passion for Tasha, who he has secretly loved for years And he hasn t had a lot of experience with women so he feels he is unworthy of her love This needs to be kept hidden because if anyone finds out, he will be considered a malfunction and perhaps his life will be ended Along for this ride is Tasha s doctor friend Eden and their two little pets known as furzels Hey, it is sci fiction after all we need some adorable creatures for comic relief at least Every time one of these furzels enters the scene, it was a joy and took away some of the heavy action occurring Tasha s and Kel Paten s journey doesn t go well as they pick up Jace who maybe an enemy against the fraction they both work for Tasha and Jace have a past that if also found out, it could mean the end of Tasha s career and yes, her life But things go from bad to worse with other enemies coming out from all sides for their own devious reasons It is up to our two main characters along with Eden and Jace, who also eye each other, to save part of the universe There is so much going on in this book that it is an enjoyable wild ride There are two love affairs going on with four great characters that you can not miss Kel Paten is one hero that suffers so silently that you wish Tasha would see what he sees in her and understand his feelings Yes, there are undertones of a romance but it doesn t overrun the story This book is perfect for male and female alike and even teens A true intergalactic feat by one storyteller who is reinventing this genre

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    Captain Tasha Sass Sebastian isn t whom she claims to be Her past is a lot colorful than her records claim but no one but her closest friend knows that After fighting in a war for several years that s finally come to an end, she s started to feel comfortable Until as a gesture of goodwill, both sides decide to integrate their people And Tasha has been chosen to be one of those people Specifically chosen to be integrated into Admiral Branden Kel Paten ship Tasha and the Admiral were enemies throughout the war and have fought against each other numerous times How can she trust him And worst of all what if he finds out her secrets Things begin to calm down as she builds a comradery with the Admiral Her best friend Dr Eden Fynn is an empath and joined Tasha on the ship shortly after she was integrated Eden has begun to notice odd readings from Admiral Kel Paten He is a biocybe and should not be able to express emotions, however when he s around Tasha Dr Eden senses something like emotion coming from him When a notorious rebel Jace Serafino comes aboard the ship hurt and a wanted man Dr Eden begins to have her own problems with emotions Dr Eden knows she shouldn t trust a man like Jace, especially when she realizes how handsome and charming he can be And Jace has his own secrets too Suddenly all four of them are thrown into a battle both physically and emotionally and none are sure if any will survive I probably made this book sound incredibly silly, and it kind of is But in a good way Once again Linnea Sinclair mixes the perfect balance of sci fi action adventure and romance I felt less confused in this book than I did when reading Finders Keepers There wasn t as much terminology within the book thrown at me that I didn t understand It was interesting in that it had two solid romances going on at the same time and you get just as much emotionally invested in one as the other I thought that some of the characters felt similar to characters in Finders Keepers but that s probably my only negative about this book I loved this book in general and would recommend it to anyone interested in having their sci fi adventures laced with really strong romance.