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In His Fourth Book, RULE DON T BE , Daniel Milstein Inspires Like Never Before, Challenging Us To Dream BIG With His Charismatic Candor, Giving Us Each A Compelling Glimpse Into Our Own Limitless Potential In Addition To Dan S Riveting Accounts Of Overcoming Adversity, Rule Don T Be Captivates With Countless Stories Of Those Who Ve Dominated Their Respective Fields Against Seemingly Insurmountable Obstacles Framed In Dan S Fast Paced, Conversational Style And His Best Loved, Thought Provoking Quotes, We Re Gifted The Life Changing Lessons Of The World S Greatest Achievers Don T Miss Dan S Heartfelt Tutorial That Is Destined To Become A Giant In The Motivational Genre, And Beyond The book is a hard one to rate It is a cheerleading book on positive thinking in business Of the 231 pages over 100 are filled with maxims such as The only time you run out of chances is when you don t take them and A goal without a plan is just a wish And of the remaining 130 or less pages, many have a pericope or two in larger font So if everything were in the same size font the book would be about 100 pages long Nothing wrong with that, but given the content it fits in the cheerleading leaders category than as a business book It reads like the compilation of 25 articles in a company newsletter on having the right perspective on your job That being said, the content is good, the layout interesting, the author s story compelling, and especially for one suffering from uncertainty or self doubt it can be very helpful It would make for a nice gift for a company or department If I had either I d buy multiple copies for a holiday gift It is an easy read, given the amount of space used for apothegms and inclusion of stories from others like Wayne Gretsky, Ray Kroc, or Ben Carson s mother Sonya every chapter has at least one, and some chapters are only a couple pages long But the points are good and the book as a whole is even paradigm shifting than any one chapter I liked it and recommend it, as long as you re looking for attitudinal information rather than management fodder. Stop what you re doing right now and pick up this book Whether you are an entrepreneur, business manager, teacher, writer, student, professional athlete, or in between opportunities, you re not dreaming BIG enough and need some hard hitting motivation Rule 1, Don t be 2 is Dan Milstein s fourth book and boy, is it inspiring Dan s writing style is similar I imagine to talking with him in person He shows us, through catchy, digestible phrases and his own experiences, how to live a successful life, both professionally and personally Not since first reading Stephen Covey than twenty five years ago, have I been blown away by a business motivational book The best part, for me, was Dan speaking freely about potential, hard work, perseverance and success Dan s background as an Ukrainian immigrant with seventeen cents in his pocket touched me He worked his way through the ranks to achieving mind blowing success The I read through this book, the I felt like it was written for me As an entrepreneur trying to grow my business, Rule 1, Don t Be 2 opened my eyes to the possibilities I ve just got to dream BIG and never get complacent I highly recommend this book to everyone, young and old It ll change your perspective and inspire you to do BIG things, than you ever thought possible Writers Authors pick up this book and discover how to increase your brand and business Favorite Character Quote Work so hard that one day your signature will be called an autograph My Rating 5 stars This review first appeared Thanks to Goodreads Daniel Milstein for this giveaway.I didn t read the whole book, but it seemed to me to be the usual power of positive thinking stuff.Maybe others will find this inspiring useful than I did What I did find amazing is that ALL 34 previous reviews were 5 stars Every one Everybody raved about this book Is this even possible This is a book of Life PRECEPTS Although targeted at business readers, RULE 1 is really applicable to all of life The book is not a how to guide rather, it is a series of life lessons learned the hard way by Mr Milstein.Even though a Kindle version is available, I recommend you stick with the hardcopy The audio version might also be helpful This is one of those books you will want to have around and browse through sometimes I think the actual format and presentation helps tell the story, and drive the points home.The author explains that he came to the U.S with pennies in his pocket, then after years of hard work, rocketed to the top of his profession Each of the 25 chapters covers a life lesson that the author illustrates For example, Chapter 20 suggests, There s No Room For Complainers He notes that Nobody likes a whiner to a complainer They are the first cousins of the critic And, Feeling sorry for yourself isn t part of the game plan Many of the points emphasize hard work, focus, planning and most of all, ACTION You don t need to read the chapters in order, although I did You can zip through this little book in about an hour, but I think most people will want to keep the book close at hand.Most of the ideas are not outlandish or amazingly original I ve seen similar ideas in many inspirational and success books Nevertheless, I found the stories and ideas credible and helpful.Of all the points made, I like this one the best You should have goals so big that you are uncomfortable telling your friends about them I love that idea reach for the stars Advance Review copy courtesy of the publisher.