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One Day, Jesse Donaldson Wakes Up In Portland, Oregon, And Asks His Wife To Uproot Their Life Together And Move To His Native Kentucky As He Searches For The Reason Behind This Sudden Urge, Donaldson Examines Both The Place Where He Was Born And The Life He S Building The Result Is A Hybrid Part Memoir, Part Meditation On Nostalgia, Part Catalog Of Kentucky History And Myth Organized According To Kentucky Geography, With One Passage For Each Of The Commonwealth SCounties, On Homesickness Examines Whether We Can Ever Return To The Places We Ve Called Home I am from Tennessee, but I am sure Jesse will forgive me too We can t all be perfect. Delves into all 120 KY counties with some history, loads of nostalgia, and family conflict as well Recommend to any Kentuckian. Lyrical and affecting assessments of Kentucky home county by county Full disclosure I discovered this book because of a personal struggle with homesickness I was born and raised in West Virginia, next door to Kentucky Like Donaldson, I live in Oregon So, maybe I was searching for answers Certainly, I was searching for perspective I found neither.All in all, Donaldson never became a sympathetic character for me He paints such a gloomy picture of himself and his life Rather like the Peanuts character who walks around with a perpetual thundercloud overhead I wondered continually how his gloom, including his drinking, affected his spouse and, at the end and into the future, his daughter.The county format used to subdivide this narrative did not work for me either As a literary device, I found it distracting and pretentious, and often the geography appeared to bear no relevance whatsoever to the text.I guess my 3 stars are generous If the author s purpose was a publication to add to his academic vita, mission accomplished Otherwise, not so much I am truly disappointed. I am not sure I can think about this rationally Like the story in this memoir, I take place in Kentucky Like the author, I moved away from my childhood home Like him, I was melancholy to leave it Like him, I am a writer Unlike Mr Jesse Donaldson, who I had the pleasure of meeting in person a few weeks ago, I returned I moved to New York City after college My younger brother died six months before I took flight for the city, but I still went through with it Before all of this, I complained about Kentucky Just like every cliche, rebellious teenager, I wanted nothingthan to show those idiots back home how smart and refined I was After a while away, I realized how wonderful Kentucky is The rolling hills the trees the beautiful, breezy grass the horses silhouetted by sunrise or set the hardened, working class people who can wear a rebel s coat, a farrier s smock, and a lover s ring all in a day It took leaving to realize what I had left I get the sense that Donaldson feels the same, especially after reading his long form prose poem On Homesickness, A Plea On Homesickness seems ambitious on the surface but is down to earth and agile when read Donaldson attempts to write prose about all 120 counties of Kentucky Each county signifies something different for him, for us Kentuckians, and for his growing family Donaldson now lives in Portland, OR Some of my cousins live there, too When I went to visit them last October, I commented on how similar Portland was to Lexington and how something about the landscapes reminded me of home I guess the author does not feel the same way, at least not at first He finds his new place in the world scary, and a lot of the memoir features him hiding in his basement with a drink and a pen This reminded me of myself I have always hid myself away in mythos and adventure It s why on a Saturday night you can find me lost in a book, daydreaming to a spinning record, or slack jawed, staring at a good film onscreen I guess the point I am skating around here is that this book resonated too well with me for me to judge it like I would another memoir or novel I am not sure how much I would like it if my circumstances in life were different What I can provide is that the book is well written, has clean design, and is entertaining in its anecdotes Outside of that, it was too much a gut punch to my soul too many memories of homesickness that I myself have bore swirling through the pages On Homesickness works best when it inspires It can seem solipsistic, mainly because it is a plea from a man to his wife, but I found the book good for my own writing Some of the best passages or questions within the work inspired some poems I am now proud of Good books are beaches for the writer There are thousands of grains of sand out there, both good ideas and bad, but strong work will point you to the best grains Once you find one, you can roll it over and over, in between your forefinger and thumb, until it becomes something solid and sturdy and beautiful, like a castle on the Woodford Fayette County line Who would I recommend it to Kentuckians for a start You will feel a deep sense of pride, longing, and mythology within People who have left home and are happy would be another group for recommendation I plan on sending my aforementioned cousins a copy to get their perspective They moved to Portland from Lexington and three years later they had a child They now plan to stay permanently and are satisfied with said decision Sound familiar So, without rationale to guide me, what is my verdict Does this book work I think so It works best when it is metaphor ing myths from Kentucky with modern woes and anguish It works well when it is a plea from Mr Donaldson to his wife a plea to please go back home The only time it didn t work for me was the very end The author sort of leaves the central idea of the book behind one county, one semi related story in favor of his own tale This is okay He apologizes to the reader for it in the afterword Maybe it s because that is where the resonance fell off for me I don t have a child, nor would I know how to expect one Maybe I will pick this old paperback up five or ten years from now when my girl is pregnant and see what I see I have heard in my life that you can t go home again This book solidifies that platitude with the limestone of nostalgia and bedrock of memory Well, I went back home And when home is a place like Kentucky, it s hard to regret it. This book grabbed me at the library Part poetry, part prose, with a creative premise one short prose poem for each county of Kentucky It s a nice device, which could have been easily improved if there was some relationship between each county and its juxtaposed writing As is, the counties function like page numbers than as historical, geographic, or narrative anchors.On Homesickness is understandable and engaging Donaldson is smart enough to go meta on himself and make fun of his nostalgia The subtitle a plea leads to mixed results Perhaps a timid whine would have beenappropriate Ultimately, I couldn t overcome the learned helplessness exhibited on these pages Instead of writing and complaining about his primal urge to move back to Kentucky, why not just do it Having read the first 1 3rd of the book, I decided my time would be better spent readinginspiring material Recommend filing on the pessimist to optimistic poetry bookshelf in slot 3 1 Sylvia Plath suicidal 10 Billy Collins fun Ernest Hemingway said there is nothing to writing all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed Donaldson takes this advice to heart, pouring his heart and soul into this memoir.Dancing in turn as a love letter, plea, nostalgia and history, On Homesickness details Donaldson s pining for Kentucky, the land of his birth Tying a paragraph to each of the state s 120 counties some pages directly relate to the county, some don t , he recounts his please to his wife to return home with him On Homesickness is beautifully written, and at times heartbreaking Donaldson s an expert at transferring his feelings and emotions into words Highly recommended. I loved this little book A displaced misplaced Kentuckian myself, his literary pondering and musing about returning home totally resonated with me At times it made me sad, at times it made me laugh and, in the back of my reading mind, it made me think of the unconscious magnetism a place can hold over us and whether that magnetism should be heeded or ignored. Structurally, I found this a provocative text 120 vignettes that each align to one of Kentucky s 120 counties It also reminded me of Ross Gay s book of delights in it s snapshot structure Donaldson is able to turn a beautiful phrase and make you homesick for your own home as well as Kentucky a place I ve never lived There are many beautiful sentences in this book, but around page 130 I started getting tired The musings dipped back and forth and lost focus to me However, I think there s something to be said for a book that is quite literally designed to make the reader slow down.I ear marked many passages and will go back to them again.